Amber Interiors Paint Colors

Amber Interiors Paint Colors – Hello everybody! Today I have a post on SheKnows. I had a lot of fun making some mood boards for this. She shows how to make a beautiful change to a space without breaking the bank by using some of Lowe’s great pieces and choosing paint colors from the Sherwin-Williams paint collection. You can see an example of a mood board I created below. Click here for the full article and links to all the products!

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Amber Interiors Paint Colors

Amber Interiors Paint Colors

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Taupe Paint Colors I’m Loving And Inspired By

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The cookie settings on this website are set to “Allow all cookies” to give you the best experience. Accept cookies to continue using the site. That’s right, this is my best white photo of the year!! I’m a huge geek, and there are few things that make me happier than getting the crew together in the mud and yelling out my favorite paint colors to the contractors to put the mud on the walls. I’ve picked up some new favorites over the last few projects, and today is the day to shout out all things white (again). I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. White ink is a dangerous and dangerous mofo. There are a million and one options and thousands of factors to consider before deciding. You need to know the tone and best practices of the application. You name it, I’ll cover it in the book. But now I’ve gone ahead and put together a Rock Records version of 8 (yes just eight) of my absolute favorite white paint colors, separated by my all-time favorite neutrals, off-white and off-white cold. , a warm white and of course a cute little guy.

If you want to paint your house or apartment, I welcome you first. Second, I’ve gone ahead and made a shopping guide for all the best painting tools and supplies. So come out my lovelies and paint your hearts out!!!!

“The White Dove” by Benjamin Moore is used in most cases for the worst people on the planet. (photo above)

Most Frequently Asked: Paint Colors

Plain White by Benjamin Moore is the nicest people on the planet for customers. (photo above) Probably the most constant question I get is about our house’s paint colors. What color did we use for the exterior? What white paint did we choose for our main living areas? What thin neutrals do you recommend? It wasn’t until this week that I realized that a proper blog post with all the paint colors in our house would be the perfect landing page for all of these questions.

The ceiling of our house is mainly white, blue and green with light colors. I love pops and rich colors, but our home thrives on more neutral palettes and muted colors.

“NAUTICA WHITE” by PPG BY NAUTICA – We were very simple when choosing white paint for our main living area. We walked into a paint store, found a sample we liked and bought all the paint on the spot!! No tests, no samples, no idea what we’re doing. How lucky we were to pick our favorite color on the first try!

Amber Interiors Paint Colors

We don’t have a ton of natural light, so we needed a neutral or cool white to light it up. .

Amber Lewis Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis is the queen of choosing the perfect white color. What I learned from him:

For rooms with lots of natural light: If you want white, consider warm white. It may sound counterintuitive, but cool white (and sometimes neutral white) can feel cold and blue when there’s a lot of sunlight coming through the window. Instead, choose white with warm tones. Sunlight helps wash out the yellow, making it appear more neutral white.

Warm tones = colors with yellow, red or orange undertones. Cool tones = colors with blue or green undertones.

NAUTICA WHITE BY PPG BY NAUTICA – Since our bedroom and kitchen are connected, we brought the same white color to the kitchen. We also used the same color for our ceiling and trim for a completely coordinated look.

Interior Styling Misconceptions

Anthracite cabinet from IKEA – We ordered the kitchen cabinets from IKEA and the doors are part of their stock. It is a beautiful fabric in true black.

PPG BY NAUTICA WHITE BY NAUTICA – We brought Nautica White into the office, and while we love white, this room lacked character and dimension.

Downtown by VALSPAR – We added vertical paneling to the lower half of the wall and used harsh green to create space because the ceiling in this room is higher than the rest of the room. It’s green, but not too green. It feels warm but does not tend to be yellow or brown.

Amber Interiors Paint Colors

Everyone loves high ceilings, but sometimes it seems like the size of your furniture… the whole room is too short. There are many ways to do this, one way is to create horizontal lines on the walls where you want to draw the eye. This illusion reduces the walls without losing the grandeur of the high ceilings. Tiles, moldings and even painters tape can do wonders for high ceilings.

Amber Interiors Client Canyon Cool35 E1563987330564

Random mix in home depot – choosing warm and purple colors for our bedroom was half baked to say the least. We settled on a random color that we mixed at Home Depot. In our house, it’s like a perfect white polish, not too bright to feel moody, but warm enough to not look white.

Since this is common, I’ve included a picture of Home Depot’s color code below. Take this picture to your local home improvement store and have them mix up a gallon (or sample) of cod.

Struggling to find the perfect pure white? White accents in your home (like basketball hoops and window treatments) can throw you off. White brings out the color of the paint, and when it comes to white and beige, I recommend choosing the right color against white, but white can also bring out tones you can’t see. For a white accent. There is no comparison. Consider painting your trim the same color as the walls and see how it looks. We ran into this exact problem when matching the white closet doors to the bedroom wall color. Suddenly our perfectly plastered walls looked pink. But after we painted the closet doors the same color as the rest of the room, the pink disappeared.

Black Wheat Brown by SHERWIN WILLIAMS on HGTV – Before redesigning the bedroom, we made a quick closet to make the most of the small space and gave the closet a mood color. We settled on wheat brown and when we read clay brown, the walls were a distinct shade of strong green. Of all the colors in our house, this one is a bit special because it’s not exactly the same as mud in real life (at least in our house).

Cabinet Color Trends: Goodbye Gray!

All colors vary from room to room, room to room and even hour to hour. I always recommend drawing a large section (24″x24″ square) on the stone slab to get an idea of ​​what the color of the room will look like. Place it against a white background to see the color tone and move it from wall to wall to see how the light dances throughout the day. Take a step like me

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