Constitution Usa Episode 3 Worksheet Answer Key

Constitution Usa Episode 3 Worksheet Answer Key – Below is a SHORT compilation of the different versions of each quiz, with additional questions at the end. The questions on the list are not numbered with any key, just in the order in which I wrote them. You can find trial versions next to each trial name. Any corrections can be sent to me by e-mail or in the facebook group. The document is locked to maintain integrity and ensure that all information is complete. email: [email protected]

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Constitution Usa Episode 3 Worksheet Answer Key

Constitution Usa Episode 3 Worksheet Answer Key

10 orders to pass a legislative plan into law, the president a. can often get congress to accept his ideas b. must work with congress to pass c. rarely achieves goals d. go directly to the people and get their policies accepted e.neither one of these

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D. most casual voters e. are often younger and more loyal than non-voters

18 unofficial rules that say the president’s party can’t endorse candidates in the Senate or state without the approval of the state’s senior senator? A. given by the senator b. denied by the senator c. state senate committee instruction d. senatorial veto e. senate confirmation rule

19 Researcher Martin Grodzins rejects the theory of dual sovereignty, which sees the levels of government as separate and independent “layered cakes”. Instead, he developed a theory of interdependent forces. marble cake b. brown ch. cheese d. cake e. coffee cake

Over the course of 20 lectures, we discussed what could be considered a “simple” problem. What is this problem? A. abortion b. loose monetary policy c. defense spending d. national free trade agreement e. Texas school funding

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21 of these people are currently the House Majority Whip? A. Nancy Pelosi b. Bernie Sanders c. Mitt McConnell d. Steny Hoyer e. none of these

22 One of these is in Adler, Scott, Gent and Overmeyer’s article The Home Page? A. Congressmen did not use the Internet in 1997 b. By 1997, many Democrats and Republicans did not maintain a home page. Even though congressmen represent districts that are unlikely to be computer literate, they must “sign in” and create a website for their campaign. Expansionists are more likely to make headlines than conservative members of Congress. In the early days of the Internet, members of the House of Representatives did not have time to communicate politically and express their home style.

23 Does the congressional process hinder the masses? A. building coalitions with multiple winners in multiple subcommittees b. the actions of minorities who control only one step of the process can block c. the potential masses decide not to act and weigh the costs of overcoming all the obstacles

Constitution Usa Episode 3 Worksheet Answer Key

24 Formal constitutional control of judicial review by the Supreme Court? A. legal control b. leave the decision making to the decision maker c. impossibility d. impeachment e. the right to amend the constitution

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The 25 doctrines that state that both states and national governments are sovereign in their own spheres are called a. prerogative b. dual sovereignty c. into cooperative federalism d. for nullification e. multiple sovereignty.

The 26 committees of both houses of Congress are called ________ committees. A. Select b. Biased c. Joint d. Stop e. Biased

27 Does Congress consult on the power of the President? A. Congress has not revised the president’s authority to recommend b. the designation “advice and consent of the Senate” c. the ability of Congress to override Senate and House vetoes d. impeachment power congress e.only congress can take action

Why 28 Variations on Creating and Using Congressional Home Pages Offer Useful Places When the Internet Is Adopted A. elections in congressional elections b. analyzing options for interest groups to appeal to members of Congress c. PACs to raise support without spending money on presidential campaigns d. . remove free question e. explore theories related to changing communication and home styles of legislators

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Was it created as a result of the September 29th attacks? A. Homeland Security Coordinator b. Director of Homeland Security c. Homeland Security Agency d. Department of Homeland Security e. none of these

30 39 statistical, appeal and trial judges. appoint b. appointed by the state legislature

A. Governmental power rests with one person or a group of people. power is inherited c. government is useless d. power is shared by all citizens e. power is with a small group

Constitution Usa Episode 3 Worksheet Answer Key

38 help to slow down the bureaucracy? A. too few managers b. standardized procedures c. too much money d. impossible expectations e. none of the above

Analyzing U.s. Involvement In The Vietnam War

39 commerce clause, federal government a. interstate commerce b. no commercial activity other than manufacturing; c. all trade d. internal trade e. special commercial activities listed in the constitution

According to a 2010 poll, what do whites, blacks, and Latinos value equally at age 40? A. free market system b. elimination of poverty c. limited government d. strong work ethic e. gender equality

A federal judge in Florida has declared recent health care laws unconstitutional. On what grounds did he declare the law unconstitutional? A. Violates the First Amendment b. Violates the 13th Amendment c. Violates trading rules d. Violates federal regulations e. Violates consumer rule

42 Discussion of the Texas Constitution Have we shown that the Constitution provides for organization, work, limitations, and what? A. simplicity b. legality c. discussion d. discussion e. pressure

Meidai’s Repeta Lecture May 23 On Ldp’s Likely Constitutional Reforms: Deletes Fundamental Guarantee Of Human Rights, Shifts From “rights” To “duties” & Prioritizes “public Order”

Does the regulatory doctrine 43 perspectives matter? A. legal precedents that guide the decisions of other judges b. without it we would have no laws c. gives courts a lot of latitude in interpreting the law d. does not allow for flexibility of interpretation e. determines the number of Supreme Court justices

Isn’t 44 the government’s primary task? A. coercion of citizens b. regulation of social and economic relations c. protect the country from foreign invasion d. to provide services e. to protect citizens from illegal activities

45 Huntington argued that for three centuries “race was central to the American national identity” and more specifically _____ a. Americans did not distinguish between different races, but had a neutral and judgmental view of the “other” b. There will come a day when ‘black will not ask back, brown can grab, yellow will, red can come forward, man; when the white embraces what is right” c. Americans were white, blacks were enslaved (and then humiliated and then removed), Asians were removed, Native Americans were slaughtered and moved to reservations. During these three centuries, Americans considered themselves multilateral and multinational. Americans could no longer live in America

Constitution Usa Episode 3 Worksheet Answer Key

46 Barack Obama wants to appoint Roger Dodger as head of PEA. Which of these individuals should he turn to for approval to nominate Roger Dodger to head the EPA, given the senator’s courtesy? A. Kay Bailey Hutchison n. John Cornyn c. David Dewhurst d. A and B e. none of these

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What constitutions are called the 47 constitutions that describe the main functions of government? A. Legal constitution b. Legal constitution c. Legislative Act d. The ideal constitution e. The Constitution of the Republic

Which of the following 48 states has not recently become majority immigrant? A. California b. Washington c. Texas d. New Jersey e. Illinois

49 Does the president fulfill his constitutional duty to enforce the law? A. by managing the federal budget b. by creating departments c. by establishing regulatory bodies d. controlling the federal bureaucracy e. setting legal precedents with the help of the Supreme Court

The commerce clause states that the federal government a. all commerce b. interstate commerce c. domestic trade d. special commercial activities listed in the constitution e. no commercial activity other than manufacturing

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Is it beneficial for Congress to advise the President in power? Red a. The ability of Congress to override a veto with a 2/3 majority of the Senate and House of Representatives b. The impeachment power of Congress c. Congress does not check the president’s power to advise D. Senate appointments & quot; subject to advice and consent” e. Only Congress can act

59 The United States spent more of its income on ________ than most other democracies. age b. health care c. right d. education e. minorities

60 39 states

Constitution Usa Episode 3 Worksheet Answer Key

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