Charcoal Slate Paint Color

Charcoal Slate Paint Color – I thought of Halloween to share my favorite black paint color. Using black on Halloween is scary, but it doesn’t have to be in your home every day. Black is an accent color that can add a nice contrast to the dark black items in your home.

Many people avoid using dark colors in their homes. But when done right, it can give you a fresh and stylish modern look. More on modern farmhouse design.

Charcoal Slate Paint Color

Charcoal Slate Paint Color

If you haven’t considered black paint, there are several areas of your home that are good places to start. Some of these areas include interior and exterior doors, kitchen cabinets, islands, accent walls, trim, and even entire rooms if you have the right lighting.

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I love bright white spaces and I usually go for white paint colors that I like and feel true to. But the designer in me loves creating these dark spaces. There is something timeless and familiar about a place with traditional prints painted in black.

This is a style I discovered through many customer experiences. Today I want to share my favorite shades of black paint so you can keep this look in your home.

If black scares you a little, Kendall Charcoal is a great color to start with. This is one of my favorite colors to use on walls when you want to add drama. It is a deep charcoal gray. Kendall will say charcoal words, but they won’t be as serious as real blacks. It is very flexible and makes it neutral. Meaning it works well with other brands.

Iron Mountain is a warm black with brown undertones and many tones of natural light. This color is great for interior doors and trim, but it can also be used as walls. It is a rich color but not too dark.

Hc 178 Charcoal Slate

Gray is a beautiful charcoal color that is slightly softer than true black. I have used this color on the walls for my clients and it is amazing. It strikes the perfect balance between warm and cool tones and adds drama to any space.

Raccoon fur is another dark color with blue undertones. It’s a bold color that looks great on walls and kitchen cabinets.

The Witching Hour is a cool black with blue accents. Because of its blue hue, this bold color looks great outdoors and on a plain wall. It goes well with the white background.

Charcoal Slate Paint Color

If I had to pick a favorite black color, it would be Rot Iron. It’s a soft, understated shade of black paint for trim, doors, and cabinets. It has some warmth compared to true black.

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Cheating Heart is a very dark almost black color. It works well with kitchen cabinets and built-ins. So cute with a white table.

Soot is a warm black color. It is suitable for interior walls and will make your room cool and stunning.

Onyx is a very dark and soft black color. If you’re looking for drama this is your kind of black paint. This is the darkest of all my suggestions.

When it comes to black paint, or any color of paint, I highly recommend getting a sample. The way it looks on the internet, in the store, even at your friend’s house can be very different from how it looks in your home. Colors may vary slightly due to natural light, artificial light and existing decorations in your home.

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I recommend picking up a set of crayons (small paper color cards) from the paint store and taking them home. Look through your space and narrow it down to three colors that you like. Then you get a sample of the actual color of that color. Looking at your home’s paint colors first can help narrow down your options and save you money. Let’s add those little paint cans.

The next step can be done in one of three ways. If you don’t care about the paint pattern on your walls, you can paint 3 colors of your choice in different places in your room. A better option is to order larger samples from the sample.

Samples is an online retailer that offers peel and stick paint samples in real paint colors. This allows you to see what color looks best without damaging your walls. You can save all the cans of paint without cleaning and ruining it.

Charcoal Slate Paint Color

Another option is to draw a pattern on a large foam board and move it around your space. The point is to see the colors that appear at different times of the day and in different light.

The Best Home Decor Paint Colors: Kendall Charcoal

Lighting is very important when choosing paint colors. Make sure you look at the color at different times of the day, in both natural and artificial light. You will be surprised how different colors appear depending on the light.

I hope you all enjoyed this black paint color guide and it inspires you to have a little fun with your interior. As always, thanks so much for stopping by this blog. ❤Formerly known as Charcoal Slate PM-8. This color is part of the collection of historical colors. Our signature palette features a proud collection of 191 colors. Steeped in tradition, Historic’s rich and vibrant colors offer timeless hues that can be used in both traditional and contemporary environments. Unveiled in 1976 to celebrate the US Bicentennial, these colors are inspired by American classics.

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Charcoal Slate Paint Color

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Charcoal Slate (hc 178)

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Charcoal Slate Paint Color

Gloss and gloss range from low to high gloss. Different types of sheen can also affect the appearance of colors

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