Banvie Car Alarm Wiring Diagram

Banvie Car Alarm Wiring Diagram – Keyless entry system ignition with a button to start the car engine. It is a simple and easy to use car alarm with finger motor start button, start-stop button and transmitter immobilizer. The RFID car engine starter is easy to install and use, and it’s easy to start and stop your car and run it at the same time. Currently, this item only works for DC12V vehicles. It is recommended to install a professional car alarm system. Features: 1. One button to start and stop the engine. 2. Open the Acoustics and Features control panel. 3. The host automatically shuts down after 30 seconds of idle time. 4. Comparable to a car alarm or keyless entry system. 5. Immobilizer with anti-theft function with protected card, if you do not press the start button, the system will automatically enter the protection mode after 15 seconds. 6. Block the RFID engine. In armed mode, when the key is close to the detection circle (about 2-5 cm), the system will beep Bi Bi, indicating that the system has been started. Otherwise, the start button will not work. ※7. Service mode. The ID can enter the service mode to avoid the immobilizer, so the user can directly start the engine without the need for ID. ※8. We learn to code. Mastercard can remove old IDs (if one card is lost), all old IDs will not work. then learn the card with the new code. Specifications: Material: ABS Color: Black Size: 10.5 * 8.5 * 3.2cm Voltage: 12V Package: 1 x Car Engine Starter 1 x Start-Stop Button 1 x RFID Sensor Ring 1 x Master Card 2 x RFID Key 1 x Wire Assembly 1 x User Manual Additional Similar Products (Sold Separately) Asin: B077ZP7FSD Electronic Hidden Car Lock.

BANVIE Car RFID Leather Key Push Engine Start Stop Button Switch, Keyless Go System with Leather Key

Banvie Car Alarm Wiring Diagram

Banvie Car Alarm Wiring Diagram

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Banvie Car Alarm Wiring Diagram

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Vehicle Wiring Installation: Late model Fords use the lighting control module to control the headlights, marker lights, dome lights, instrument panel lights, rear window defroster, and a few others. Gone are the days of 10 amp instrument lights with the side lights off. The LCM (Lighting Control Module) adds some nice features like automatically turning off the lights if the driver forgets to turn off the lights after stopping. On 98′ Crown Vics, the LCM has an ashtray and radio under the driver, the box is black and has three electrical wires. Connections related to lighting: Position light -> is the positive trigger of the LCM (ie 12 volts is used when the position light is on). Marker light behind LCM, W/BK wire color, light behind light can be assigned.

Door Trigger -> First I connected the BK/LB dome light wire to the positive input of the door trigger. But Crown Vics 1995+ have a ‘theatre dimming’ feature for the overhead lights, so they gradually dim within seconds of closing the door. It’s easier on the eyes and looks nice, but this feature broke my car alarm, so I decided to connect it directly to the open door. The open door is divided into two zones, one zone is the driver’s door, and the other is the front passenger and rear doors. I grabbed the driver side window and the passenger door switch behind the driver side dash. The driver’s lock is dark blue and the passenger’s is orange. Two diodes were used to isolate the gate and the combined input was connected to the negative trigger of the alarm.

If you have an alarm clock that monitors the rise and fall time of the cinema, it may be easier to connect the dome light to the right trigger input of the alarm instead of pushing two door opener wires. In the Civic model, you can press one of the lower cabin lamps that come on when you open the door. Most police cars don’t have these lights, so connect to the BK/LB connector on the LCM connector, or connect the wiring to the turn signal.

Banvie Car Alarm Wiring Diagram

Dome Light Control -> You can simulate opening one of the doors by connecting either the dark blue wire (driver’s door switch) or the BK/O wire (both front and rear driver’s doors) to the LCM. Another way is to wire the BK/LB dome light behind the LCM.

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Police ticket writing lights are much brighter than normal lights, so it was decided to use them to control the alarm system’s spherical lights. For this part of the project, I ran a new wire from the alarm control unit/transmission unit to the ticket writing lamp, connecting the wire behind the switch but in front of the lamp socket. Ticket lights use alternating current and require a lot of current to be wired.

At first, I used the application results as the only good source for a police record check.

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