2001 Suzuki Katana 600 Wiring Diagram

2001 Suzuki Katana 600 Wiring Diagram – Can you help me find the TLR schematic and if possible I also need the wire lengths.

If that doesn’t solve the problem I’ll consider going with a full wheel and then I’ll have to see how long they should be.

2001 Suzuki Katana 600 Wiring Diagram

2001 Suzuki Katana 600 Wiring Diagram

Yes, you can find the TLR shop manual in Doug’s link above, but I don’t think you can find the lengths anywhere, but I could be wrong.

Suzuki Gsx 11oof, Katana 1100 Service Manual

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Steve TLS said: Click here to view larger. Click to expand… Can someone tell me what part this is?

Eric Brink said: Can someone tell me what this part is? View attachment 65904 Click to expand… I remember some markets replacing the headlights/parking lights. They had parking lights in the headlights. Those without headlight switches did not have a front parking light, but there was an unused plug in front of the headlight harness.

This diagram was very helpful. I replaced the ignition switch and now I have no power except for the tail light. I think you should start a topic.

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This is an old thread, you won’t get any replies and you might want to revive an old thread. Please consider creating a new topic. Some SUZUKI motorcycle manuals and wiring diagrams PDF at the top of the page – B andit, Burgman, DL, GR, FA, FX, Haybusa, Intruder, Marauder, PE, Raider, SVT500, V-Storm, Volusia VL.

It was unusual in that it had a separate lubrication system that allowed the operator to keep his hands clean during filling. The T20 was a worldwide success and the motorcycle became the company’s signature for several years.

Over time, consumers began to notice that in 1969, Suzuki introduced the T500, which was equipped with a 492cc, 46hp, two-cylinder, two-stroke engine.

2001 Suzuki Katana 600 Wiring Diagram

Established as the world’s best two-stroke motorcycle manufacturer, the company has taken another step towards competitive power.

Index Of /wiring

Equipped with a three-cylinder two-stroke liquid-cooled engine, the Suzuki GT750 already produced 67 “horses”, which at that time was a serious competitor to other “Japanese”.

Then a Suzuki piano – a motorcycle with a rotary engine – emerges from the bushes. But the buyers of the exotic Suzuki RE5 did not “fade” and the motorcycle did not remain in the company’s production program, they decided not to tempt fate.

Since 1978, the company’s program of two-stroke engines has not been dominated by motorcycles for the first year – Suzuki has taken another step towards today’s prosperity. SUMMARY: • ’82/’83 wiring is not the same • ’82/’83 controllers cannot be swapped • GS1100e stator or cover cannot be used on Katana • Consider installing a headlight relay • Oil light warning is usually a bad transmitter/engagement

Who doesn’t love chasing electric gremlins? I do not. Rusty contacts are one of the main reasons for poor bike performance. These pole switches mean corrosion. Yes, thanks to Suzuki’s legendary bad charging system and heated terminals. We hope this page helps you with a few things. Make sure all your connections are clean and don’t expect too much from your 30 year old wiring.

Gsx R 600 750 Undertail 2002 03

The three phases (wires) come from the stator and connect under the seat. Connect all three wires directly to the controller, leaving out the wire that goes up to the switch plug and back down. It doesn’t matter how you connect the wires because they have no polarity or specific order. Check the wiring diagram to complete the task. The 750cc, 1000cc and 1100cc Katanas all use a 750cc stator and will not fit the GS1100e stator. “The engine/transmission page shows the flywheel size difference. If you want to use an 1100e stator you have to replace the flywheel, stator and stator housing. The big cats use a 750cc stator but not a true 750cc stator.” screws. The 750cc stator phase leads are routed through the bottom of the cover, so the leads are shorted and the rubber seal on the leads is not in place to close the cover. The 1000cc stator leads and the 1100cc stator leads point to 3. If you look at the stator covers you will see a bulge in the cover, 6 o’clock on the 750cc and 3 o’clock on the 1100.

These old charging systems are not the best. I use compufire 55402 regulator/rectifiers on the bike. It’s the only reg/rec that didn’t heat up my stator and because of it’s heat dissipating properties I noticed a drop in oil temp. The stock regulator cooks the rectifier stator and the oil it’s in, causing the stator to be black instead of brown. They are not bolted on as they are made for Harley Davidson 3-stroke applications, but fit the GS well. Explain if and when you will buy the app. They are not cheap. If you are having trouble with your charging system, below is a diagram for troubleshooting charging from regulators/rectifiers on an Electrosport motorcycle. Very helpful. I upgraded the stock reg/rec to electrosport before switching to compufire components.

Wondering if there is a better option than the old car battery you have in your GS? Yes, I use Shorai lithium iron batteries. Stock battery capacity is 14Ah at 190 cool amps, 5.5″ x 3.5″ x 6.5″ and 4.6kg. Shorai lithium battery replacement is 14Ah at 1kg, 4.5″ x 2.25″ x 3, 5″ and 210 cool amps. I’m using 18Ah, 270 amp cold start, 5.83″ x 2.63″ x 4.13″ and 1.05kg. I took the battery out for the winter and just got 13.6V in the basement and the voltage stays at 6. I The required life of the lithium is 8 years or more compared to lead acid which is replaced every 2 cycles.

2001 Suzuki Katana 600 Wiring Diagram

The 1982 and 1983 gs1100 katanas do not have the exact same wiring. They have an extra pin for the white Molex driver plug located under the seat next to the blue Molex driver plug. If you put 1983 controls on a 1982 katana, you won’t go anywhere unless you push. Don’t ask me how I know why I only have the tail brake light on and nothing else, or how long it took. The plug for the switch and signal controller is different from other vintage kits. I’m a resto-mod guy, so I want to update most of the old parts. The handling of the GSX-R is a nice improvement. I used a late model GSXR handlebar and added an upper pass and headlight switch. The toggle switch is also a very easy upgrade. When using Flatslide carbs, you have to use push/pull throttle, which requires a thin clutch assembly.

Yamaha Wr450 Special

These stock mergers are getting worse. I like the SPA ($500.00) or Vapor ($150.00) watches over the Katana tools. If you want to try fixing your Katana speedometer, my friend Joey Hong put together the guide below.

Dimmed headlight relay lights are bad for the bike. Usually these old devices have a lot of resistance in the system, so when the voltage reaches the headlight, it is not enough to turn on the light. A headlight relay attached directly to the batter helps with this. Please read the “How To” .PDF file below and thank you for your contribution to Matchless. Excellent tutorial. Indicator lights LED signals require low load Signal relays to operate. The LEDs do not have enough resistance to drive the Katana relay. The signal control module under the left side is not needed for the signals to work. It is part of the automatic cancellation system. If it still doesn’t work or you don’t care, remove it and save weight and space.

I like to use the Dyna S ignition to replace the Katana ignition system. Another advanced system is the Dyna 2000, which you can skip entirely. Since it is insulated, all possible errors can be removed from the cables. Below are installation instructions for both and a troubleshooting guide for the Dyna S.

Welcome to Katana’s technical pages. This site is the result of my many years of experience upgrading 1982 and 1983 GS750 / 1100 Katanas to modern versions with wheels, suspension and brakes. The site also has more information about Katana and other GSs

Lablt Ignition Switch Gas Cap Cover Seat Lock Key Set For Suzuki Katana 600 Katana 750

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