1996 Jeep Cherokee Ignition Wiring Diagram

1996 Jeep Cherokee Ignition Wiring Diagram – Does anyone have a wiring diagram from the back of the coil to all the sensors including ground to the block behind the oil dipstick? thank you

Okay, I’m looking at the big bowl on my son. But I can find you when I get home.

1996 Jeep Cherokee Ignition Wiring Diagram

1996 Jeep Cherokee Ignition Wiring Diagram

Gluck I need your help, here’s a quick offer. My friend bought a white 95, same as me. Someone has done electrosurgery and it’s definitely a scam, lol. I grounded it again, it was fun. Need to figure out the relay for the electric fan as unfortunately it kicks in as soon as you turn it on. The meter doesn’t work, but the main thing that bothers me is that they have connected the coil directly to the battery. Like cutting the plastic wire pack, removing the heat and running it directly to the battery, I think another one is placed under the coil in the frame which makes this work and it’s not too bad. Where does the hot eagle come back to the wiring harness, behind the alternator I guess, haven’t dug it out yet. I tried to take it 5 miles to my house to break it down properly.

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Your drawings were helpful, but without the pictures I couldn’t understand some things. I understand them, but when a whole bunch of wires are loose and hanging out there, I’m confused and confused.

For example, one wire goes to the generator, which is the alternator? And if anyone has pictures of the wiring or how it is wired, that would help me out

All wires are marked and listed in the diagram. The generator or alternator is circuit A142. 18DG AU is the wire size (18 gauge, yes it is small) DG is green and AU is orange which is the indicator. Or a line of that color along the cord. Everything in C# has a link. Anything with S# is compound and anything with G# is basic. The number in parentheses is the PIN code for that component or connector. Hope this helps for now.

Ok, I’ve broken this down. Maybe you can explain it to me. Well, that bundle of wires that comes out of the big fuse box and goes to the coil, alt, etc. Ok.. the coil is green and black, the black is connected to the coil connector. Just behind the Alt is another green wire connected to the hot wire on the battery terminal. Shouldn’t the green wire be connected to the coil plug, but where does this black wire go? Or the green thread goes elsewhere. The connected green wire is in a bundle behind the Alt. I don’t know why the green wire is connected to the battery and not the fuse box green, ugh!!! I wanted to add a picture. It works, don’t get me wrong. But it looks like a rock.

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All this trouble, I have a cord that I can’t find a home for. I check mine but I’m still saved, protected and clean. This is driving me crazy

I think they cut the green wire because it comes from the auto shut off relay that sends power. Since the circuit is broken, it cuts and bypasses it to power the coil and alternator. The coil’s black wire should go to the computer

Ok, there shouldn’t be a link fuse between the 3 green wires, let’s say there is a link fuse or 3 pins. I think the green wire they cut controls the ecm because we have lights, no dashboard readout, no rpm, no throttle, no temp, no voltage. I’m sending pictures where I don’t have a good voice

1996 Jeep Cherokee Ignition Wiring Diagram

See the final wiring diagram I posted above. it shows the wire from the alternator AKA “alternator” to the 2 fuses before going to the battery. the wire shows 8 gauge so I don’t think there is a fusible link here.

All Wiring Diagrams For Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1994

I have connected 96 just for EXPLANATION. I’m not yelling, I just don’t want someone to roll over and I think this is in ’95.

1st picture of the wiring alto, green to the coil, green back to the bat, I think I’m charging.

The third picture is of the fuse box, black orange and green goes to the coil, this is from the fender, so as you can see in the second picture the wires come out, it contains the fuel sensor wire, the alt power, the blue wire that connects when the blk and green go to the coil plug, the green and orange alt- the packaging is my problem, where does it go, last picture

Refer to the wiring diagram in Section 9 showing a 3-way DG/OR split. 1 wire goes to the automatic shutdown relay, 1 wire to the braid and 1 to the switch. All green with orange highlights. the secret wire goes to the fuse box (power distribution center) and is connected to the automatic shutdown relay. I’m assuming something happened to the ASD circuit and they bypassed it by connecting its lead to battery power.

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