2002 Ford F150 Trailer Wiring Diagram

2002 Ford F150 Trailer Wiring Diagram – Please note: Most of the wiring diagrams on this page are scans of original Ford designs, not reproductions. They are scanned and displayed as very large files. 1969 charts and all others marked with a red asterisk (

). Finally, all charts published here are in high resolution for easy reading.

2002 Ford F150 Trailer Wiring Diagram

2002 Ford F150 Trailer Wiring Diagram

The 1972 main wiring harness is very detailed and is a professional reproduction of the OEM schematic. In fact, I spent almost 100 people building it.

Ford F 150 Fuse Box Diagram + Location

The following information is copied from the 1970 Ford Automaker’s Manual (Volume 70 HTM2-L2). This information applies to all 67-72 trucks.

1) All 1970 Ford trucks with headlight switches (except the “W” model) used two circuit breakers, one 12 amp for the headlight and 15 amp for the auxiliary circuit. The main light switch can be connected to any point on the control circuit except for circuit #12 (high beam, green/black line) and circuit #13 (high beam, red wire/black line) in the circuit. and circuit #15 (lead wire, red wire/reinforce yellow harness. Avoid connecting to 12-13 or 15 (lights).

If the total load on the headlight circuit breaker exceeds the switch’s rating, the headlights or taillights will turn on and off, indicating an overload. In this case, some additional lights must be wired through the relay and powered from the headlight bulb.

Power to the auxiliary light, controlled by the headlight switch, should be terminated in the male terminal and connected to the female column terminal (brown wire – circuit 285) on the left side of the gear (near the brake pedal). If the vehicle has roof marker lights, this relay is powered by the roof track. In this case, a jumper “Y” must be created to connect both links to the same port.

Domelight Wiring Diagram

Taillights controlled by the headlight switch can be connected to circuit no. 285 (brown wire) anywhere on the tail light.

Note: A special mounting option on light trucks allows the tail light to be attached directly to the left frame rail.

F100 through F350 trucks are equipped with mechanical piston stop lights mounted on the brake pedal arm. These switches are designed for maximum loads, usually less than a refrigerator or circuit breaker, but are adequate for light loads with normal tripping. The maximum load is 12.5 A, and under no circumstances should this value be exceeded.

2002 Ford F150 Trailer Wiring Diagram

If stop light functionality is required for the added lights, connect to the 810 circuit (red wire/black line) between the stop light and turn signal switches.

I’ve Got An Odd Wiring Problem With My 1987 F150 … The Brake Lights Will Not Work

If turn signal functionality is required for the added lights, connect the right light to circuit 2 (white wire/blue line) and the left light to circuit 3 (green wire/white line). This attachment can be placed next to the headlight or near the steering column. (See note below.)

If both the turn signal and stop lights are required for the added lights, use circuit 282 (green wire) for the right light and circuit 283 (yellow wire/black line) for the left light. (See note below.)

1) The maximum current of light truck turn signal switch is 6.5A for right and left turn, and 8.0A for stop light. Do not exceed these values ​​in the index.

2) Light truck turn signals and emergency vehicles use two flashers, one for turn signals and one for emergency vehicles. This flasher is designed to accommodate two lights (4.2 amps) for turn signals and six lights (12.6 amps) for hazard lights. If an additional 2.1A light is added to each side (6 bulbs total), the C8AB-13350-A turn signal bulb must be replaced with a C6AB-13350-B turn signal bulb. Adding two 2.1A bulbs per side (8 bulbs total) would require replacing the two existing flash bulbs with a single C8TB-13350-A transformer, and is not recommended due to complexity. Adding a light without a flash will result in an unacceptably fast flash speed.

F150 Stereo Wiring?

For ignition-only auxiliary components – disconnect the power cord from the ignition switch connector and connect it to the 3-box auxiliary connector on the dashboard (one black wire/green line). This circuit is limited by a 14 amp fuse. To disassemble the refrigerator, a relay must be added, which is activated by connecting to the accessory terminal.

If the accessory is to be used with the key, the power is connected to the connector on the cigarette lighter (jumper “Y”) if the 15 amp connector of this circuit is sufficient. If more load is required than the cigarette lighter circuit can handle, power should be applied to the switch on the “battery” terminal of the starter line.

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2002 Ford F150 Trailer Wiring Diagram

All trademarks and trade names used on this website are the trade names, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Safety belt. There are two entrances. 4-wire circular connector and 2-wire circular connector. Wire 4 is yellow and green and I assumed they were for the signal. Connecting them to the truck’s 4-wire wire gives me a proper truck turn signal. When I try to combine the brown with the brown, I believe there are lights, I can’t get the lights, and the turn signals on the truck don’t work. I noticed that when I disconnected the brown to brown connection, I could hear the relay on the back of the car open.

Ford F Series (tenth Generation)

However, I was disappointed and lost. Any advice on how I can make this work?

I feel your pain: yesterday I installed a Valley 2 “receiver hook” (3rd tier, 86 in park) on a stock 89 and spent many hours today on this problem: truck factory wiring.

I made sure to save my 86 wire harness (comes complete with undocumented diode isolator, but I’m used to it) before removing his next pair of worms. It’s (normally) wired and completely bypasses the charger and harness, which isn’t a good job either

$15 for U-Pull-It garden hooks, $20 for G8 coated hardware (lots of new hard flat washers, split lock washers, bolts and nuts), $10 for handling nut work (along with most of my welds (stolen) of my tools three years ago), multiple purchases of drills, hacksaws for cutting the ground, dremel drills for cutting various holes, and the forced decoration of a 4-inch screwdriver.

Grey Plug Under Dash

I have an AllData CD with a tracker, not sure: the little two-wire connector is basically for the reverse light! But! It’s just a Bk/Pk cable. The BK wire of the two-wire connector is actually the ground loop of the traction control (TTRM).

Because the circuit breaker is marked on the left, this design is fresh in my head:

I had to use a cloth dampened in acetone to clean the wire and rear debris to match the schematic.

2002 Ford F150 Trailer Wiring Diagram

> Connecting them to the truck’s 4 wire harness gives me the proper turn signals for the truck.

Electrical Schematic Diagram

For a while! You’re just lucky. Connect any load to TTRM ground and it will energize the relay. Sometimes.

I haven’t connected to the final chart yet, but I think you can use a genuine Ford adapter to connect the two and four ring connectors to the hub harness. The four-wire ground Bk is then connected to the Bk wire of the two-wire harness, thus grounding the TCM by activating the three adjacent relays:

This is behind the TTRM fork. [2021: Here’s a bad picture of what was removed (twisted wires the next owner after me blew the connector, cut the fridge and that’s his “repair”. I bought the car a few years later and it’s time for the picture):


Custom Wiring Harness, 4 Way Flat Output, Select Ford F 150

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