Cracked Pepper Paint Color

Cracked Pepper Paint Color – I’ve always dreamed of a dark, moody accent wall in my house. I have to admit that finding the right shade of black is harder than it looks – there are a million different variations of black. And it’s even harder to choose these, especially online. But as soon as I came across Behr Premium Plus Cracked Paper, I knew I had found the right shade! (Scroll through to see all the before, progress, and after photos.)

Danny and I had a great night taping and painting the accent wall. The paint lay very well, only one coat was needed. For context, our gray walls are San Francisco’s Kelly Moore Fogg, which pairs really well with the Behr Cracked Paper accent wall.

Cracked Pepper Paint Color

Cracked Pepper Paint Color

I love the design aspect of the accent wall. It gives volume to the space without occupying it. I like modern, clean lines with monochromatic tones (and of course a touch of pink). Before painting, make sure you select the best wall for your desired design. A small wall can make a big impact when used as an accent wall. The cracked paper paint matches the back of our fireplace perfectly and really makes our white trim and doors stand out. I love this! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Get my weekly newsletter for ideas to help you create your home’s story, whether it’s inspiration, DIYs, rental tools, or the thought process when it comes to creating a home that tells your story. There’s a conversation about it.

Behr Cracked Pepper (ppu18 1) Vs Sherwin Williams Ice Cube (sw 6252) Side By Side Comparison

Today I am sharing my proven house paints. Whether you’re looking for neutral paint colors or something bold, I’ve got some great color options for you.

I don’t always get the right color. Well, I almost never get the paint colors right. But when I get my house paint done right, I love the way it looks. I find it hard to choose paint. What a little monster looks like, how a whole room painted in color looks different. In general, I find it difficult to choose a paint color for the house.

I found some paint colors that I really like, so I thought I’d share them with you all.

We love Behr’s cracked chili so much that we use it all over the house! Front door, kitchen, front door, upstairs bathroom, etc! It’s such a beautiful blue-black color.

Painted Stair Railings

I know I specifically mentioned the interior colors of the house, but we also used cracked paper on our front doors.

I added a few drops of black paint to Behr’s Fig Tree to create the living room color. I liked the base color, but I wanted a little darker.

Another favorite is Valspar’s Ultra White in Eggshell. We used it in our bedroom a few years ago.

Cracked Pepper Paint Color

We used it in the corner of the upstairs bathroom, in the closet, in the kitchen, in the kitchen-dining room, and in the hallway. Seriously, this is good.

Behr Dynasty 8 Oz. #ppu18 01 Cracked Pepper One Coat Hide Eggshell Enamel Stain Blocking Interior Paint & Primer Sample Dy61316

I also always use Ultra White for a semi-gloss finish. It is a pleasant and bright white with no major undertones.

Although Valspar’s Ultra White, when I paint wood, matches Benjamin Moore’s color. The Benjamin Moore Advance line is so good I wouldn’t paint wood with other brands.

It was one of the first colors we used in our house and in fact we have used it in the living room for years and I still love the color.

I’ve always loved Tricorn Black, but I didn’t use it until I decided our bedroom needed a moody update. I have to say I am amazed by the dark bedroom walls! I am often asked if Tricorn Black is really black and my answer is yes! I think it’s a great neutral black with no strong undertones.

Favorite Paint Swatches From The Sw Designer Deck

A few years ago I wanted to paint 3/4 of the wall green in the guest bedroom. I have the perfect meantone beat in Behr’s Conifer Green. Recently I thought I was done with color, but then I made a rug with my own hands and decorated the room, and, you know… I’m amazed again!

Basically you can take any paint color from any brand and match it. I always have my local paint store match one of my Benjamin Moore Advance colors; Especially when I paint wood! This is the best paint on the market for wood in my opinion. So every time you saw me painting wood (carvings, cabinets, cabinets, etc.), I used the Benjamin Moore Advance line (not sponsored, I just love it).

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Cracked Pepper Paint Color

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