Barbie Christmas Coloring Pages

Barbie Christmas Coloring Pages – The Barbie doll is a 29 cm dummy doll marketed by the American toy and game company Mattel. In a 1959 film created by American entrepreneur Ruth Handler, Barbie was inspired by the 1950s German doll model Bild Lili. Ruth Handler (born November 4, 1916; died April 27, 2002) was an American businesswoman who revolutionized the toy industry by creating the Barbie doll in 1959, named after her daughters Barbara and Ken. The boy’s name is Kenneth. Barbie is always very cute in clothes and accessories.

Kids love various educational coloring pages (numbers, letters, letters, shapes) as well as themes like superheroes, cartoons, animated movies, video games, characters (princesses, knights, pirates, robots, …). ).

Barbie Christmas Coloring Pages

Barbie Christmas Coloring Pages

We have a variety of fun coloring pages for everyone, for adults, anti-stress and relaxation. Not to mention our art therapy, the mandala, an art form that has been practiced for centuries and helps some people in crisis (pain, depression, disability). Cash in and zen with colors, period!

Barbie And Ken Coloring Pages. Download And Print Barbie And Ken Coloring Pages

But that’s not all, because we have many coloring pages that represent nature, animals, holidays and special situations, professions, sports, movies, transportation, buildings and architecture, works of art of great artists, food, countries, all kinds. , and much more to learn.

Get out the pens, color pencils and color life. Our slogan: Have fun and get beautiful colors!

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