Crate And Barrel Paint Colors

Crate And Barrel Paint Colors – First of all, yes, you read that correctly! And believe me, I had to go back and repeat many times! I had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite furniture and lifestyle companies ever…CRATE and PIPA! I’ve been a Cage and Barrel STAN for as long as I can remember! I have catalogs going back to 2008 and I’m sure I’ve loved every minute of their growth and development over the past few years! I still can’t believe this partnership is real! That’s a pretty high bar, so bring my A++ game!

When trying to decide what position I should trade for this partnership, I was very hesitant. In the first place, i.e. the living room, master bedroom, etc., I thought about the space of my parent’s or client’s project. I wondered if our guest room was “good enough” for Crate and Barrel. , which hasn’t been used much since we moved in. I went through a few iterations from the storage room to the guest room and back to the storage room, and I finally realized that what the room needed was the attention I was willing to put in it. in another place!

Crate And Barrel Paint Colors

Crate And Barrel Paint Colors

My goal with the space is to transform it from a purely handmade room of furniture into a space that I love and take pride in. I want to take this opportunity to feel like a genie or a goddess who came to visit me and made 3 wishes for me: 1. Make all the clutter disappear 2. Change all the dirt and come down to charge me with all the new and new furniture. Finishing 3. Do it. Check out the Crate and Barrel List and deserve it!

The Comprehensive List Of Interior Paint Colors In My Home

Spoiler alert: Crate and Barrel Genie and I’m the godmother and all my wishes come true! very funny!

Inspired by the Crate and Barrel Modern Prairie Collection, I wanted colors that reminded me of nature, felt fall, and could be the perfect mood! I started by removing the dirty blue wall paint. I (and a little helper) painted all the walls, trim, and doors with a BEHR Red Chipotle (S160-7) in a satin finish. Since there is nothing special about these features, there is no need to highlight them in different colors. Painting and finishing them all in the same color made them stand out and helped all the new furniture look like the stars of the room. You can see the color change here.

When it came time to choose a room, I ran through a guest’s list of needs: bed, storage, chairs, and mirrors. These are the basics you’ll find in any hotel room, so they’re a guest room essential. However, I want to make sure that each of these elements is elevated beyond cheap hotel rooms. Here’s my mood board.

All from Crate’s Modern Prairie collection, “A new kind of warmth, each piece has a true connection to nature with many modern and mid-century touches. With such a bold nature, I chose furniture that took great care of its forms and materials.”

Crate & Barrel Delivery

The first piece I chose for the space was the Sculpt chair in Spice Velvet. This chair is a winner with its sculptural shape and soft terracotta velvet (and you know how much I love terracotta right now).

Since we only had two overnight guests (my girlfriend, Shawnda, and my sister-in-law) for the four years we’ve lived in our house, I decided to go with an Aberdeen daybed rather than a traditional one. After returning to bed, both women feel very comfortable in the daybed, providing ample space for sleeping/resting. But when thinking about how to use this space on a daily basis, I realized that a piece like a daybed would provide more comfort.

I have previously replaced all 3 lockers in the room with a Tate walnut Creditenza locker. After cleaning up a few items, it now includes swimwear, scarves, and bags from the previous collection. Sliding doors and a deep file drawer are ideal for easy access to everything.

Crate And Barrel Paint Colors

In every bedroom I design, I try to incorporate a full length floor mirror. There are few things better than being able to get fully dressed, so imagine how excited any guest would be to get to her while out and about. The brass rim floor mirror is beautiful, high quality and reflects my favorite corner of the room.

Crate And Barrel Lounge Ii Sofa Review

I saw Anais Black and Kane’s room divider and knew right away I had to add it to the space. You don’t need to divide a room really small, but its circular arches add a lot of charm to a lackluster architectural space.

Along with all the great furniture, accessories like the Ruel Black Rug (8 x 10) and cool details make this space magical.

Well, I know I said this is our guest room, and yes, on the rare occasion that we have a guest, this space will be theirs. But now that it’s over, I have this little oasis to myself totally! You see, Marcus and Daphne both have their own space in our house, so it’s fitting that I get one too! The living room is shared, the office is shared, and our bedroom is shared, so it’s only fair to claim it as my room! It will be my little corner where I can stop the world and not be interrupted by someone who needs to use the space for themselves. I’ve tried it a few times (I snooped) and it was amazing!

Thank you very much Crate and Barrel for this wonderful opportunity to work with your beautiful furniture and decor! And if you’re looking for new pieces to revamp any of your spaces (morning is around the corner and a great time to do so), be sure to check out all the good things at Crate & Barrel! You can shop all products in my space below! It’s been a year and a half since we brought the Crate and Barrels Lounge II home and my only regret is waiting so long to make a decision! We knew we needed something big and comfortable for our family room for our family of five, but making such a big (and expensive) decision was difficult.

Crate & Barrel Sol Salad Plate 8 1/2

I knew I liked a look that had clean lines and would go with many design styles. I’ve tracked down this sofa on a few trusted blogs to read all I can, but I still wanted to make sure it was right for us. We didn’t have a shop nearby so we made the trip to visit several hours away. We incorporated children’s activities into the trip, so everyone was happy 😉

The color was important to me, but so was the durability. And when it came to size, there seemed to be endless options, but I wasn’t sure what would fit in our space.

The Lounge II line includes chairs, sofas, and stools in any shape or size you desire. We knew we wanted a piece for our family room, but couldn’t decide if we wanted a deep Lounge II chair or a small version that flies five inches off the chair (still leaving you with a nice sized sofa.) and a face to face helped a lot. If I was looking to put this in our living room, this might be the small room I would choose. But since we were going to use it in our family room to relax, watch movies, and hang out with friends and family, we decided on a full sized living room. It’s big and deep and our family absolutely loves it. It can easily seat eight adults and more when pressed.

Crate And Barrel Paint Colors

We chose Taft Fabric in Cement and I couldn’t be happier with this woven neutral upholstery. From afar it looks like a lightweight fabric, but up close you can see the comfortable fabric that hides flaws. This fabric is also known as “Family Friendly, Easy Care, Stain Resistant, Extremely Durable and Made in the USA.” We don’t eat a ton in that room, but I’m happy to report that any signs came up easily and seemed to be new (1.5 years later).

Why I Love Fine Paints Of Europe’s Cerulean Blue Paint Color

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