Amoeba Sisters Alleles And Genes Worksheet

Amoeba Sisters Alleles And Genes Worksheet – The characteristics are determined by the genes on the chromosomes. A gene is a piece of DNA that determines a condition.

Identical children – have identical genes – one from a female parent, one from a male parent Example: Humans have 46 or 23 pairs of chromosomes. A piece from the father – 23 pieces in one egg, a piece from the mother – 23 eggs

Amoeba Sisters Alleles And Genes Worksheet

Amoeba Sisters Alleles And Genes Worksheet

Gene for eye color (blue eyes) Homologous pair of chromosomes Gene for eye color (dark eyes) Alleles – different (possible) genes for the same trait – for example: blue eyes or brown eyes

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Known as the “Father of Genetics,” this Austrian monk was a high school math teacher. He used the chickpea plant to study genetics because it could handle pollution, it was easy to identify the characteristics, and it was easy to grow. Who wrote Gregor Mendel? Yes, please select again.

Principle of Segregation – Each parent carries two different alleles during reproduction. Principle of independent alleles – Different alleles are independent of other alleles. Inheritance of one trait does not affect the inheritance of other traits. The color of hair and eyes are independent. Principle of Dominance – Certain types of genes or traits dominate over other traits called Heredity. Receptive traits occur only in the absence of a dominant allele. Animals dominate without a plan.

A gene prevents other genes from ‘expressing’ – even if there is a dominant gene that does not ‘express’ – Receptive signals – Dominant gene – capital letters, e.g. T Gene Receptor – lower case, example t Primary color of the pigment

9 A mother can make alleles; Heterozygous – as before. Both eyes are dark or homozygous – different from other previous individuals. Black eyes and blue eyes

Date: February 29, 2016 Aim #57: How Are Traits Inherited? Hw: 1)human Fetus Development Lab Due Wednesday 2)human Phys. Unit 7a Packet Due Next Friday.

Example: right thumb is dominant to hitchhiker’s thumb T = right thumb t = hitchhiker’s thumb (Always use the same letters for the same allele – Sok = S = right, h = hitchhiker) Right thumb = TT Right thumb = Tt Hitchcock’s thumb = tt * A person must have 2 receptor alleles to “present”.


Used to predict the probability that a gene will be present in an offspring Example: A black cell (B) is more dominant than a white cell (b) in a mouse, male-female versus male-female. Black cells (B) White cells (b) Heterozygous male Homozygous recessive female White cells (b) White cells (b)

Amoeba Sisters Alleles And Genes Worksheet

First simple video 4 frames 2. If you make a mistake, this video can fix it. 3. Punnett Square

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Bb X Bb B b BB Bb bb B b Genotype ratio = 1 BB: 2 Bb: 1 bb 25% BB: 50% Bb: 25% bb Phenotype ratio = 3 black: 1 white 75% black: 25% white

Example: A black-eyed man (B) and a woman marry and have a blue-eyed child (b). What kind of men, women and children are they? Bb X Bb Male = Bb Female = Bb B b BB Bb bb B b

A cross containing 2 characteristics – Example of a hybrid cross: In a rabbit, black coat (B) is dominant over black (b), straight hair (H) is dominant (h). Cut 2 hybrid rabbits and give phenotypic measurements for the first generation. Possible combinations: BbHh X BbHh BH BH Bh Bh BH Bh Bh Bh BH BH BBHH BbHh BbHh BBhh Bbhh bbHH bbHh Bbhh Phenotypes – 9:3:3:1 9 black and straight 3 black and crooked black

Polygenic traits, or continuous traits, are controlled by two or more alleles. Since then. Hair color, eyes and skin, height, face shape, hand shape

Multiple Alleles And Co Dominance Principles Of

“Central Features” Codominance and Incomplete Dominance a) Birds can be blue, white or white with a blue flag. b) Flowers can be white, red or purple. c) Hoo can have curly hair, curly hair, or a combination of curly and curly hair. d) Shoes can be long, flat or short. e) Bleexo is available in white or black. From the list above, you can find out which symbols represent codominant and non-dominant traits. Codominant _____________ Completely dominant ________________

