91 Honda Accord Distributor Wiring Diagram

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Does anyone know where the tachometer cable is on a 1994 honda accord lx? If possible, could you attach a photo? I tried searching but nothing came up

91 Honda Accord Distributor Wiring Diagram

91 Honda Accord Distributor Wiring Diagram

Are you talking about where the tach cable receives it’s signal from the distributor/icm or from the test terminal?

Distributor Wiring Diagram: I Need A Engine Wiring Diagram For

Here is the exact location of where the tachometer receives the signal to the ICM, which is inside the distributor, and the corresponding wiring diagram.

I just want to make sure the blue wire is sending a signal to the tach before I connect it to the other wire that isn’t working.

Leave 8P as it has BLU/GRN and BLU/YEL wires, but these are for the CKP sensor.

The location of the test lead would be a more suitable place to run the accessory as it is already “twisted” from the main lead leading to the tachometer.

Finally Figured Out Alternator Wiring!

Tried to install it with the shift light but had trouble getting the tach signal wire Where are the test leads?

Okay, would it be okay to tie this wire? I only ask because I don’t have a connector that fits it

No problem, yes, if you connect it, the location of the test guide will be better than two points

91 Honda Accord Distributor Wiring Diagram

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91 Honda Accord Distributor Wiring Diagram

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