1995 Toyota 4runner Stereo Wiring Diagram

1995 Toyota 4runner Stereo Wiring Diagram – This is an annoying thing, but my 1990 has a double-din factory AM/FM cassette/single CD deck. The CD player died, and the tape deck stopped working, so I bought a flimsy Pioneer CD/iPod deck last fall.

I followed the instructions in the installer, and found that something was wrong with my truck; Maybe because it has all the available options except leather seats.

1995 Toyota 4runner Stereo Wiring Diagram

1995 Toyota 4runner Stereo Wiring Diagram

This is about the 50 million deck I installed but this one blew a fuse and fried the dimple hole. The brake lights work fine, but only on one light. The “Painless” harness for second-generation 4Runners didn’t match what was under the dash. The connectors are correct, but the wires are not.

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After I DMMed the wiring, I fixed the stereo. But only with two front speakers. Nothing behind. I plugged the old stereo back into the harness, and the rear works.

Long story short, it appears to be a factory amplifier for the rear speakers. A professional installer I know in another state told me it was on the dash, behind the glove box. I went through every inch of it, and it was gone.

I took off the entire dash, both B-pillars and most of the headliner to remove the factory port installed alarm (hundred or more feet of wire in total). The stereo head from the factory didn’t talk to the alarm so that wasn’t the problem. The alarm has a mind of its own, unlike many of today’s factory anti-theft devices.

Does anyone know where the factory amp is (it’s not listed on the TTORA FSM linked on the internet)? Pictures?

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I now think it must be under the plastic fenders/wall liners in the cargo area, but those things are a total pain to get out, and I’d rather not have to rip if I know for sure where I’m digging.

There was no obvious place to attach the amp signal wire from the new deck to the harness, and the truck had long ago replaced the motorized retractable antenna with a floppy, so the antenna motor wire was doubled up and covered.

Not sure about the 90 4runner, but on my 86 the rear speakers had an amplifier connected to them.

1995 Toyota 4runner Stereo Wiring Diagram

Yes, I’m 99% sure there must be an amp somewhere. No signal behind. Not a single ground loop hum.

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It might be easier to take a roll of speaker wire and rewire it. So you won’t reuse damaged wires in your speakers. Maybe pick up some new speakers while you’re at it? 22 year old speakers will probably sound like crap with a new head unit.

I agree with Bass……I ran a new monster cable in the back, under the carpet/carpet-to-door trim, and up the back panel behind the seat belt area, then behind the panels. But, since then, I’ve taken that back and run the wire in 6×9 boxes with 4-way pioneers. That way, I can put them on the roof, on top of my fully loaded cargo area on camping trips, etc.

If you ran new wire….I would think you might have a ‘channel’ from the built in amp/components from the deck you installed (had an incident with???).

Chef has a good point about cables. If all the wiring is messed up, you could blow up your amp inside the head unit. A quick way to test which is against the front and back connections (match both white with green and both gray with purple) and see if the front ones go through. If they do, you can disconnect your head unit and find your storage amp. Make sure you put the wires together so your fader is correct.

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No, the main unit is fine. I thought of it first and put it on a battery and four auto speakers sitting in my shed.

I want to just run new wiring in the cargo area but don’t like messing around. It just makes it harder to diagnose problems down the road.

There are still wired and, most likely, power amp(s) floating around somewhere in the truck that I want to shut down and get rid of or, alternatively, repair and use.

1995 Toyota 4runner Stereo Wiring Diagram

I’ll just rip the load panel off and look around, but it’s in bad shape thanks to the P/O, and I’d rather not risk completely destroying it to put it back in there unless I know I need you to put it. back there

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It is very strange that the FSM does not include information about this. I even borrowed my buddy’s 1990 FSM and it didn’t mention the amp or, for that matter, the Toyota-tagged and part-numbered alarm that was on the truck.

My local dealer has confirmed that Toyota has a “factory” ported car alarm – and he knows it’s installed one of two ways, depending on whether it’s ported or dealer. Mine is a port installed version.

No one seems to remember what stereo options might be port/dealer vs. factory direct.

My ’91 4Runner has a premium sound system, a double-din CD/cassette combo. There are 2 amplifiers, 1 in each rear speaker and an “extra” module located under the receiver.

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Looking for the “extra” module and you want to remove it, there are 2 blue square/rectangular connectors with connections to the rear speakers. I’ve had 2 different head units over the past 10 years and both worked with factory rear amps (with new 6.5 inch speakers).

Sorry I couldn’t be more informative but it was 10 years ago when I did the initial stereo change and I have all the tips and tricks and 1-800 that Crutchfield has to offer.

Thank you! This is exactly the information I was looking for. Meanwhile I did some digging, and the problem was a little deeper.

1995 Toyota 4runner Stereo Wiring Diagram

I’m a little hard of hearing (but not legally deaf; wear ear protection!!!) and I didn’t realize that on the old stereo only one of the rear speakers worked. I know because there is only one rear speaker.

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It looks like the p/o connected the speaker wire to the wire out for the rear speaker to connect a subwoofer or something. After I pulled the plastic off, about six feet of wire (complete with two wire nuts) fell out of an empty speaker hole.

I suspect the P/O probably fried one of the rear amps with this little experiment in redneck.

So, since I still need to get all the plastic liners to replace the missing speaker, I might as well pull the amps and run a new speaker. In fact, I’ll probably add a plug so if someone wants to add a speaker later, they can plug in without cutting.

I myself am a middle-aged man who does not mind going on the street. I like my NPR quadraphonic and at a reasonable volume.

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I am 90 and just went through the same thing. I hung everything up and the racks didn’t work. After researching, I found out that my 4runner has amps in the rear speakers. Once you pull out the boxes to replace the speakers, it will become clearer to you. (I don’t have a front amp though, I guess you’ll run wires for it in the harness though, not so much.) Originally I wanted to keep it stock, but they didn’t want to work, so I just ran new rear wires. It didn’t take long and now they are working!

Took the stereo out of a 97 4Runner and the amp was right behind the stereo. Hope this helps.

I just wanted to confirm that after pulling the center trim piece off the lower dash and looking at the back of the original stereo (in my shed, not the truck), all the harnesses are plugged into the original head, and there is no clue. of an amp or controller in the hole. Everything seems to be in the loading area next to the factory speakers.

1995 Toyota 4runner Stereo Wiring Diagram

I just installed a new head unit and 4 new speakers in my ’94 pickup. I heard no sound from the right rear even with the new speaker. In the old setup it didn’t work or I think the factory wall mounted amp was fried. Any suggestions on how to check this? Is it replaceable or can it be bypassed?

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Not sure about this guy, but I just came across a few of these on my 87 4Runner with an 89 body swap. The wires on the amplified speaker, which are obviously different because the amplifier I believe is in the speaker, are a set of 5 wires. There are color codes listed all over the internet that only enable the speaker.

I believe from what I have read that they are the same color in the scheme. i can do that

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