7 Pin Ignition Switch Kawasaki Ninja Ignition Wiring Diagram

7 Pin Ignition Switch Kawasaki Ninja Ignition Wiring Diagram – Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the first generation ignition switch. I have a schematic of the 2nd switch to see the difference, but not the 1st gen. I wanted to see if it was possible to get the second generation to work on the first generation bike. In addition, the second generation provides an anti-theft signal. This makes me think that the drive is backward compatible but not forward compatible. IE will work on gen 1 on gen 2, but gen 1 will never work on gen 2, depending on the signal going through that line and where it’s coming from.

Moped says: The second generation bike uses a separate coil for each spark plug, so the distributor sends a 12V pulse to each coil when it wants to spark. I think on the first gen bike, but I’m not 100% sure, the distributor sends a high voltage load directly to the spark plug. The lower the efficiency, the higher the energy loss. If you could replace the entire ignition system, it would be fine, but you can’t replace parts. Click to expand… if you change everything, you will be 100% fine. I’m trying to change the pin connections or add extra wires to get the 2nd ignition to work on the 1st gen. Dragknee will check on the wiki. I am looking for someone who has a guide to making the first generation.

7 Pin Ignition Switch Kawasaki Ninja Ignition Wiring Diagram

7 Pin Ignition Switch Kawasaki Ninja Ignition Wiring Diagram

I think you should get a first generation switch. You can really get into this thing.

I Need Help With A 2009 Kawasaki Mule 4010 That Has A Bad Ignition Switch Due To Some Fool Messing With The Wiring. I’m Having To Hot Wire It But I’m Having

If you need more, I have a guide. There are several separate wiring diagrams for different diagrams, but they are all part of the wiring, so it can sometimes be complicated.

I think Kawasaki made them different on purpose because they couldn’t make the crossover even if they tried.

This is an old thread that may not have received any replies, and the old thread may be restarted. Consider creating a new thread. Hello, this is my first time here and my first time building a bike. You can’t buy 95k. It is in good condition (no road) but it has been rotting for almost two years. He had to use a side grinder to get off the old itch he was carrying. I bought one from China, but it’s a standard 6-wire plug with an extra wire in the bundle, while mine is a 6-wire plug with only 5 wires. The color of the wire used is completely different from the normal plug. I think this plug may be for later models or even 9. I’m hoping someone on the web can give me a clue as to what the extra wires are and if the original wires will match their counterparts on the new plug. cheer yourself up

Thanks for getting the answer. I have seen the wiring and parts involved in the plug controls from the manual, I have issues with the aftermarket wiring and it has extra wires. Are these just ads for extras on later models or did the original cable locations also change? I have other wiring issues and would like to rule them out as the cause.

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Really hats off to your teammates. I didn’t even notice that I saw 7 of them there. what model is this?

Hi, it says E3 is good, it’s 1995 US, but I think it should be ok? Also, have you noticed that the color of the cable doesn’t always match the color of the barrel you specified?

I can see why you didn’t get one from the dealer haha​​​​£200 seems a bit expensive

7 Pin Ignition Switch Kawasaki Ninja Ignition Wiring Diagram

About the steep part of the water. Getting an OEM here costs about $400. Considering it’s a free bike… in any case I’m not lucky enough to get it up and running. I checked the wiring and found other issues that needed to be fixed. Broken stator covers, leaking valve gaskets, leaking oil pan gaskets, the list goes on. The manual says the bike is a “non-US or Canadian” f3, I think it’s a UK or gray import version as the Australian wiring doesn’t match either. leaning towards gray. Connecting all the adjustments with the guide colors, I want only 5 wires to come out of the ignition properly, so everything looks fine now. I should use the diagram you gave me. There seems to be an extra power cable to start with.

Ignition Switch Kawasaki Ninja Zx 6r 2006

Don’t just guess. The last yarn I have is white and yellow yarn. battery and tl3. Plug means reset, but I think I can handle it. Thanks again for the chart

This is an old thread that may not have received any replies, and the old thread may be restarted. Consider creating a new thread. I replaced my rear end with my new bike setup. Now I want to run newgens fire to delete it. Pregena will not be included in the top three. I ordered a new ignition and it has 7 wires. My bike only has 6 ignition wires. I’m not sure which thread to leave it in. Usually I can figure out the wiring, but in this case I seem to notice that the diagram doesn’t match what I have, I’m missing a wire. A purchase order can also be canceled one.

The old connectors had 6 brown wires with the brown and white wires going to the same pin. they are

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Motorbike 7 Pin Ignition Switch Lock Key Set For Kawasaki Ninja 250r 300 250sl Ex250 Ex300 Er250 Er300 Z250 Z300 Bx/br250 Abs

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Hmm, thanks for the input, this will help me get back with the voltmeter. My knitting looks clear and looks rather tampered with. My wires are out of order. Not surprisingly, it’s a little complicated. My old starter only had 5 wires. OK, I know how to get the information from the bike harness, but how do I trace the wires to the new ignition?

Assuming my black is grounded, I should get 12v from all wires when the key is on. I should have 4 wires in the garden and once I figure out the 4 wires I can connect them to the appropriate wires in the harness. Now about the 100 ohm line, when I find out what it is, it turns on. They’re all 12v, so if I’m not mowing my lawn, I don’t have to risk frying anything. All I need to do is line up my parking wires and turn it on. Others don’t care what color they turn on when open, as long as they are clear when in place and straight when parked.

7 Pin Ignition Switch Kawasaki Ninja Ignition Wiring Diagram

I don’t remember my head spinning like this the last time I rewired. Maybe it’s too long, but I seem more confused than I remember. Thank you for your help.

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If you can get (or find) a good picture of the NewGen ignition plugged into the NewGen main harness, that should tell you which colors on the ignition washer match which colors on the main harness.

If your main unit has the correct color wires, you will be able to connect the NewGen ignition cables to the correct decoder cables.

However, I am a little concerned about missing and/or wrong colored threads. I was wondering if you could get a good picture of the PreGen ignition/main link to look at. After searching, it appears that some early bikes used slightly different ignition switches. I don’t know exactly when they used what, but that might explain some of the differences you see. Also, the “unmodified” Gen2 EX500 has used many different wiring harnesses over the years, with minor modifications to different plugs, etc.

I noticed many differences in my wired connection. I have changed a few controllers and have been using them for a few years and none of them connect. For example, changing two pins in the harness to make it work…I guess I got lucky. My new lighter is the same as my pregnancy plug.

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