When one allele is not completely dominant over the other (they are mixed) – incomplete dominance Example: In carnations, the color red (R) is dominant over white (W). The color of the hybrid is red. Give the genotype and phenotype ratio of a cross between 2 black roses. RW X RW R W RR RW WW R W Genotype = RR: 2 RW: 1 WW Phenotype = 1 red: 2 red: 1 white

Example: In some chickens, white feathers and black feathers are codons. Heterozygous chickens have black and white feathers.

Amoeba Sisters Alleles And Genes Worksheet

Multiple Alleles (Amoeba Sister ABO Blood Type 3 or more alleles of the same gene that code for the same trait In humans, blood type is determined by 3 alleles – A, B and O BUT each person can inherit only the alleles dominant – A and B (codominance) receptor – O 2. Blood group – A = AA or AO B = BB or BO AB = AB O = OO

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Example: What are the possible blood types of children born to a type AB woman and a type O man? (Amoeba ABO Blood type AB X OO A B AO BO O O Children are only type A or B

24 Sex-Linked Traits This trait is located only on the X chromosome (not on the Y chromosome) X-linked alleles are always present in dominant or dominant males because males have only one X chromosome Amoeba brother .

22 pairs are identical (see identical) – called autosomes – 1 body type is determined by sex chromosomes – determines sex (male or female) Female – sex chromosomes are identical (see identical) – number XX Male – sex chromosomes are different – XY marker

Possible offspring – 2N Male match – N (one gene per sperm) Write the ratio as: Homozygous Genotype Ratio: Heterozygous: Homozygous Dominant Recessive Phenotype Ratio: Genotype Ratio = 2 Bb: 2 bb 50% Bb: 50% bb Phenotype ratio = 2 black: 2 white 50% black: 50% white

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Any chance it’s a girl? Are 50% of the children boys? 50% X X XX XY X Y Who determines the sex of the child? father

Colors – inability to distinguish the same colors See 58 (top left), 18 (top right), E (bottom left) and 17 (bottom right). Color blindness is the inability to distinguish colors. The most common form is red-green color blindness, where red and green appear as one color.

Example: A colored woman who has normal vision but is married to a man with normal vision. It gives its children the expected phenotypes. N = normal vision n = color vision XN Xn X XN Y ​​​​​​XN XNXN XNXn XNY XnY XN Y ​​​​​​Phenotype: 2 normal vision female 1 normal vision male 1 colored male

Amoeba Sisters Alleles And Genes Worksheet

31 Genealogy A chart showing the passage of traits from parent to parent, tips for creating a genealogy Female lines Males Horizontal lines connect male and female marriage Vertical and horizontal lines link parents in a circle A closed circle or square represents a person of character Circle or square NOT Represents a person without shadow trait Bearer of partial shadow – represents a person of the opposite sex for the trait

Lab 3 Mitosis And Meiosis

Example: Construct a family tree for the following couples. The calf is blind; her husband is not Jeff. He has two sons and two daughters. NOTE: Color variation is a sex-linked trait. XnXn XNY has attributes Can pass attributes

34 Mutation – unexpected mutation (change in DNA sequence) can be: Harmful mutation – life-threatening: genetic diseases, cancer, death Mutation – causes good living organisms: causes neutral genetic mutation – no. Beneficial or Harmful to organisms Mutations can be of two types: chromosomal mutations or gene/point mutations.

Image of individual chromosomes – karyotype amniotic fluid around the fetus is removed for analysis – amniocentesis woman with Down syndrome

It is less common than a genetic mutation that affects an entire chromosome, so it affects many genes rather than just one location.

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40 Having extra chromosomes kills animals, but makes them bigger and stronger in plants. harder

43 Example: Genetic mutation: sickle cell anemia – red blood cells are cells that are made instead of circulating and

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