Converting Units Of Pressure Worksheet

Converting Units Of Pressure Worksheet – 1 a) 762 torr 2 a) 718 torr b) kPa b) 718 mm Hg. Art. c) atm c) atm 3 a) 1748 torr b) 1748 torr c) 233 kPa Do you have any questions about the P-V document?? what did you write in question 7???

In 1699 a gas thermometer was developed – the volume and temperature of the enclosed gas are directly related. 1702 – The pressure of a closed gas is directly related to the temperature at constant volume. No temperature scale 1714 – Fahrenheit scale invented 1742 – Celsius scale invented

Converting Units Of Pressure Worksheet

Converting Units Of Pressure Worksheet

4 The temperature scale Daniel Fahrenheit ( ) invented the mercury thermometer and the Fahrenheit scale. 0°F = Coldest temperature in Western Europe. 100°F = Highest temperature in Western Europe. The freezing point of water is 32°F. The boiling point of water is 212°F.

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5 Temperature scales Anders Celsius ( ) invented the Celsius temperature scale. He used the freezing point of water as 0 °C and the boiling point of water as 100 °C.

By increasing the temperature of 1 l of gas by 273 °C, the volume increases by 1 l. Charles-Amonton-Gay-Lussac law?

9 Temperature scales William Thomson ( ) (later Lord Kelvin) discovered the value 273 on the Kelvin scale, where −273.15 °C is the lowest possible temperature or absolute zero.

10 Absolute Zero Lord Kelvin also reasoned that at absolute zero all molecular motion stops, kinetic energy is zero, and hypothetically the volume of the gas would also be zero.

Converting Units For Areas/volumes Practice Questions

To convert degrees Celsius to degrees Kelvin: K = °C. Example 1. Convert -10.0 °C to Kelvin. K = °C = −10.0 °C = K Note. Kelvin temperatures do not have a degree sign. We say the temperature is “263 Kelvin”, not “degrees”.

13 Using Charles’ Law If the Kelvin temperature of a gas doubles, the volume of the gas also doubles. Troubleshooting: Determine if the change will increase or decrease the temperature or volume. Temperature in degrees Celsius? Switch to Kelvin. Multiply by the factor that causes the desired change.

What will be the new volume of the gas at 25°C if 100 ml of the gas is cooled to -25°C? Anticipate: When the temperature drops from 25°C to -25°C, the volume should also decrease. Convert to °C K 25 °C = K −25 °C = K We can use two relationships:

Converting Units Of Pressure Worksheet

Since the volume must be reduced, we must use the second ratio. new volume = 100 ml 248 K 298 K = 83.2 ml The new volume is 83.2 ml.

Experiment 8 Gas Laws

16 Application of Carlos Law. If the volume of the gas doubles to 48.0 L at -73 °C, calculate the final temperature in degrees Celsius. Predict: The volume increases, so according to Charles’s law the temperature must increase. If the volume has doubled to 48.0 L, its original volume must have been 48.0 L, or half of 24.0 L. Temperature conversion: -73 °C = K

17 Using Charles’s law Two relations: Since the temperature had to rise, we have to use the second relation. New temperature = 200 K 48.0 L 24.0 L = 400 K Convert Kelvin to degrees Celsius. K − 273 = 400 − 273 = 127 °C Final temperature 127 °C

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Scientific Units Of Measurement And Conversion Worksheet

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Converting Units Of Pressure Worksheet

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Converting Units Of Pressure Worksheet

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