1995 Honda Civic Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

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This will help you install the JDM/USDM low fuel sender on a USDM 92-95 EH2/3 Civic Hatchback, the installation should be the same for the other parts, but I don’t know if the low fuel sender is the same. page /n.

1995 Honda Civic Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

1995 Honda Civic Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

I won’t go into the details of removing the cluster, rear seats, and replacing the USDM fuel sender with a low fuel sender, but they will need to be removed and a new low fuel sender installed.

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Basically you run a wire from A7 on the cluster to pin 3 on the fuel sender connector. But I want to try to keep things nice and clean, so I put the wire through the blue connector on the top left side of the fuse box to keep it clean.

Well there you have it, if you fix it your low fuel light should work, if not check all your connections.

You can test the low fuel light by jumpering pins 1 and 3 on the fuel sender connector, turn the key on and the low fuel light should come on.

Feedback is welcome, but remember this is my first DIY and I can fix anything you think is missing or needs more attention.

Fuel Pump Wiring : (

Most, but not all, JDM and EDM kits beware. I installed an EDM EG6 VTi cluster.

Added to my IE favorites. I’ll do that after I get a proper bunch to replace my crappy stock.

I finally got around to installing my wiring but since I have a vx I used the top shift arrow on the cluster. I jumped into it knowing that waiting until the tank was empty would work.

1995 Honda Civic Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

I bought a UKDM cluster for a CRX with a low fuel light. Do you or anyone else know which sender (part number above) was used on my car? I have a USDM 1988 CRX SI and replaced my fuel level and fuel pump last year. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Contact Us – About Us – Manage Preferences – Archives – Advertising – Cookie Policy – Privacy Statement – Terms of Service – Do Not Sell My Personal Information – Hi, I had a problem when I first started the car with a new engine. Everything was fine before the National Assembly. Among other things, the fuel supply device, etc. My problem was that my Blk/white wire melted and got mixed up on the way to the gas station. Melt the yellow and blue/white wire between the 2 wires connected. The culprit appears to be the black/white wire going to the fuel sending unit. It was fried right out of the socket.

What could it be? I tested a #15 10 amp fuse on my 95 GSR Fusion and it is fine. I believe it is used for the fuel supply unit.

What changed before…I think I added a 96 jdm spec ITR gauge cluster and changed the green film to a GSR One 94-96. Either way, each film should work well against a cluster backdrop. I also added an Aeromotive 340 Stealth fuel pump and the necessary transmission. Looks like I did the wiring correctly. 2 wires from stock harness to relay. yellow/green (positive) and black/white (negative) (base). Change the inline kill positive wire to yellow/green. I ran the positive 10 gauge wire from the alternator directly through the 30 amp breaker to the relay trigger. Then the 10 gauge at the fuel pump. I then ran the negative side of the fuel pump up to the thermostat motor housing to make a good base.

Civic No Power To The Fuel Pump Plz Help!!

The wire in the fuel sending unit is the short black/white wire that melts…what is it…it gets hot and melts?

Please any help would be greatly appreciated…the fuel supply unit has 3 wires… Black/white, yellow/silver dot and blue/white wire…I think the blk/white wire is disconnected. ..yellow. Is it energy… What causes the block/white wire to gain heat and current???

Because the molten wire is connected to it, it gets a voltage to do this. You should double check the wiring you put in and make sure you don’t have a power/ground switch.

1995 Honda Civic Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

Well I separated 1 Blk/white wire. I have prevented this thread from being fried by others.

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First, disconnect the wire leading to G502 on the large open/white negative wire on the fuel pump on the driver’s seat door.

Now I put it on the ground next to the back seat area. itself I know the good wires from the door seal area…the yellow/white wire and the blue/white wire that goes back to the fuel tank. No problem with this cable connecting Blk/White. It is obvious that somewhere it gains strength and is fried.

The picture below shows how I have the fuel pump wiring…all I can think of to connect in reverse is the 10 gauge fuel pump positive and negative wires directly to the pump. But I do not find it convincing. BUT THE FUEL PUMP WORKS FINE AND THE CAR STARTS AND RUNS… FUEL PUMP CLICKS/SHUTTERS WHEN FIRING. Fuel pump Aeromotive 340 Stealthy.

Here is the final element of the equation. I installed a 96 Spec JDM Type R Integra cluster that bolted right onto the 94-97 decal.

Wiring Diagram Honda Civic

I checked the ohms on the sending unit. Resistance is on the right line. I was able to get 5 volts from the anchor yesterday. I was also able to move the fuel gauge needle up by jumping the wires. Today when I open the wire again … no volts and no needle.

Another thing the gauge cluster does is when the ignition is on the speedometer/the needle reaches 40 mph.

I had a motor NA. He built the engine. Now it’s turbo. Methanol kit with all gauges etc., wiring and fits new

1995 Honda Civic Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

I triple checked the fuel pump wiring… OK. I added the diagram above to the last post on fuel pump foundations to show the best foundation for the thermostat housing…

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Okay, today’s test. I installed the new black/white fuel tank on the chassis near the rear seat.

Given already looks at the OMM resistance of the sending unit outside the car. Check out the specs.

Fuel Gauge Test: Voltmeter Pos to Yell/White wire and Neg to Black/White wire. 6 volts should be between 5-8 volts.

Testing the low fuel indicator light. Blk/white wire and blue/white wire connect to 2 jumper wires. The low fuel light is now on.

Where Is The Fuel Pump Relay Located On A Honda Accord 1999

Connect the 3P fuel sending element to the fuel sending element to connect the two wires to the voltmeter via 2 pigtails/jumpers on the yellow/white and ground/white wires. The volt current should be much lower than the factory glasses 5-8 volts, which was 6 volts when tested. It’s 2.65 volts…constant. Upon ignition… Blk/White starts to smoke a little at this point. He caught it just in time. Is there anything that powers this land? I can’t help it… the only option I can see at this point is to buy a brand new transmission unit and hope…

Not really sure. It looks like you cut and split some wires on your fuel pump, and I’m not sure if you cut the unit you sent as well, but I would check to make sure your original is installed correctly. Any voltage on the wiring of the sending unit goes to the reactor. I’m pretty sure it only sends a resistance measurement. But then again, I’m no wiring expert.

I researched the speedo problem…pulled the problem from the VSS OM manual and the needle was missing…because the needles had been changed. Take the needle out… put the machine in… 0 fix what happened, then put the needle back in.

1995 Honda Civic Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

I double checked the added wires and they are correct. I did a continuity check to make sure the fuel went from the door side seat to the delivery compartment. There were only wires and threads of the same color and dot colors.

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It would be great if someone knew exactly about the black wire on the sending unit. It appears as soil. Stock fuel pump with neutral wire near door panel/seat of G502. With brass/copper

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