All Saints Day Coloring Pages

All Saints Day Coloring Pages – The day of remembrance of the soldiers who defend our country has just happened. The saints brought the Orthodox Church. All Saints of America speak for us!

Here is a hymn about Saints Martha and Mary that you can draw along with a picture of Jesus visiting their home.

All Saints Day Coloring Pages

All Saints Day Coloring Pages

Mary and Martha welcome Jesus into their home with their brother Lazarus. Jesus spoke to his disciples.

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Mary sat at Christ’s feet to listen to everything he would say. Martha was busy and was distracted by welcoming the guests and treating the king and the guests with food. He was disappointed and said to Jesus: “Lord, don’t you care if my brother leaves me to do all the work?” So tell him to help you.”

Jesus answered, “Martha, you are very worried. There is one thing that is important now, and Mary has chosen it. I will not take that away from him.”

Martha and Mary show us the strong characteristics of faithful people. Maria always obeyed not to avoid work, but because of her love for God and her desire to learn more. Martha was engaged in service not to boast, but because of her love for her neighbor and her desire to do good works. All believers should have these qualities, but we should learn to balance them.

Prophet Elisha performed many miracles using water. Water is very important in the desert. Why? Elisha also healed lepers from the disease and raised another person from the dead.

Latter Day Saints (lds) Coloring Pages

Amos was a shepherd in the land of Zebulun. God sent him to warn the people that God was not pleased with the evil ways of King Jeroboam. He told the Israelites to repent and follow God’s laws.

Today his mother Elizaveta gave birth to her only child. John was unique because he never thought he would have children. His father was Zechariah, a priest. The angel told him that God was going to give them a child. Zechariah did not believe because they were old enough to be his grandparents! God kept his promise. Have you ever heard the story of how the Virgin Mary visited Elizabeth when they were both pregnant?

Today we pray for the leaders of the Church. Saint Peter is the name given to the rock on which Christ built the church. He was a strong leader, so Jesus relied on him to “feed his sheep” after the resurrection (at Easter). He was a fisherman who left his boat to follow Christ. He continued to travel and learn about Jesus. He wrote books that are now part of the Bible. Paul was a thief who decided to stop after Christ. Can you think of other criminals who became saints? Paul was not imprisoned because of his crimes, but because he was one of Christ’s disciples. He used to write encouraging letters to the churches. They became part of the New Testament in the Bible!

All Saints Day Coloring Pages

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A good everyone! We have a collection of free coloring by number worksheets. Use these worksheets to keep your kids busy! There are certain rules for coloring the pages, so children should pay attention to the written rules. With many interesting picture puzzles, scroll down to see and save all the worksheets.

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Puppies hold a special place in a child’s heart. The presence of a doll sometimes shows that a child likes to make friends, and the following printable coloring pages will be a great addition for your children! These doll pictures are not only cute, but adorable! Grab your child’s favorite color marker and create a masterpiece with this easy doll painting! Check out the coloring pages in the pictures below!

Let’s celebrate the devotion of the saints to God’s will with these free printable All Saints Day pages. All Saints’ Day falls on November 1 and is known as the Holy Day of Obligations. The day is dedicated to the saints of the Church who have gone to heaven.

There are five coloring pages to choose from, from simple to complex pictures. Click on one of the pictures below to print the coloring page.

All Saints Day Coloring Pages

If you have a child who tends to get angry and you want to help them learn to control it, try this coloring page idea to manage their anger. This easy to print anger management coloring page has 5 bright and colorful pages to engage children as they learn about anger.

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