Baker Mayfield Coloring Page

Baker Mayfield Coloring Page – The Browns QB was expected to make a splash in 2019. Instead he retreated. If the skeptics who have always pushed for it return, could there be a return to strong form?

Was the next major team in the NFL? Or was Carson Wentz a future MVP? Or was Sean McVay the league’s next best mentor? Some NFL teams, players and coaches that have gained attention in recent seasons enter 2020 with modest expectations, but that doesn’t mean we should discount them.

Baker Mayfield Coloring Page

Baker Mayfield Coloring Page

, as we revisit some of the league’s biggest stories from past seasons that didn’t get as much love before this campaign.

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Baker Mayfield’s engine has always been running with grunt. He sorts and catalogs all the bad things he’s said about himself, and uses the lights as fuel. In high school, he didn’t get an offer from a top university program, so he went to Texas Tech and won the team’s starting job. At Texas Tech, he struggled to get a scholarship, so he transferred to Oklahoma and won his starting job there as well. At Oklahoma, he didn’t like the way Ohio State celebrated its 2016 win over the Sooners, so he went to Columbus the next year and planted a flag in Ohio Stadium after beating the Buckeyes. He once got angry with Kansas.

Mayfield took all the criticisms leveled at him — he’s too short, he’s too cocky, his arm doesn’t have enough strength — and laughed them off on his way to hoisting the Heisman Trophy and becoming one of the best statistical quarterbacks. in the world. College. While some dismissed his success as a product of football history coach Lincoln Riley’s system, Mayfield soared through drafts and was the #1.1 pick in the 2018 class. Mayfield was willing to say mistakes. Its fuel in question appeared to be a renewable energy source.

But over the past year, people have stopped doubting him. After Mayfield turned around a poor 2018 season for the Browns and set the NFL rookie record for touchdown passes, he silenced most of his critics. Then, in March 2019, Cleveland traded for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Suddenly, Mayfield’s success was no longer in doubt, but expected. The Browns entered the playoffs last fall as a hot pick; I predicted that Mayfield would be named the league’s MVP. After all, quarterbacks often make the jump in their second seasons; The last two MVPs were second-year quarterbacks, and it would have been three had Carson Wentz not been injured in 2017. What will Mayfield’s pitch look like after such a spectacular rookie effort?

Instead of a leap, however, Mayfield took a step back. The Browns went 6-10, just out of last place in the AFC North, as the Bengals went 2-14. (One of Cincinnati’s two wins was against Mayfield’s Browns; Baker had three picks in that game.) Mayfield is 31st out of 32 quarterbacks in passer rating, 36th out of 39 quarterbacks in Pro Football Focus-adjusted completion percentage and 27th. NET is configured. Beckham’s yards per attempt was the worst season of his career, the fewest yards per game and the third-lowest receiving percentage of any catcher with at least 50 receptions. Cleveland’s offense dropped from an average of 22.4 points per game to 20.9. Freddie Kitchens, the head coach the Browns hired before the 2019 season after Mayfield left for him, was fired after one season.

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Mayfield’s 2019 play showed signs of a quarterback lost in his own head. He looked nervous in the pocket for the first time in his career, forcing passes to Beckham and Jarvis Landry amid fears they weren’t getting enough targets. “I lost myself,” says Mayfield of the 2019 season. He admits he wasn’t in his best game form after gaining a few pounds. (The Browns agree.)

Derek Carr is running out of time to earn respect. Why we love the wrong NFL teams What will it take for Carson Wentz to join the NFL elite? Will Sean McVay have to learn more with less, and can Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon and David Johnson join the NFL’s elite?

The most intriguing aspect of Mayfield’s performance was the number of interceptions. He had 21 picks in 2019, which would have led the league in any other season, but finished second thanks to Jameis Winston’s virtuous interception campaign last fall. Mayfield had 21 combined picks in his three seasons at Oklahoma, matching his total last season alone for the Browns. He never threw three interceptions in any of his 40 games at Oklahoma; He did it in three games last year.

Baker Mayfield Coloring Page

At Oklahoma, Mayfield was the epitome of efficiency. Last year, he posted the highest passer efficiency rating in college football history. It was a record he broke

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From your first year. He set the record for yards per attempt (11.5), and his junior mark (11.1) was third behind Michael Vick’s 1999 season. We don’t usually associate prestigious quarterbacks effectively; When we hear about a QB with arrogance, we imagine a player ready to throw into double coverage, confident that he can thread the needle. But Mayfield’s confidence didn’t show in unnecessary pitches. He knew that on every play, sooner or later one of his receivers would get open and when he did, he would be very accurate in hitting him.

Now Mayfield is doing the least efficient thing possible: throwing the ball to the other team. So what are all these choices? Let’s take a look at all his interceptions in 2019 to find out:

Two things stand out in this build. The first is that many of them came on pitches to cover receivers, especially Landry and Beckham. They finished 10th and 15th, respectively, last season, but no other Browns player finished in the top 125. That approach did not work. While targeting Beckham and Landry, Mayfield recorded 10 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He said last November that Beckham should be “force-fed”; Beckham, meanwhile, complained that he had no part in Cleveland’s offense.

Another thing that stands out is how many Mayfield balls bounce in the hands of his catchers. By my count, eight of his picks are as follows, including some funny ones.

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This interception appears on Baker Mayfield’s stat line. But Antonio Callaway is the culprit here. Gotta get — NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) October 8, 2019

Mayfield was unlucky with those pitches, but we can’t act like his passes were perfect. Bid for Dontrell Hilliard withdrawn; The bid for Antonio Callaway — the funnest move I’ve ever seen — was low. While the Browns’ wide receivers need to do a better job catching the ball, Mayfield has been out of sync with many of his targets, including Beckham and Landry. Beckham should have caught the pass at a lower clip, but why couldn’t Mayfield, who was so accurate at Oklahoma, hit an open Beckham on a fast, bankable route?

None of this was a problem for Mayfield in college. At Oklahoma, Mayfield had great receivers: CeeDee Lamb and Hollywood Brown were first-round picks, while Dede Westbrook proved to be a quality NFL player but never forced a pass. He always believed that his men would be open and that he was good enough to catch the ball when they did.

Baker Mayfield Coloring Page

The strangest thing about Mayfield’s struggles in 2019 is that they almost always came from clean pockets. Pro Football Focus ranked Mayfield as an A

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A great quarterback with a clean pocket last season. Mayfield had 15 clean pocket interceptions — only three QBs in the PFF database threw more in a season. (One was Jameis Winston last year, one was Brett Favre in 2006, I love that stat, and Eli Manning did it three times in 2007, 2010 and 2013).

I think Mayfield is still the hyper-accuracy quarterback he was in college. His issues — a restlessness in clean pockets, a self-imposed insistence on getting the ball to his main targets, inconsistent connections to those targets — are inconsistent with who he was as a young man.

Perhaps Mayfield could not do without enemies. A career built on unmasking skeptics crumbled when skepticism was replaced by hype. The good news is that the haters are back. The Browns have re-positioned themselves in the imagination of football fans as a hopeless maelstrom of bad coaches and broken quarterbacks. Mayfield’s doubts fueled the engine once again with a full tank.

Better hope so. Because the other option is that those who found fault with Mayfield’s game were right.

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Baker Mayfield Coloring Page

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