Conjugate Acids And Bases Worksheet

Conjugate Acids And Bases Worksheet – 4.2: p.1, p.2, p.3, p.4, p.5, p.6 4.3: p.1, p.2 4.4: p.1, p.2, p.3, p. 4 4.5: p.1, p.2, p.3 4.6: p.1, p.2, p.3, p.4, p.5, p.6 4.7: p.1, p. . .3 Workbook spaces: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

Acids/bases leaflet – Acids/Blank Leaflet.p.7, p.7pdf, p.8, p.9, p.9pdf, p.10, p.10pdf, p.11, p.11pdf, d. p.12pdf, p.13, p.13pdf, p.14, p.14pdf, p.15, p.15pdf, p. 16, p. 18-20, p. 21, p.21pdf See Resources 1) Arrhenius Theory 2) Neutrality Equation 3) Neutralization Equations, Net and Net Ionic Equations 4) Bronsted-Lowry Theory 5) Acid-Base Equilibrium – Example 1 6) Acid and Base Conjugation 7) Using Acid Bases – Example 2 (Zwitterions) 8) Strong Acids and Bases 9) Weak Acids 10) Weak Bases 11. Acid Bases Using Acid Equilibrium 12) Ionization of Water 13) How Temperature Affects Ionization of Water 14) Water in Acidity and Ionization in Alkaline Solutions 15) Numbers in which water is at least 25C – Example 1 16) Operations with water at least 25C – Example 2 17) Introduction to Ka of weak acids 18) Introduction to weak bases Kb 19) What. Kb represents the conjugate base with the strongest acid? 20) pH and hydronium ion concentration 21) Solution pH and relative acidity 22) Dilution problems with pH 23) pOH and hydroxide ion concentration 24) Introduction to the use of [H3O+], pH and pOH 25) [H3O+. ], [OH-], pH, pOH calculation – gr 1 26) [H3O+], [OH-], pH, pOH calculation – gr 2 27) Effect of temperature on pH, pOH, pKw and neutrality 28) Dry work – calculate [OH- ] in strong acids – retrieved from D. Colgur’s site 29) Mixtures of strong acids and bases 30) Calculate mixtures of strong acids and bases – Example 1 31) Ro -define Ka of weak acids 32) Ka at pH and percentage of ionization 33) Concentration of acids pH & to KA 34) pH & Ka to concentration of original acids 35 35) Weak bases Kb introduce pH) Find pH of weak bases 37 39) Weak acids pH Find ionic 42) Anionic Hydrolysis 43) Salt Hydrolysis 44) Zwitterionic Hydrolysis 45) King’s Work with Acid-Base Equilibria – Example 3 (Salt)

Conjugate Acids And Bases Worksheet

Conjugate Acids And Bases Worksheet

46) Acid-base titrations Part 1 – Finding unknown concentrations of acids 47) Acid-base measurements Part 2 – Determination of the percentage composition of vinegar 48) Calculation of strong acid and measurement of strong base – gr.

Acid Base Ph Practice

49) Strong acid and strong base titration curves 55) Strong acid and weak base titration curves 56) Strong acid and strong base titration curves

60) Buffer Solutions – Definitions and Preparation 61) Buffer Solutions – How do they work? Part 1 (Adding acid) 62) Buffer solutions – how do they work? Part II (Adding the Foundation)

Tutorials 14 Acids/Base Notes Tutorial 14 Acids/Bases Key Buffers and pH, pdf Lab: Properties of Acids and Bases, Key, pdf Hydrolysis Lab Report, pdf Titration Results Titration Curves Plot, pdf Acids/Bases Kemtec Lab Ka/Kb , Lab Activity Key 20B: Bronsted Acid-Lowry Base Equilibria, Key Section Tests, Topics, pdf Multiple Choice Questions: doc pdf Long Answer Questions: doc pdf Study Guide, pdf

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