2012 Chevy Traverse Radio Wiring Diagram

2012 Chevy Traverse Radio Wiring Diagram – Hope to get some help, this is my first attempt at upgrading a stereo so bear with me.

I use a Scosche GM3000 harness and have a Kenwood DDX320BT stereo. I have some questions about cables.

2012 Chevy Traverse Radio Wiring Diagram

2012 Chevy Traverse Radio Wiring Diagram

1) Reverse sensor wire on the radio (purple with white line), our rearview mirror has a reverse sensor with a camera. There isn’t a wire for the harness, so I don’t know where it goes (and it’s pretty short.

I Have A 2012 Chevy Traverse And Putting A Adjustable Line Output Converter In It I Need To Know What The Color Back

2) The radio has a parking sensor wire (light green). It says to connect it to the parking brake sensor wiring harness, but I’m not sure where it is or even on the car.

3) The stereo has a blue antenna control wire, the harness has a blue wire, but the manual doesn’t specify it, so I’m not sure if it will be wired.

4) The radio has a dash and a light orange wire, but the harness has a single orange wire. Do they both go to this same wire?

Just to update everyone, I attached the bulbs, not sure if they will work in my case, but everything works as expected. I didn’t need the blue antenna wire because my antenna is fixed and doesn’t move, so I just tied it with tape. The purple reverse sensor is meant to turn the camera on the video screen when reversing, but since I don’t switch my camera video to stereo and don’t use it through the rear view, I turned that off as well. I hooked the parking brake wire to the side of the stereo so the DVD would play while driving. So everything is working as expected so far.

Axxess Ax Gmlan29 Swc (axgmlan29swc) Radio Replacement Interface

I’m glad it helped you. No more watching TV while driving :happy: My wife wants it for long drives.

Someone sold a trick to bypass the OEM touch screen on HU, you can’t watch the video during installation. I don’t think it exists anymore.

My question is where can I get the wire colors for all the OEM radios? 2010 Chevy Traverse LT

2012 Chevy Traverse Radio Wiring Diagram

Incubustv said: My question is where can I get the wire colors for all OEM radios. 2010 Chevy Traverse LT Click to expand… Here is the 2011 diagram. Maybe they will help.

Amazon.com: Rdbs 16 Pin Fit For Kenwood Radio Stereo Wiring Harness Car Replacement Aftermarket

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Universal K Series Swap Sub Conversion Harness

( A 4 – +12 V direct) ( A5 antenna output +) ( A6 light) ( A7 +12 V accessory) ( A8 – GND) ( B1 RR +) ( B2 RR-) ( B3 RF +) ( B4 RF – ) ( B5 LF +) ( B6 LF-) ( B7 LR +) ( B8 LR-)

Concern Sam – Sam 2000 ( A1 Gala) ( A2 Mute) ( A3 Diagnosis) ( A4 +12. Accc.) ( A5 + 12. Permanent) ( A6 Ilum.) A1 Gala) ( A2 Mute) ( A3 Diagnosis) ( A4 +12. Ac.) ( A5 +12. Permanent) ( A6 Ilum.) ( A7 v. Permanente +12) ( A8 GND) ( C1 LR + Line Out) ( C2 RR + Line Out) ( C3 Audio GND) ( C4 LF + Line Out.) ( C5 RF + Line Out.) ( C6 Amp.Control.) ( C7 Phone In.) ( C8 Remote Clock Display) C9 Remote Information Display) ( C10 Remote Display Enable) ( C11 Remote SWC ) (C12 Tel.In) (C13 to C20 with CDX date)

CHEVROLET Car Radio Stereo Audio Wiring Diagram Car Radio Connector Wiring Diagram Schema D Connection Stacker Connector Connector Cable Schema Car Stereo Wire Harness Wire Speaker Output Connector Power Supply How To Install .

2012 Chevy Traverse Radio Wiring Diagram

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Traverse Keeps Blowing Pcm Ign Fuse 10 Amp

Car radio wiring diagram car radio installation. Car radio car radio wiring harness stereo installation. How to install car radio wiring. Car radio installation car wiring diagram wiring harness output connector diagram. Car radio connection diagram. Car radio wiring diagram for car stereo. Car stereo wiring diagram radio installation head unit. Car radio wiring colors car radio wiring free radio wiring diagram. Radio Wiring Diagram Car Radio Car Radio Wiring Diagram. Free car radio wiring diagram. Car radio wire color code car radio speakers. I just got a 2017. It was the base model and I wanted to go with an aftermarket sound.

I’m using an off-the-shelf amp, but nothing powerful, and I’m replacing the front speakers with tweeters. I want to use the main speaker wires and the door molex connector must be connected under the dash I noticed that the main speaker wires go to molex to feed the woofer and then back to the tweeters. It looks like it would be easy to cut them off and connect the crossover to my aftermarket speakers

So here comes my question. Are there capacitors or inductors along the factory wiring that I should leave? I know some factory component speaker systems have capacitors and inductors in series with the various speakers to act as high and low pass filters.

Greentraverse said: As per the 2011 circuit, there are no capacitors or inductors. View attachment 9813 Click to expand… Awesome. Thank you. Where did you get this image? I couldn’t find it in Chilton

Buick (2007 2012) Enclave, Gmc Acadia, Chevrolet Traverse, Saturn Outlook Bose Amplifier Pinout Diagram @ Pinoutguide.com

You can also download a copy of the shop manual (search shop manual here), but it’s a collection of PDFs with no links between them, so it’s hard to work when you don’t know exactly what you want.

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