Amber Interior Paint Colors

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Amber Interior Paint Colors

Amber Interior Paint Colors

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Best Warm Paint Colors For Your Home

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This Store Is Like Stepping Inside A Designer’s Shopping Cart

Idco has a deep passion for interiors, combining commercial and technical skills with a passion for design. Probably my number one question is about the paint color of our house. What color do we use in our view. What white color we chose for the main living area. I would recommend a neutral putty. It wasn’t until this week that I realized that a proper blog post with paint colors for all of our homes would make a great landing page for all of these questions.

Our home palettes are mainly pastel shades in white, beige and green collections. I love color and rich tones, but our house is all about neutrals and muted colors.

“NAUTICA WHITE” by PPG NAUTICA – We were at a loss when choosing a white paint color for our main living areas. We went into a paint store, found swatches we liked, and bought all the colors at once! ! No tests, no samples, you don’t know what we’re doing. How lucky we were to pick a color we liked on the first try is beyond me!

Amber Interior Paint Colors

We don’t have a lot of natural light, so we need a neutral or cool white to make it sound brighter. (In a room with little natural light, warm white is yellow.) We leaned against the only white clock that didn’t have yellow or blue, and it felt as bright and clean as clocks go.

Color Of The Month: Amber Autumn

Amber Lewis is the queen of choosing the perfect white color. Here’s what I learned from him:

For homes with lots of natural light: If you want to enjoy bright white, choose warm white. It sounds counterintuitive, but if your windows get a lot of sunlight, cool whites (and sometimes neutral whites) can feel cold and blue. Instead, choose white with warm undertones. Sunlight helps wash out the yellow tint, making it look like a neutral white.

Warm undertones = colors with yellow, red or orange undertones. Cool tones = colors with a blue or green tint.

“NAUTICA WHITE” by NAUTICA BY PPG – Since our living room and kitchen are connected, we brought the same white color into the kitchen. We also used the same color for the roof and trim to ensure a fully integrated look.

Interior Designer’s Favorite White And Neutral Paint

IKEA Stock Cabinets “Anthracite” – We ordered our kitchen cabinets from IKEA and the doors are part of their stock. It’s a beautiful true black matte gloss.

“NAUTICA WHITE” by NAUTICA by PPG – We also have Nautica White in the office and while we love the white color, this space lacks function and dimension.

VALSPAR “City Botanical Garden” – We added cladding with vertical slides to the lower part of the wall and painted it green, because this room has a higher ceiling than the rest of the house. It’s green, but not too green. It feels warm but does not turn yellow or brown.

Amber Interior Paint Colors

Everyone loves high ceilings, but sometimes your furniture just doesn’t feel right…like the room is too short. There are many ways to do this, one way is to draw a horizontal line on the wall where you want your eyes to stop. This illusion shortens the walls without losing the height of the ceiling. Siding, thick molding and even a picture rail can solve the problem of high ceilings.

The Best Paint Colors With Cult Followings

Home Depot Custom Mix – Choosing warm and cream colors for our bedrooms was a challenge to say the least. We chose custom colors mixed at Home Depot. In our house, it sounds like the perfect white putty, light enough to feel moody but warm enough to not look overtly white.

As usual, I’ve included an image of the Home Depot color code below. Just take this picture to your local Home Depot store and ask them to mix a gallon (or sample) with the code.

Struggling to find the perfect white putty? White accents in your home, such as baseboards and window treatments, can irritate you. White brings out the color tone, and while I always recommend a white swatch to accurately represent the color, white can also bring out shades that you won’t see when it comes to white and beige putty unless it’s white. the accents are not the same. Consider painting the trim the same grout color as the walls and see how it looks. We had this problem when we installed white closet doors in the bedroom wall. Suddenly our most beautiful wall looks pink. But when we painted the closet doors the same color as the rest of the room, the pink disappeared.

SHERWIN WILLIAMS by HGTV “BUCKWHEAT BROWN” – Before redoing the bedroom, we did a quick closet makeover to maximize the small space we had and painted the closet a contrasting color. We ended up with buckwheat brown, and although the swatches looked brown, the walls clearly had strong green undertones. Of all the colors in our home, this one is the wild card because it looks different in real life (at least in our home) than it does on the clock.

Amber Interiors’ Stunning Fall Collection With Anthropologie Is Here

Each color will look very different from home to home, room to room, or even from one hour to the next. I always recommend drawing a large swatch (24″x24″ square) on scrap board to see how the color looks in the room. Place it against a white background so you can see the pop of color and move it from wall to wall to see how the light affects it throughout the day. Go ahead like me and keep a coloring diary of how each swatch looks in the morning, noon and night.

SHERWIN WILLIAMS of HGTV’s “Underground” – Of all the colors I’ve been asked about (whether it’s on Instagram, a blog post, or someone driving), our look has gotten a huge amount of requests. Between you and me, this is as good as it gets online. The only word I can use to describe this color is “velvet”. The soft butter green is stunning from morning to night. It’s just as good in the hot midday sun as it is overcast…something I’ve struggled to find.

Lowe’s sells flat and satin gloss exterior paints. While I love the flat look, satin is more forgiving when it comes time to clean up the dirt. Plus, the satin sheen adds a shine that feels luxurious.

Amber Interior Paint Colors

SHERWIN WILLIAMS from HGTV “GRACIOUS GREIGE” – The exterior color is very dark, I know a plain white garage door is very contrasting. Instead, I chose a luxurious gray, which is the perfect combination of gray and beige.

Design Spotlight: Amber Lewis Of Amber Interiors

When light colors are paired with dark colors, they look bold

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