1947 Ford Wiring Diagram

1947 Ford Wiring Diagram – Please note: Most wiring diagrams posted on this page are reproductions of original Ford drawings, not post-market reproduction. These are printed and printed in large files to preserve their text. 1969 image and all other symbols with red stars (

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1947 Ford Wiring Diagram

1947 Ford Wiring Diagram

The main wiring diagram of 1972 is very detailed and a good entertainment of OEM diagrams. In fact, it took me almost 100 hours to build it.

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The information below is a direct copy of the 1970 Ford Body Builder Design Manual (No. 70 HTM2-L2). Data applies to all ’67 -’72 vehicles.

1) The headlight switches on all 1970 Ford vehicles (except the “W” model) use two electrical connections: 12-amp for headlights and 15-amp for electronics. The connection to each circuit controlled by the head switch will be at the auxiliary switch, except for the connection to circuit 12 (headlight, green / black stripe), circuit 13 (low beam, red / black stripe) and circuit number 15 (wiring compared to red / yellow strip dimmer switch. Connections for 12-13 or 15 (headlight circuit) circuits should be avoided.

If the total load of both headlights switches exceeds the rated voltage, the headlights or taillights will turn on and off, indicating overload. If this happens, some additional light must be connected through the relay feeder from the switch head.

The power supply supplied by the switch head must be disconnected at the male lead connector and connected to the female connector (brown wire – circuit 285) on the left side of the instrument panel (near the emergency brake). If the vehicle has a roof mark, the lead will be in the roof cable supply. In this case, create a “Y” jumper to allow both connections with one connector.

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The tail lamp controlled by the headlight can be connected to circuit number 285 (brown wire) at any point on the tail light.

Note: The Camper option on the truck has a hole in the left sidebar where the tail lamp connection can be made directly.

The F100 to F350 trucks are equipped with an electronic brake light switch mounted on the brake pedal arm. This switch is designed for maximum load, usually smaller than a fuse or circuit breaker, but sufficient for normal stop light loads. The maximum load is 12.5 amps and under no circumstances does the load exceed the allowable value.

1947 Ford Wiring Diagram

If a single light is needed for the extra light, connect it to circuit 810 (red wire / black bar) between the brake light and the turn signal.

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If only the turn signal function is needed for the auxiliary light, connect the right light to circuit 2 (white / blue plate) and the left light to the circuit. No. 3 (green wire / white panel). This connection can be made by inserting the cable near the brake light or near the steering wheel. (See note below.)

If you need turn signals and brake lights for extra light, connect it to the tail wire using circuit 282 (green wire) for the right light and circuit. 283 (yellow / black bar cable) for mounting the left tail light. (See note below.)

1) The turn signal used in car headlights has a maximum current of 6.5 amps for right and left turns and 8.0 amps for brake light operation. Do not exceed these values ​​at the turn signal.

2) Turn signals and emergency lights on the truck use two switches, one for turn signals and the other for emergency operations. These switches are designed to carry two light loads (4.2 amps) for turn signals and six light loads (12.6 amps) for emergency lights. If an additional 2.1 amp is added to each section (total of 6 bulbs), the C8AB-13350-A turn signal switch must be replaced by the C6AB-13350-B switch. Adding two 2.1 amp bulbs on each side (a total of 8 bulbs) requires the replacement of both existing bulbs with the C8TB-13350-A transistorized light and due to the complexity is not recommended. Adding light without adjusting the brightness will cause the light to glow too fast and unacceptably.

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For electronics that operate only when the light is on – disconnect the cable from the ignition switch to the lead connector and plug it into a three-way accessory socket in the instrument panel cable (single black wire / green strip). This circuit is characterized by a 14-amp fuse. The “host” fuse requires the addition of a relay with the sensor fed from the connection to the terminal.

If additional equipment is needed to operate with the switch off, the switch can be connected to a cigarette lighter (using the “Y” jumper) if 15 amperes per circuit is sufficient. If the product is heavier than the circuit required, the switch should be connected to the “battery” terminal of the starting relay.

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1947 Ford Wiring Diagram

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