Bakery Box Paint Color

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We recently decided to paint our house boho style. As you can see in the picture below, the bright and colorful house has a big “wow!” of green. Now don’t get me wrong, I love vintage characters! It is called “Emerald” by Sherwin Williams, which is a very rich emerald color. Green is not like what you usually see in a house, and it reminds me of many of my favorite rooms at The Jungalow. However, I have to say that the sunroom feels a little out of place compared to the other pastel blues on the walls elsewhere in our home. Green is very… complete. After toying with different ideas for a few months, we decided to change our minds.

Bakery Box Paint Color

Bakery Box Paint Color

But why change? One of the things I love about our house is that every room is bright and cheerful. We are not afraid of color; my thoughts are that decorating should be fun and color should be appreciated! So obviously we’re going to add some color to the room, even if we want to tone it down a bit.

Behr Bakery Box (bl W9) Vs Sherwin Williams Snowbound (sw 7004) Side By Side Comparison

In fact, I had never done this look in a room before and I was scared to try it. I have to tell you that after seeing the end result… I am

I was so happy! It’s a cool way to incorporate color into a room without making it overwhelming.

After trying many options, we ended up using the white color found in most of our house for the walls, Behr’s “Bakery Box”, and for the decoration we chose Behr’s “Green Aqua”. The “before” and “after” photos are below. I can’t wait to get all our furniture back in the house and fit. Be sure to check back soon for a full room display and more photos!

On Instagram, I get a lot of questions about my pots! (Yes, I know I’m a crazy plant lady, ha!) Here are all the available links and articles from the photo above: 3 Fox and Fern Planters + Matching Center Plant Stand + Via Home Depot terracotta pot + rattan houseplant stand .

Behr Pro 1 Gal. #bl W09 Bakery Box Eggshell Interior Paint Pr33001

Are you “Emerald” or “Green Aqua” team? Be sure to check out the full room showcase coming soon!

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