Bill Nye Digestion Worksheet

Bill Nye Digestion Worksheet – Nutritional Difficulties and Concepts Test Bank 13th Edition Sizer and Whitney Chapter 6 – Proteins and Amino Acids

6 Explain why certain amino acids are important, not important or important for the human body in certain situations and explain how the body makes protein molecules.

Bill Nye Digestion Worksheet

Bill Nye Digestion Worksheet

6 State the roles different proteins and amino acids can play in the body and explain the effect of carbohydrates on amino acid metabolism.

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6 Calculate the daily protein requirement for an individual and discuss the concepts of nitrogen balance and protein quality.

6 Discuss the physical problems that can result from eating a diet that is too low or too high in protein.

6 Summarize the health benefits and nutritional red flags of a vegetarian diet and design a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet that meets all of the individual’s nutritional needs.

Adequate nutrition stimulates muscle building. 3. Some foods are so acidic that they have the ability to create acidity

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The system from overexertion. 5. When a person swallows a large dose of an amino acid, the rest is absorbed.

The type can be limited. 6. When needed, protein can maintain and satisfy blood sugar levels

The brain’s glucose needs. 7. Most healthy people can consume less than the recommended amount of protein

Bill Nye Digestion Worksheet

And still meet the body’s protein needs. 8. Without the essential amino acids to perform their functions, most of the organism’s life-

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Sustainability activities will be discontinued. 9. Eating too much protein-rich food is not beneficial and can be harmful to health

It is dangerous, especially for weak kidneys. 10. Each amino acid has its own chemical side chain that is connected in the middle

Coal in the spine. 11. The body will have the ability to make the necessary 20 amino acids from fragments

In the destruction of many types of invading foreign particles. 13. Growing children are in negative nitrogen balance because they need more

Bill Nye Digestion

Protein to grow blood, bones and muscle cells. 14. Legumes are a good source of protein, many B vitamins, iron and other minerals, making them an exceptionally nutritious food.

They are compatible with good health and can fulfill nutritional needs. 16. Vegetarians have significantly higher blood pressure levels than the general population. 17. Well-nourished vegetarian children develop in the same way as their meat-eating counterparts.

Those. 15. Binding intestinal cells that can live for months. 16. Redistribution of all old amino acids for storage in the body. 17. Release old amino acids left over from cell breakdown.

Bill Nye Digestion Worksheet

In the space between the cells. This is an example of how protein is used to: 15. Support growth and maintenance. 16. To build enzymes, hormones and other compounds.

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Given that a typical diet will contain protein: 23. mostly from animal sources. 24. Mainly from plant sources. 25. A combination of animal and vegetable sources. 26. Used with 100% effectiveness by everyone.

Acid in one food to compensate for a deficiency in another. 25. Supplement 26. Complete 27. High tryptophan

Poison? 42. Poisons affect the protein in milk more than the milk protein itself

Gastrointestinal tract. 43. Milk makes a person vomit and releases poison. 44. Milk provides calcium, which serves to neutralize harmful toxins. 45. A and B 46. B and C

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Acid supplements to help him rebuild muscle mass. What advice would you give him? 44. Amino acid supplements are the best way to give you quick energy

While recovering from illness. 46. ​​For recovery, you need excess carbohydrates, but never excess proteins. 47. Complete protein is better handled by the digestive system and will promote better recovery.

It is important to know that: 45. Protein is broken down into individual amino acids and absorbed by all cells in the intestine.

Bill Nye Digestion Worksheet

To the same extent. 46. ​​Large peptide molecules must be broken down completely into amino acids

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It is absorbed into the blood from the intestines. 47. The cells of the small intestine prefer to absorb different types of amino acids, such as

Causing competition for amino acids at absorption sites. 48. Amino acids need a carrier in the bloodstream because they are not transported well by themselves.

They are eaten because: 47. Each enzyme is responsible for many different chemical reactions. 48. An enzyme acts as a catalyst to speed up a reaction without changing itself. 49. Enzymes in certain organs react to changes in the body. 50. Some enzymes can be chemical messengers in the nervous system.

More muscle mass in the near future. How would you answer him? 53. That should be good because the cells will store the extra amino acids for later use. 54. If he has too many calories in his diet, he may gain fat weight from the altered protein. 55. Excess protein will be used for fat instead of carbohydrates. 56. The body cannot absorb excess proteins and it is excreted in faeces.

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To build new muscle tissue, what does its nitrogen status need to be? 59. Positive nitrogen balance 60. Negative nitrogen balance 61. Nitrogen balance 62. Nitrogen deficiency

From the available amino acids, except: 60. to receive non-essential amino acids that are not produced in the protein. 61. Find the amino acid found in the cell’s amino acid pool. 62. Decrease protein synthesis until inhibitory amino acids are available again. 63. Stick to semi-finished proteins until the diet supplies the missing amino acids.

Have you advised him of additional protein sources? 61. He made a good choice about protein supplements. 62. Adding garbanzo beans to a salad gives it the protein mix it needs. 63. Milk or cheese should be included in the diet, otherwise the protein is not enough. 64. He should not follow a vegetarian diet because it is not enough.

Bill Nye Digestion Worksheet

Ingredients: Soy Protein Concentrate Water for Water, Artificial Wheat Protein (Wheat Gluten, Wheat Starch Phosphate, Added Color), Wheat Fiber, Canola Oil, Soy Protein Isolate; Contains 2% or less of refined yeast extract, methylcellulose, salt, yeast extract, natural flavors from non-meat sources, tapioca dextrin, iris oil, spices, sunflower oil, wheat maltodextrin, dextrose, sunflower sesame oil, soy sauce (water, soy, wheat, salt), garlic powder, garlic powder, paprika, garlic water, coconut oil, citric acid. Contains ingredients of soy and wheat.

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It is a suitable substitute for meat because: 67. It contains synthesized wheat protein, which is a high quality protein. 68. Contains soy protein which is a high quality protein. 69. Provides a good source of carbohydrates. 70. Provides only a small amount of fiber.

Did they eat the chicken with the skin on? 69. Both foods have the same type of fat composition. 70. This product is high in cholesterol. 71. This product is full fat. 72. This product is low in saturated fat.

Support his decision? 72. A vegetarian diet contains heart-protective omega-3 fatty acids.

Heart disease 74. Replacing meat proteins with soy has led to a reduced risk of heart disease 75. Lung cancer is less common in people who eat a plant-based diet.

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Bone growth and development? 79. Whole grains for zinc 80. Walnuts for omega-3 fatty acids 81. Grapes for calcium 82. a and b 83. a and c

Body to maintain water and electrolyte balance. 3. Explain what happens when amino acids are supplied in excess in the diet. 4. Describe the factors that affect protein digestion. 5. Discuss the consequences of protein deficiency. 6. Discuss any known health risks associated with excessive protein intake. 7. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of legumes as a meat substitute. 8. Why do vegetarians have lower blood pressure than non-vegetarians? 9. Explain the connection between a vegetarian diet and the risk of colon cancer.

6.3 State the roles different proteins and amino acids can play in the body and explain

Bill Nye Digestion Worksheet

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