12v Cummins Wiring Diagram

12v Cummins Wiring Diagram – Hey guys, after filling up my 460 pump every day after school I decided to go diesel. I bought a 1992 W250 4×4 Cummins 5 speed as a donor. I already have Cummins and Getrag in my car. I’m at the lead stage now and am a bit annoyed. I have drawn some diagrams to get a basic idea of ​​what the wiring is on the 460 and how it should go to the Cummins. I’m following the Ford Cummins manual so I’ve connected 10 ga. Wire from the small rod on the Dodge choke to the Ford solenoid on the block. Saw my battery cable from the big post on the Dodge starter to my battery. White wire to fuel pump. Nothing in the truck (lights, revs, radio) will do anything unless I take the spare red wire (Pos. Choke wire) from my Ford harness and attach it to the hot side of the battery. Even when I do, the lights and accessories only turn on when the key is in the “ON” position and the truck will not start. I tried replacing two wires from the Ford harness and also replaced the 10 ga. Shot the other rod on the Ford solenoid and I was able to fire up the Cummins. But I just had the key in the “ON” position (didn’t want to stick the key) and the starter kept running with the engine.

I took the battery ground wire from the ford solenoid and put it in the block so that the lights only came on when the key was turned on. I put the battery back on the passenger side, put the ground battery cable back on the solenoid and turned the light back on. So….I need a long positive battery cable.haha.The white/blue strip wire and the red wire I put are both KEYED ON so I just turn them on the wire behind the pump?? At least I’m back on track

12v Cummins Wiring Diagram

12v Cummins Wiring Diagram

So start over. Run a wire from the ford stator solenoid on the panel, the battery to a big stick there, then attach all the contacts on the stick to that, that’s where all the circuits in the truck get power. The reason your truck does that is because when you touch the plug wire to the battery it activates the key in the circuit. So I think your first problem is no power to anything in the truck, you need a big cable going to the dodge starter and a cable big enough to power everything in the truck going to the solenoid. On the other side of the solenoid, where the Ford starter cable originally bolted, is where your 10 ga wire goes to the starter.

Who Wants To Draw A Wiring Diagram?

Second, forget about the choke wire, use the old positive wire that drives the ignition coil to drive the injection pump.

Cumminsf150, I wired it exactly as you described it, it still won’t wobble, I used a test light on all my connections and they were fine. BUT, I ASSUME THAT MY TRIGGER WIRE GOING TO THE “S” POSITION ON MY SPRING MAGNET DOESN’T CUT A KEY ON OR NET.

Ok jump the two pins on the solenoid if it’s the crank you know you did it right the solenoid could be bad. I’ll come to my lunch with you today and find out

I jumped 2 pins into the fender with my Ford solenoid, the starter started clicking, the cummins fan went back and forth, I held it there for a few seconds and the solenoid started to smoke.

Cranks But Wont Start

So we need to find out if the starter is working properly, take the 10 ga wire that goes to the little stud on the starter and touch it to the positive battery. If you do that and everything is fine, the motor should spin. The Ford starter solenoid is designed to take the full load of the Ford starter, so it has to be tall enough to do what we do. Once you have confirmed that the starter is working, return to the magnetic board. Take a picture of it up close so I can see how you set it up. Note that some of them have two large sticks and two small ones, while others have two large sticks and one small one. The little one marked s is the one you need to connect the little wire with the rubber grommet on the connector from your key crank signal, the one you didn’t have power on, remember it goes through the clutch pedal so that could be the problem.

From the last diagram you drew you are not showing a key start signal and you are showing + and – on the starter solenoid, remember that is not ground but continuity in the key switch start circuit. You don’t have to use the fender solenoids if you don’t want to, since the Dodge starter has a solenoid you basically use one to control the other, but I suggest you do because it’s the easiest way. Your ignition switch wiring. It worked on my truck so I know we can make it work on yours. Give us a close up of the wiring so we can figure it out.

Ok, so I bought mine ga 10. Directly to the positive terminal of the battery. The starter clicked and started the engine slowly but no fire. I think my battery is dead but I charged it yesterday. Here are some pictures of my setup.

12v Cummins Wiring Diagram

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