3rd Step Worksheet Aa

3rd Step Worksheet Aa – Just for fun, I thought I’d post a three-part exercise on the blog using the AA Big Book Pre-Text.

It is taken from the original text of the Big Book and is told in the first person. Read this aloud to someone every day for a week, then decide:

3rd Step Worksheet Aa

3rd Step Worksheet Aa

60:6  The first thing I know is that any selfish lifestyle will not bring success. So I’m almost always confused by something or the other, even though I may have a good reason. I try to live and practice. I am like an actor trying to direct the whole play. If my arrangement continues, people act according to my WILL, the performance will be good. Everyone will be happy, including me. Life is wonderful. Sometimes I am very good at trying to implement these procedures. I can be kind, considerate, patient, kind; humility and charm. On the other hand, I can be mean, selfish, selfish and unfair. But like most people, I’m more different.

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61:1 What is normal? The show did not go well. I started to think that life doesn’t really care about me. I decided to push myself harder. Next time, I will be more demanding or kinder, depending on the situation. The game doesn’t work for me. When I admit I’m wrong, I know other people are worse. I was angry, angry, sorry for myself. What is my main problem? Am I selfish in trying to be kind? Don’t I have the idea that if I manage it well, I can close the world of contentment and happiness? Do other players not understand that these are the things I want? Is it not my actions that each of them wants to take revenge and do everything they can to get out of the show? Am I not, even at my best, a creator of chaos rather than harmony?

61:2 My personal opinion is arrogant as it is now. I’m like a businessman on winter vacation in Florida complaining about the sad state of the nation; sermons to lament the sins of the twentieth century; politicians and reformers believed that theirs was a utopia if the rest of the world would do it; The lawbreaker feels that society has wronged him; and alcoholic beverages used and stored. What do I mean, I don’t worry too much about myself, my anger, or my self-pity?

62:1 Self-reflection is self-reflection! I think this is the cause of my problem. Following a hundred different forms of fear, self-deception, self-seeking, and self-pity, I step on my friends’ toes and they retaliate. Sometimes they hurt me, apparently without any provocation, but I always know that sometimes I made decisions about myself that could hurt me.

62:2 Therefore my trouble is mine. They came out of Me, and I, being drunk, am a great example of self-destruction, but I don’t think so. First of all, I need to get rid of this ego. Or I must kill! God did. And without that, it is impossible to completely destroy yourself. I have all the right thoughts and ideas, but I can’t live the life I want. I can’t lower my self-esteem by wanting and trying my best. I need God’s help.

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62:3  This is the meaning and purpose. First, I had to stop playing God. This doesn’t work. Then, from now on in this drama of life decide, God will be my guide. that’s why; I am his successor. He is the Father, and I am his child. Get this simple connection. Many good ideas are simple, and this idea will be the basis of a new slavery and success that will lead me to freedom.

63:1  When I take this stand in truth, all kinds of wonderful things will come. I have a new job. Because of his power, if I stick to him and do his work well, he will give me what I need. Based on this, I am a little interested in myself, my little plans and plans. I am interested to see what I can contribute to life. I feel a new energy flowing, when I have peace of mind, when I know that I will face life successfully, when I see his face, I will begin to lose my fear today, tomorrow or later. I am born again.

63: 2. I kneel and say to my creatures as I understand: “O God, I give.” Build with me and do what you want with me. Release me from my bonds, that I may do your will. Take my problems, so that the victory over them will show those I helped, your power, your love and your way of life. I will always do your will!” I THOUGHT WELL BEFORE MAKING THIS APPEAL, I KNEW I could give myself completely to him.

3rd Step Worksheet Aa

63:3  I like to decide with a wise man. It could be my wife, my best friend, my spiritual advisor, but I remember that it is better to meet God alone than to make a mistake. I have to decide that FOR MYSELF. The text of my decision, in fact, is only a choice when I express my opinion without setting it. This decision is just the beginning, even if it is done honestly and humbly, the results are visible, sometimes very good results. Please update to the latest version.

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Polly PRB’s third stage prayer… “God, I commit myself to you” aa . al anon get well. the help of the big book 12 twelve steps. picture

“O God, I surrender to You, build with me and do to me according to Your will. Whom I support with Your power, with Your love and with Your way of life. I will always do what You want.” The third step is application

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3rd Step Worksheet Aa

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