An Active Tab Color Displays This Way In The Worksheet

An Active Tab Color Displays This Way In The Worksheet – One of the main contributions of Visual Studio 2022 is that it helps you customize Visual Studio so that you can code the way you want. We’ve added new features for added flexibility and engagement when working with your documents.

We’ve introduced a way to color code file tabs by project so you don’t have to search for your open files. It is also the most requested item in the developer community. Colored tabs can also be a useful organizational tool for people with learning differences or difficulty concentrating.

An Active Tab Color Displays This Way In The Worksheet

An Active Tab Color Displays This Way In The Worksheet

To enable colored tabs, go to Tools > Options > Tabs & Windows and select Colored Tabs. There is an option to color by project, and soon there will be an option to color by file type extension. Let us know what you think by creating a new suggestion ticket or voting on an existing one.

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Placing tabs on the left side gives you a quick, high-level view of your workspace, which can help improve your focus.

To enable this feature, right-click on any tab and select Set Tab Layout -> Place Tabs on Left Side. Alternatively, you can navigate to Tools > Options > Tabs & Windows to configure your tab settings.

We’ve heard from the developer community that many developers would like additional flexibility in tab management, as it’s an important part of your workflow. We’ve added additional options to bold your current active tab, change the tab width, and add an additional close button at the top of the document.

New document management features make Visual Studio more flexible for individual developers. We’re on our way to help developers like you make IDEs for you. Some other ways to customize Visual Studio include installing custom themes, converting VS Code themes to work in VS Code, or synchronizing your VS theme with a Windows theme. Try out the features and share your feedback with us in the developer community

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