Church Core Values Worksheet

Church Core Values Worksheet – Congregants who don’t like the change — they’ll complain if songs are played at a new tempo — have heard comments that online worship is “too loud.”

I’ve seen a huge shift in churches from always doing things to being true to their neighbors and feeding people as safely as possible.

Church Core Values Worksheet

Church Core Values Worksheet

We need to throw out the old joke about Lutherans changing light bulbs – it’s not true! God is doing something new and you see it! You’re listening! And you should join!

Core Values Worksheet

We started this conversation a week ago and three of you took the time to add to our conversation! Thank you!! Let’s continue. Spend some time with the chart below and let it inspire you to see and hear what God is doing in your church. What do you see? I invite you to step back and think. What did you see, you ask?

What have you noticed about your congregation’s response during this time of Covid-19? What did you see and hear in the meeting?

After shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted, what opportunities might God open up if you guide your congregation through the core values ​​or behaviors expressed in response to COVID-19?

Below are examples of everyone’s contributions this past week. The workbook brings together our thoughts on three important church relationships: loving God, loving one another, and loving our neighbor.

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Jesus gives us ears to hear and eyes to see. Let’s use them to see where God is working in this time of Covid-19. There is grief and loss, there is creativity and joy. I am amazed at the new ways our congregation expresses its faith. God is doing a new thing through you! I know you can see, so let me put it into words.

I invite you to step back and think. What did you see, you ask? I have created the worksheet below to guide your reflection. First question:

The examples I give below are real – I didn’t make them up! This is what I have seen and heard, and I think it makes sense for God’s church to build on these things! This worksheet will help you organize your thoughts on three important church relationships: loving God, loving one another, and loving your neighbor. Below are the tools for use in Returning to Integrity. We hope you will revisit this tools page to discover an ever-growing source of inspiring tools and best practices to improve the work you do in your organization. We’d love to hear about your company’s journey…and appreciate learning and sharing the tools and techniques you’re developing. Email John directly at [email protected] to share your thoughts.

Church Core Values Worksheet

Over the years, I have asked my listeners to think of words that describe their core values. This brainstorming list of core values ​​is a compilation of what participants shared. The beginning of their process was digging beyond their behaviors, wants and needs to what their core values ​​were. Typically, many of the ideas from their initial brainstorming represent ideal behaviors, some of which are needs and some of which are wants. and some core values. A blank sheet of paper is the best place to start. However, with their mutual consent, I am providing this list as a tool for your consideration only. This is where the digging begins!

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Flow is important. Values ​​should drive needs, desires and behaviors. There is no other way. Without distinguishing between unique differences in behaviors, preferences, needs, core values, and organizational characteristics, we can be counterproductive. This worksheet is simple in design and uses the flexibility of EXCEL worksheets to let you “move things around” as you dig deeper. As you use this tool, you may find it helpful to revisit pages 63-75 of Honesty Returns: A Personal. Even more mistakes are portals to discovery. The page you are looking for may not exist. Continue your journey by clicking the link above or visiting our home page.

“Catholic schools are a big part of my life. I’ve attended Regis Catholic Schools since pre-school and I can’t imagine getting an education anywhere else. Teachers can incorporate the moral truths of the Church into their daily curriculum. Religious classes or not. Every lesson Before, we pray at school with our teams before sports events. I’m really thankful that my parents let me go to school to focus on education.”

“I love that my Catholic school emphasizes the importance of faith, education and core values ​​to make me successful. The emphasis on religion makes me a better person and more aware of what I need to do to do God’s will.”

“I love going to Regis Catholic School because everyone supports each other. You get to know everyone and make friends with them. Regis has had a positive impact on my life.

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“I like my school because I learn a lot about God and I like going to church with my classmates. Going to a Catholic school makes me a good student because I have to take exams and I am proud to learn them well.”

“Regis Catholic Schools has impacted my life by teaching me how to be a well-rounded and hard-working person. My favorite thing about Regis is the community. I love spending time with my friends and playing with them!”

“Studying at Reg has helped me in so many ways! I love that my school is so small and it gives me the ability to play sports. I’m glad I get to know all the teachers too. My school is full of great people. Great kids. And helpful people!”

Church Core Values Worksheet

Regis’ motto “Learn today, lead tomorrow” could not be more true. My success today is largely due to the academic and athletic programs at Regis.”

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“Attending a Catholic school made me a better Catholic by helping me learn and grow in my faith in an accepting, caring environment. Through Regis, I learned many values ​​and morals that I use every day. ‘Learning today, leading tomorrow’ describes Regis perfectly. does.” They teach them how to be leaders in the community and in their classrooms.”

“It’s worth it to us to sacrifice financially for our kids to be here, because honestly, we don’t feel like it’s a sacrifice. We feel like it’s an investment in their future.”

“Teaching is my vocation. I feel God has called me to teach. I feel the strong faith-based education we provide is important for students of all ages and grades.”

“Focusing on service and helping others has helped me grow as a person, and I think my classes have allowed me to learn more than I ever could in public school.”

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“The values ​​I learned at Regis will stay with you for the rest of your life; values ​​like treating people with respect and working hard to achieve your goals. These are the values ​​that lead to success in life.”

Regis Catholic Schools is dedicated to educating people of all faiths in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment. 1 Self-Directed Core Values ​​Assessment We are united by our core values. Ethical leadership defines us as knowing our core values ​​and acting courageously for the common good. This exercise will help you clarify your core values. It’s a challenging exercise that makes more sense if you do it quietly and alone. In the process, you will identify the values ​​that are most important to you. To do this, you need to remove something from the list. This does not mean giving up your valuables. The people you define as important will always be important. The narrowing process will help you identify your core values. Consider your inner dialogue when choosing. Your process will reveal interesting facts about you. Thank you for your interest in values ​​and ethical leadership. Instructions 1. Check the values ​​on the assessment worksheet. The statement below contains an empty string. Use these lines to add values ​​that are important to you but not listed. 2. Put an asterisk next to the words that are most important to you, including the words you added. It will happen

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