Cowardly Lion Coloring Page

Cowardly Lion Coloring Page – Here we have a collection of beautiful coloring pages from the magical land of Oz! Dorothy, the Wizard, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, Ozma, the Cowardly Lion, the Hungry Tiger and many other characters are ready to print and color, all you need is free time and a little imagination!

These black and white illustrations have been carefully considered and adapted from the work of John Rea Neill, also known as the Royal Illustrator of Oz. It’s easy to see why…

Cowardly Lion Coloring Page

Cowardly Lion Coloring Page

Of course, you first saw Dorothy and Princess Ozma, and the wizard with twelve monkeys on the second coloring page. In the next couple, the Scarecrow is in two different situations: with friends and when he is in trouble.

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The land of Oz is full of magic. Change is common, and this goose and angry woman is Ruggedo Nome and Gugu the King. Use some crayons to help them make another change!

The coloring pages are fun for all ages, and Captain Bill on the next two pages looks like he’s having fun too. Who doesn’t love a magical fruit tree?

The Cowardly Lion is one of the most popular characters in the Oz series. We must include it in the coloring pages of our choice!

As we’ll see in the next two pages, something as simple as transportation can turn into a real adventure in the Land of Oz. Dorothy and the Wizard get their share of adrenaline riding lions and tigers.

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Magic is a complex science. Nothing can be done without trying… What do you think was so great about the Wizard of Oz?

Ready for more magic? Monkeys are smaller than they should be and soldiers are not soldiers!

But above all, it’s still a story about friendship, like the friendship between Dorothy and Cap’n Bill. What would we do without friends?

Cowardly Lion Coloring Page

The land of Oz is full of interesting characters such as the Hungry Tiger, Dorothy of Kansas, Princess Ozma, the Tin Man… And you have to paint them all!

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This website also uses links to third party websites such as,, and, and you may be compensated if you decide to click on one or more of these links. and buy. The Cowardly Lion is a fictional land of Oz created by the legendary American author L. Frank Baum.

Because the lion is considered the “King of the Beasts”, it seems that the Cowardly Lion is not afraid of him enough. They don’t understand that courage means going against fear, which they often do. After the gift from the witch, when he is under the influence of an unknown liquid, the witch orders him to drink, but he is not full of fear. He pointed out that the Wizard’s abilities are temporary, even though he still performs heroic deeds.

The Cowardly Lion is very brave, but he doubts himself. In many scenes of this classic book and movie, the Lion overcomes the odds, like the Scarecrow, who wants brains even though he is the smartest, and the Tin, who wants a heart but crying for his lack. it looks like a person if he does something by accident and is still rusty.

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The Cowardly Lion first appeared in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He is Befried’s last companion when Dorothy travels to the Emerald City, where Toto, the Scarecrow and the Woodman attack. When he tries to bite Toto, Dorothy slaps him. He calls the Lion a coward, and the Lion knows him as a coward. The Cowardly Lion goes with him and asks the Wizard for courage, because he is ashamed that he does not dare to play the role of the King of the Beasts.

Despite outward evidence that he has irrational fears, the “Cowardly Lion” shows great courage along the way. During the trip, he jumps over the cliff on the yellow brick road several times, each time with a friend behind him, and jumps back to get the next one. As they entered the larger chasm, the Cowardly Lion held the two Kalidas back while the Tin Woods Farmer cut down a tall tree for them to cross. Despite his fear, he continues to hunt for food, and offers to kill a deer for Dorothy to eat, but the idea bothers him.

The witch gives him a container of an unknown liquid and tells him that drinking it is “brave”. For the rest of the book, the Lion becomes almost bullied and ready to fight. He accompanies Dorothy on a trip to see Glinda, and Handy rides Mandy on his back to escape Chinatown, the only church found in Oz (1937), destroying the only church there Oz (1937).

Cowardly Lion Coloring Page

His favorite friend is a hungry tiger. This is probably the “Biggest Tiger”, he and his cub are the counters in the Wild Animal Forest of the Quadling Country.

Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorothy And Cowardly Lion Coloring Page

In this forest, all the lions and many other animals are eaten by giant spiders. The Lion saw that the giant spider was sleeping and cut off its head. The tiger and other animals bow down to him and ask him to be king, and he promises to do so when he returns to Glinda with Dorothy. Glinda commands the winged monkey to take Dorothy to the forest when she returns home.

In the rest of Baum’s Oz series, the Lion no longer played a major role. In later books, the Cowardly Lion often accompanies Dorothy on her travels. He is Princess Ozma’s head bodyguard for the national festival, and pulls Ozma’s carriage with hungry tigers. In Baum’s later Oz books, the Lion is brave and loyal to Aunt Em, although he still thinks she is shy and often afraid. She chases away the hungry tiger in Ozma’s Ozma, unless the previous tiger (which means The Patchwork Girl of Oz calls this lion and tiger “the greatest of their kind” ), and both are Ozma’s personal treasures. guard. . Glinda of Oz is on Ozma’s advisory board.

In “The Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger” from The Little Wizard of Oz, the Lion acted cowardly, aiming to find a man to kill and a fat baby Tiger to eat. Instead, they found a small child (bigger than a baby) and returned it to its mother.

In Ruth Plumlee Thompson’s novel, Mudji Mustafa, a wealthy sultan on the southern edge of the Munchkin Nation, kidnaps the Cowardly Lion for his large collection of lions, which he deems incomplete. its most famous lion is absent. . He is turned to stone by the giant Crunch, but is rescued by the American circus performer Notta Bit More and the orphan Bobby Downs, the clown he prefers to call the more optimistic Bob Up.

Cowardly Lion Archives

Often in later Oz books, the Cowardly Lion is not a main character, but a cameo appearance. His other notable appearance was with Ojo in Oz, where he was transformed into a clock by Mooj and saved Ozma and the Wizard. He helps the Wizards of Oz against the Stratovians in Ozoplaning, with the Terrible Terp in the Hide Valley of Oz, and with Dorothy and Prince Gules of Halidom in the Merry Go Round of Oz. John R. Neill starred as a monster in all three of his Oz books. In total, three books the Cowardly Lion does not give even once: The Wood Tin in Oz, The Grandmother in Oz, and The Silver Princess in Oz. (In The Wonderful Land of Oz, he gets a nonsensical mtion in Chapter 11.)

The Cowardly Lion was played by Fred Woodward in the 1914 film Your Majesty, Little Scarecrow.

In 1925, the Cowardly Lion was played by Spencer Bell in The Wizard of Oz, directed by Larry Semon.

Cowardly Lion Coloring Page

In the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion was a bipedal humanoid played by legendary vaudeville and Broadway star Burt Lahr, who deliberately used many of Lahr’s trademarks in the film. In this version, the bravery given to him by the wizard is replaced by a medal marked “Courage”. The biography written by Bert Lahr’s son, John Lahr, is titled Notes on a Cowardly Lion.

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The film was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which uses a lion as its mascot. In fact, MGM considered using its own mascot for the role of the Cowardly Lion.

In the movie, Arslan walks on his hind legs

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