Benjamin Moore Paint Color Cape May Cobblestone

Benjamin Moore Paint Color Cape May Cobblestone – When looking to decorate your home, a good place to start is the front door. A healthy dose of door color is a great and easy home update that will enhance your curb appeal. But which color to choose? I’ve shared the best colors for a front door, as well as favorite paint colors that are great options to help update your exterior facade.

Along with sharing my top paint picks below, I’ve included links to try out a swatch of each, so you can try out your favorite options in your own space before you fully commit. . SAMPLIZE sells 12″ x 12″ peel and stick paint samples to easily see what a paint color will look like at different times of the day, as lighting has a big effect on how the paint color looks. paint.

Benjamin Moore Paint Color Cape May Cobblestone

Benjamin Moore Paint Color Cape May Cobblestone

Never underestimate the power of a black door. Classic and bold, it can help update a dated front entry. Black can be used for all types of homes, with a traditional look underneath that contrasts perfectly with neutral exterior paint and trim colors and makes the door stand out even more. Two popular choices for classic black are Benjamin Moore’s MOPBOARD BLACK and JET BLACK. Consider gloss black for extra boldness, like Black Magic from Sherwin-Williams. And Benjamin Moore’s SOOT is a moody grey-black, rich, almost black hue that makes an impact on the front door.

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Painting the front door red might seem like a wacky color to think about, but when paired with the right palette, it looks timeless and really warms up the house. CALIENTE is an excellent choice for adding warmth and energy to the front door. A warm color like this pair is great for neutral outdoor homes. Benjamin Moore’s Heritage Red is both warm and vibrant.

Heritage Red is slightly brighter and makes an equally bold statement. If you want your home to stand out, this red color will do the trick. Look how awesome it looks with the white trim underneath and the dark gray exterior.

A muted earthy green is a good choice for a door because it reflects the natural surroundings. A color like Farrow & Ball’s LICHEN No.19 is a smart, subtle and sophisticated green choice with an underlying blue tone. And it also works well with other earth-toned exteriors like brick, as shown below. Benjamin Moore’s Luciburg Green is a similar shade.

If you want a less dramatic pop of color, choosing a soft neutral blue-gray like Benjamin Moore’s GREYHOUND is the perfect choice. Part blue, part grey, it offers an eye-pleasing green color and is a great alternative to standard grey. As you can see below, I also like the Sherwin-Williams SEA Salt as another nice gray-green option similar to Greyhound.

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A bold smoky gray blue paint color makes a great statement for the front door. Benjamin Moore’s Night Train is a great choice for that perfectly sophisticated blue tone. And Farrow & Ball’s OVAL ROOM BLUE No.85 is a slightly lighter shade for an overall brighter look.

Image credit: @news_from_elbie_mews, by Farrow & Ball | The front door is painted Oval Room Blue (Farrow & Ball)

Want to brighten up your front door? Try a coral-colored paint like CORAL SPICE from Benjamin Moore or LEI FLOWER from Sherwin-Williams which is less noisy and softer. For a more orange color, an alternative option is Persimmon from Sherwin-Williams, which comes in a deep peachy coral. All of this looks great in combination with browns and tans, and white makes everything stand out.

Benjamin Moore Paint Color Cape May Cobblestone

Sky blue is an exciting and eye-catching color that is exactly the vibe you want for the front of the house. Opt for a soothing blue tone like Breath of Fresh Air by Benjamin Moore and Billowy Breeze by Sherwin-Williams are two best choices for blue front doors. Each is a rich, deep light blue that makes a solid color choice for a front door.

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Navy is always a classic color choice. It is timeless and bold and can be used for a variety of home exteriors. Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy is a great choice for a bold, saturated navy blue. Much of Behr’s navy is a little light navy, but it looks great on a white exterior – see the look below. HAGUE BLUE No.30 from Farrow & Ball is another popular solid blue option. Its green undertones offer a different look from navy blue which is unique. And Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray is similar to HAGUE BLUE and is a very popular dark blue paint color. Depending on the exterior you pair it with, you can find variations in its boldness, as seen in the two different looks below.

A perfect green-blue color is a vibrant and inspiring color for a door. I love Benjamin Moore’s Blue and Farrow & Ball’s very similar Green Blue No.84 for colors that are perfect for adding a warm green-blue to the front door.

A good new approach to gray for a front door color is to choose a soft gray like Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray or Farrow & Ball’s Hardwick White, which gives the exterior of the front a clean, polished look. Another great option is Benjamin Moore’s CAPE MAY COBBLESTONE, which is slightly darker and looks great on a front door.

A cool blue gray color gives the front door a modern and classic look. I love UNCERTAIN GRAY from Sherwin-Williams and the same color Flint Smoke from Behr, a subtle cool blue gray.

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Try a dramatic gray with gray undertones like GRAVEL GRAY by Benjamin Moore and RAILINGS by Farrow & Ball, with blue undertones to soften each color. Another good choice is Iron Ore from Sherwin-Williams, which contrasts the shade but still helps provide a commanding entrance to the front door.

If you want to keep things neutral, you can always create an attractive front door with a perfectly neutral paint job. Choosing a beige shade like Farrow & Ball’s Stony Ground No.211 is a lovely beige color that gives warmth to the reds in it. And while it looks great on a white exterior, I love the look below which shows how great it looks next to a neutral stone exterior as well. A similar option is GRANT BEIGE from Benjamin Moore. And for a more dramatic look, Benjamin Moore’s TEXAS LEATHER is a classic dark beige that pairs perfectly with white exteriors.

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Benjamin Moore Paint Color Cape May Cobblestone

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means Liven Design may receive a small commission on your purchase at no cost to you. This is to support the blog and has no effect on my recommendations. While we love a bold exterior paint color, sometimes a house calls for something classic. That’s when we turn to shades like Benjamin Moore’s Cape May Cobblestone. It is a warm gray color that is timeless and exudes a desirable understated charm. In this paint color review, we’ll discuss technical paint details, give paint color matching ideas, and more.

Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone (1474) Vs Sherwin Williams Rare Gray (sw 6199) Side By Side Comparison

Choosing a paint color for your home’s exterior is easier said than done. Countless options are available, and various factors – setting, lighting, paint material – can affect how a particular color looks in a home. No need to worry though. Our expert team of virtual designers is here to help you make the best decision and find the color palette you love.

While Benjamin Moore calls Cape May cobblestones “gray”, we believe it to be a “gray” (grey-meets-beige) paint color. This is because of its warmth and because it has obvious brown tones.

Cape May Cobblestone has an LRV of 40.14, which is considered medium, and the shade reflects medium light and is safe to use indoors or outdoors. (Not familiar with LRV? Here we explain what it is and why it should be considered when choosing a paint color for your home.)

This shade is a true neutral, but it has slightly warmer tones that come alive throughout the day.

Cape May Cobblestone

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