Black Spruce Paint Color

Black Spruce Paint Color – If you follow my Instagram stories, you probably already knew this post was coming. Last week, Robert said to me, “Hey! Let’s redo this kitchen real quick. The man knows my love language: makeup. Haha!

We were able to make some minor improvements, such as adding a pressed tile overlay to the ceiling to temporarily cover the existing tile, which wasn’t our style. We have bigger plans for this area for several years, including the destruction of the wall. (YES! Skip the hammer.)

Black Spruce Paint Color

Black Spruce Paint Color

But for now, we’re all thinking about a little idea for a nice coat of paint.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas That Outshine Classic White

The existing granite counter top is gray with a hint of green, so to make it work I realized that bright green kitchen cabinets are huge right now! GREAT! And I’ve been talking about it lately.

We are now starting to paint the lower cabinets a deep green to break up all the neutrals and tie this space in with the other tall rooms in our house.

So while we’re on the hunt for the perfect green color for our kitchen, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite green kitchens and checked out all the paint colors if you’re just a fan of green cabinets. green kitchens.

For now, you can check out all the progress we’ve made on our cabinets in my Highlights section of Instagram Stories (with tips on how to paint cabinets like a pro if that’s on your local development to-do list).

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