Bp Automotive Wiring Diagram

Bp Automotive Wiring Diagram – Are you a gearhead yourself? On a tight budget? Right! We have a complete motor control fuse and relay panel with installation instructions! True ohm quality TXL wire for use with Delphi components! That’s all you need to convert your factory straps to stand alone! This item is not intended for those with little or no wiring experience You must have sufficient wiring experience to properly install this item and keep the wire alone. As you can see, it is labeled and comes with a general installation guide! 12-circuit fuse block with 10 fuses, fuel pump relay, two fan relays, A/C compressor relay, and ignition relay, with a label on the inside covers for the location of each relay and fuse. We also include an OBD II diagnostic port and engine winding tape This kit works for GM belts from TPI to LS9! This DIY kit will work as a factory conversion for the following engines, it will work on other engines but include LT1, 5.7 Vortec, LS1, LS2, LS3, LSA, LS9, 08-14 Vortec engines, and 99-07 4.8 5.3 6.0.

The fan relay is fused at 30 amps and cannot be fused for high amperage. If you’ve bought a cooling fan, keep this in mind You can also buy blank relay kits and fused sealed relay kits for 40 amps. Blank Essential DIY Part #1010 Relay Kit Part #SRK-001

Bp Automotive Wiring Diagram

Bp Automotive Wiring Diagram

Wireframes not included! This is a DIY kit sold with the understanding that the buyer has a working knowledge of the GM fuel injection system. I’m really disappointed I installed a new one as well as a standalone wire connecting the fuse and relay panel Following all the instructions below I connected all the wires I wanted to use The fuel pump won’t prime when I turn the key

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First, can you run a hot wire to the fuel pump and start it? I mean the wire from the fuel pump relay to the pump and not at the pump? If yes, is there power to the fuel pump relay with the ON key? Does the relay go to ground when the key is “ON”? Usually the problem is not the ground wire, but you may have a relay power problem or a bad relay.

I didn’t pull the baton and try to go around it From what I read online I jump rope from 30 to 87?

Yes, bridge bypass relays 30 through 87 have low amp switch functions (85, 86). 30 Always check it’s hot, it should be

1) Jumped the fuel pump socket from 30 to 87 and the fuel pump worked fine. My custom regulator was 60 psi

L60e To 4l80e Transmission Plug And Play Adapter Harness Ls Swap

3) All fuses checked No voltage to PCM IGN, sensor, bank 1 and bank 2 fuses with ignition off. All fuses are energized when the ignition is on

4) Disconnect the ignition wire from the start/start source and apply direct 12v Ensure voltage across all fuses Jump the sockets and test the fuel pump and fan again

Edit: Does the ECU not respond at all if the VAT is not disabled? I thought it would start normally but let the engine run for a few seconds Just a thought

Bp Automotive Wiring Diagram

Pull the fuel pump relay and make sure you get 12 volts at 85 or 86 when you first turn the key (people do them differently from time to time) and make sure the other one is on ground.

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If you look at the wires under the relay, the wire you’re looking for is 85 or 86, which is usually dark green.

OK, I’ll try that I can remove the bottom of the fuse box and flip it over to see the wires

I’m not sure if I’m following, but here is the fuse box with the wires, the Blue Arrow points to the cover in question

Did you notice that the other two wires have metal clips? There is another way to attach the cover as shown by the arrow… I wonder how it slides into the base since it doesn’t have a metal clip like the others…

Ford C Max Mk2 Rear Pdc Wiring Harness Av6t 15k868 Aae 1743012 New Genuine

I’ll post a solution in this thread for anyone who might be having the same problem

A few hours later and several phone calls later I was told to check the following wires at the track 73 ECM connector. Special thanks to lt1swap.com for the really good info on the ls swap wire

So I applied power to the pin and the ECU woke up, throttle body, fuel pump and engine started. It didn’t work properly, but it started

Bp Automotive Wiring Diagram

Since the wiring is so deep in the system, I didn’t want to remove it to see where the problem was, so I took the wire from the end of the wire and clamped it to the back of the ECM connector. Replace the power on the same pin No other problems

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Another example of why I’m spending $1400 and making my own money So far, I’ll admit it’s time consuming, but I’m not stuck with some aftermarket cookie cutter with a crappy relay and fuse center. Glad you figured it out…

Yeah, I didn’t want to learn the wire, but now that I have, I’ll probably do it myself next time

Thanks for bringing this up I’ve been having o2 problems for the last year and found out there was a fuse block in my own column that I hadn’t checked.

I’m going to redo the harness to run the 99+ harness I think I need to check the fuse first……

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Please send it back as I have the same problem Fuel pump relay not getting 12v on 85 ground 86 check the following pins as mentioned earlier in this chapter and they all match below

4) I checked the operation by applying power to pin 73 ground (ie) directly to the fuel pump. 2006 LQ4, harnesses in lsxharness Human factory ECM programming with LT1swap Fuel pump won’t turn with key when cranking engine ECM has power as I can connect it to scan tool Where am I missing to check further any help appreciated

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Bp Automotive Wiring Diagram

Our Vertec timing belts are designed to fit these new GM EFI engines to your vehicle, whatever it is. This switch is specific to 1999-2006 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0 engines with common RPO codes LM4, L59, LM7, LQ4 and LQ9. This custom belt is designed for use with a drive-by-wire (electronic) throttle body, EV1 injectors, and a 4L60e transmission.

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Our LS swap harnesses also require the removal of the VAT and emissions system from the PCM This wire requires the use of blue and green PCM service number P59, which can be purchased from BP Automotive. This application uses electronic automatic transmission applications that require a double pole brake switch to control the converter lockup. It can also be purchased by selecting Yes from the drop-down list when purchasing a harness from BP Automobile.

This harness is for pre-production vehicles or off-road use only This unit does not have provisions for EGR, AIR, EVAP or rear O2 sensors We can add them for an extra charge, but in most cases they are not needed Wiring will take time if emissions are required

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