Coloring Pages Stranger Things

Coloring Pages Stranger Things – The first season of the series “Stranger Things” was released in 2016 and quickly became one of the most successful projects of Netflix. The American sci-fi horror series created by the Duffers brothers quickly became popular. The fear of youth was not only popular with them, but also with older viewers, the wonderful atmosphere of the 80s, the nostalgia of old science fiction films

A mystery thriller tells the story of the small town of Hawkins About its inhabitants and the secrets they keep Teenagers hunting monsters An unknown girl with supernatural powers A strange laboratory where they conduct mysterious experiments Parallel worlds and more The writers seem to suggest in every scene: “Well, remember how we were in all those years. We never dreamed of amazing possibilities and adventures. “Many are still dreaming.” And don’t stop dreaming because of a series like this

Coloring Pages Stranger Things

Coloring Pages Stranger Things

You can enter a fantasy world while painting the unknown, and get to know the main characters To do this, you need to open, download and print the picture you like – hit

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Demogorgon has no face, his head is in the shape of a carnivorous flower and his arms are very long.

Eleven is one of the main characters in the series A girl named Jane, who spent her childhood behind the walls of a secret laboratory, where there are mind control experiments instead of play.

Eleven is an intelligent heroine of Stranger Things She can drive trucks​​​​with the power of imagination, travel in different realities

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