Corvette Paint Colors By Year

Corvette Paint Colors By Year – There’s a Corvette for everyone. Most enthusiasts have their favorite model year, which includes their favorite style, engine and performance level. However, some types of features are more popular than others and this affects quality.

Some of these quality differences are obvious and not surprising. You probably don’t need an appraisal tool to tell you that Corvettes with L88-spec 427s are worth more than L48-spec 350s with 165 hp, or that cars with automatic transmissions are worth roughly the same amount (b’ 10) as those with transmissions. percent.). But what about something even more special: color? Some are more popular than others, and does that make other colors more important?

Corvette Paint Colors By Year

Corvette Paint Colors By Year

To find out, we looked at data from every Corvette sold at auction in the last decade, and selected the ones we knew about color and specs—1,700. about the reasons we mentioned above, combining a Rally Red 1967 Coupe with a 427. cu-in/435-hp L71 Dark Red with a ’77 350 and slushbox. Therefore, using unique identifiers for each model year, body style, sub-model (eg Z06) and engine type, we compared the last auction price to the value that was available now, based on our data, at the time of sale. . If the car were to be classified as Tier #1 (Concours), we would compare the price and value of Tier #1. If it was a Tier 3 car (Good), we used the Tier 3 value. (If there is no ranking factor, because the average ranking ratio is 2.5, we use the average of rankings #2 and #3.)

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Our conclusion is that, as we discovered with the Porsche 911, color matters. In some cases, it is very important. The average price for each major color group shows that white is the most expensive, followed by yellow, purple and red. On the other hand, there are earth tones like copper, green, bronze and brown.

This is the part where you say, “Sure, but where are your model, I don’t know, beige Corvettes?” We had the same idea. So we measured price differences based on the number of transactions. This changes the order to:

The most popular colors right now are red, white, and blue, which we promised we didn’t plan for this Independence Day post, but it still makes sense for an American sports car. Purple falls in the middle of the pack, but yellow only falls two places. We added the percentage differences measured against the median price of all prices ($49,500) to arrive at dollars. This means that red, the most common color, costs $843 more than the other colors. The next most valuable is white with a premium of $636. Considering the Corvette was only available in white (Polo), that makes sense. Blue is the third most expensive at $411, although this group ranges from Pennant Blue to Turquoise to Jetstream Blue. Less important colors are copper, orange, bronze and brown. However, green is the most important color with a discount of $170.

In fact, there are many shades of green. Other colors like Mosport Green usually sell more, while Fathom Green and Goodwood Green sell less. The last two are normal, and turn green with reduced color. On the other hand, red has no version set to discount. The rare Ruby Red and Riverside Red command no premium, while the more popular Torch Red outsells similar cars in other colors.

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What about all the other Corvette models? While we don’t have deals for every color Chevy has offered in nearly 70 years, we do have nearly 75. Where does your favorite Corvette color live?

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Corvette Paint Colors By Year

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