Annoying Orange Coloring Pages

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Pear (best friend), passion fruit (possible girlfriend), dwarf apple, marshmallow, knife (as a character), grapefruit (one page), grapefruit postman, grandpa lemon, bad orange, most of the other guest characters (even then they are not there) . doesn’t always return the favor)

Annoying Orange Coloring Pages

Annoying Orange Coloring Pages

Apple, orange, orange, YouTube, grapefruit (one side), brother grapefruit, second cousin grapefruit, grandpa grapefruit, Fred Figglehorn, avocado (first seen), Frankenfruit, Halloweenie, Apple (Season 3), Liam the Leprechaun (O) ), coconut, apple (kitchen massacre)

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This article is about the main character of the series that we all know and love. For web series, look no further than The Real Pesky Orange.

Orange (also known as Annoying Orange or Real Annoying Orange, usually abbreviated as AO) is the main character of the series Annoying Orange and Annoying Orange in most episodes, as well as the main character of the series. Dane Boedigheimer, a Minnesota film student and director of investment at Gagfilms, is represented. Orange appeared in almost every episode of the series on Friday, October 9, 2009, which is her birthday. Orange has yellow teeth (although she whitens them in Orange After Dentist and Totally Dental), gray eyes, and a sly laugh. Episodes include bullying and annoying behavior by victims, often with adolescent behavior that includes teasing, teasing, puns, and puns. These actions often infuriate the other character to the point where they start yelling at the other character to “shut up”, only for Orange to warn of impending disaster: being dragged to death with a chef’s knife, blender, or other means. death. He has a very famous saying that he says after someone calls him something he doesn’t believe in: “No, I’m not. I’m orange!”. Boedigheimer describes the character as a complex person in his life: “everyone knows someone like him: silent, annoying, and also lovable.”

Orange is always depicted as an oppressive anthropomorphic orange. Annoying Orange is the main character of the series, although he was not always the main character in some episodes.

Orange is disliked by almost all the dying characters, as it constantly attacks it in many ways, for example spitting out seeds, mixing it with others, and making baby noises. In More Annoying Orange, another orange comes and really annoys Orange, which is the opposite of what it originally was.

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It is not known why oranges elicit pleasure from annoying people, but it is possible that all other oranges elicit pleasure. Another possibility is that he likes games and pranks and doesn’t care how annoying people are, reports Passion Fruit.

Currently a member of Banana Monocle, former host of Hungry Games and Fruitbowl XLVI, current frontman of Lords of Fruitbush, former singer and member of Puns n’ Roses, former Monarch of Earth. Orange and Yellow, ex-Jigsaw chef, special guest at VidCon, Daneco employee, ex-CEO Dr. Banán, former super patient, Passion Fruit secret agent, Passion Fruit’s future wife. and the father of a smaller orange, a former student of Sherleek Holmes, a detective (Dr. Strange Plum, in the further adventures of Sherleek Holmes and the Cereal Killer), a former member of the Fruit-Tang clan, a tribute to the Hungry. Fruits. Games, current spokesperson for Foodsplosion games, go-kart and goat racer, career member of the Midget Apple detectives, FVMS student, employee of DaneBurgers fast food chain, member of the Orange Party. (ald Trunk who replaced Don) and is the current owner of the Orangecraft server.

Orange is annoying, optimistic, dark, usually cheerful and honest, likes to write more annoying puns. He almost always confuses things because of their color. For example, Orange thought tomatoes were apples because they were both red, and pumpkins because they were orange. Despite being illuminated before, Passion claimed that Orange was colorblind. In fact, Orange is very kind and innocent at heart, because if someone really likes him, he will try to think of something he likes for a while. As revealed in More Annoying Orange, oranges are actually considered very mild for their kind, and are the most annoying thing most of the characters have ever encountered, probably because they’ve never met an orange. He’s probably just making puns to make himself feel better because he’s seen too many people torn apart and gets upset when one of his best friends gets stabbed. Darkness helps him get out of bad situations, as seen in The Annoying Saw. If you really hurt or hate someone, you will be annoying on purpose. When he sees someone die (usually from a knife cut), he usually looks horrified and sometimes screams, but if it’s someone he hates, he’ll laugh his paycheck off. Sometimes Orange shows his lack of education by mistaking one fruit for another, saying that one fruit is like what happened to the pumpkin (the orange thought the other orange was horrible). Orange’s innocent and playful nature has won him many friends and rivals.

Annoying Orange Coloring Pages

The orange grew on a farm next to Passion, but it was so annoying that the other fruits threw it out and threw it into the sky. He landed in the kitchen where he met some of his friends.

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The orange was put on the kitchen counter before the series and annoyed Apple for a while before the first episode was recorded. He knows and often confuses many fruits and vegetables, and some survive (much to his horror). He is Darda’s best friend because he usually doesn’t want to admit it. Later in the series, he meets Passion Fruit, who has feelings for him. Most of the time, Passion thinks of herself as a friend, but she also has strong feelings for him. Orange also met Grapefruit and immediately became hostile with his insulting and childish comments (such as Orange mistaking Grapefruit for a “chubby” orange). Grapefruit Orange annoyed him until he was stabbed (like many other characters in the series). The same thing happened a few months later when he met Grandpa Lemon. However, Orange was concerned about his advanced age-related hearing loss and sleep disturbance. Orange later met with Midget Apple, who was originally meant to complete the Crabapple episode joke. Since then, Narancs has been mocked several times for its size. A month and a half later, he met Marshmallow. He met her for the first time when he was tied up in his puzzle death trap. Jigsaw wanted Orange to be his apprentice and literally force him to kill Marshmallow. However, Jigsaw’s plan backfired when Orange got angry. Finally, Jigsaw gave up and left for a new profession, and Orange rescued Marshmallow from the death trap. On October 29, 2010, Pomelo returned to seek revenge on Orange as the host of a creature known as the Frankenfruit. However, Grapefruit’s attempt failed as most of the food used to make Frankenfruit was eaten by Halloweenie. However, Grandpa was one of the few foods left, along with lemons, pumpkins, and carrots. When Christmas night rolled around, Orange saw Pear kiss what he thought was a passion fruit. He was never born with Orange. However, since Orange is the main character of the series, it turns out in Wishful Thinking that it is an important part of many people’s lives. As of mid-2012, she, along with pears, dwarf apples, marshmallows, gorse, pomelo, apples, coconuts, and Santa Lemons live part-time at the fruit cart at Daneboe’s Grocery Market. This spawned the television series The High Fructose Adventures of the Pesky Orange. Today, oranges live in the kitchen, along with many other foods, objects and small or miniature organisms. He and his friends are often visited by new guests in the kitchen, usually injured or killed in some way. He and his friends now have their own YouTube channel where they can upload Let’s Plays and other videos of themselves. Recurring characters like Liam the leprechaun visit for a moment and still visit Daneboe’s fruit cart occasionally (at least until it was destroyed on March 17, 2014). However, his friend’s channels died one by one, and Midget Apple’s “Annoying Orange Gaming” became the main channel.

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