1979 Ford F150 Paint Colors

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Trying to figure out the color of my truck. The family tree info is missing and I looked for the metallic color using “google search” but I think the web knowledge base would be a good way to go.

1979 Ford F150 Paint Colors

1979 Ford F150 Paint Colors

Basically, I’m trying to describe a light blue two-tone. (see attached photo)

F250 Lariat Coral

You say the door sticker is gone, but the metal “warranty tag” attached to the driver’s door is still there?

I have an original black/light metallic blue F100…unfortunately the doors were replaced and no one changed the tag at all (I told the public) so the tag says I have a white F150, when all over the truck it says. be the color of your light.

I don’t recall seeing a warranty label. I’ll have to check when I get home. There is a door jamb sticker with VIN information, but all trim/frame/etc information is missing.

Click the link to see the colors and codes. I use autocolorlibrari/TCP Global house brand “restoration shop” acrylic enamel paint in Dent and love it.

Ford F Series History: From Model T To Lightning

1979 F250: Trying to figure out the color of my truck. The front door

The color code is not printed. It has the VIN, date of service, bad GVV, and some even have the tire size written on them… and that’s it!

The color code is stamped on the 2nd row of the warranty plate, which rotates on the door on the lower left side of the cover.

1979 Ford F150 Paint Colors

In the event of loss of the warranty sticker, a replacement is available with a special rivet and stamped with all the correct codes, by sending the VIN and payment to martiauto.com

Ford Car & Truck Paint Chip Colors Reference Chart Dealer Only Item

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