Dark Secret Paint Color

Dark Secret Paint Color – I’m darkening… the color of the house. It’s no secret that I love white. My home in Santa Barbara is white inside and out. But white won’t stand out here… at least not outdoors. It’s all about great setup and mixing.

When we bought the house back in March, it was painted brown, which has faded noticeably on the south side of the house. The trim was a bit white and didn’t fit my idea of ​​blending into the beautiful scenery of Big Sur.

Dark Secret Paint Color

Dark Secret Paint Color

I decided to darken both the body and the trim. I also didn’t want black or steel charcoal grey. I wanted a warm taupe dark brown! How difficult can it be?

Behr Ultra 1 Gal. #ppu26 23a Dark Secret Flat Exterior Paint & Primer 485301

Very difficult Due to the harmful effects of sunlight on the south side of the house, and also because the leaky windows on this side of the house had to be replaced, we decided to replace the windows with dark bronze colored aluminum.

We replaced the painted mahogany siding with a new mahogany wide plank that we mixed here in Big Sur. The siding will end up a warm, silvery grey, like this piece of mahogany.

I think I’m pretty good with colors, but this one blew me away. My husband joked that with all my sample drawings at home, I could draw them myself! Dark colors are tricky, especially in the bright California sun. I want one color until the light changes, or I want it on one side of the house but not the other. There were so many shortcomings!

After going color by color and doing an Instagram poll, the winner was Benjamin Moore’s Midnight Summer in a non-shiny finish. The color changes with different light and shade, but I love all its shades!

Csp 625 Deep Secret®

On the first day I saw the color of the new house, it was raining and I was fascinated by the color of the mood. Never mind the porch mess… it’s a construction site!

Dark colors were somewhat new territory for me. But getting out of your comfort zone can be rewarding, and I’m very happy with that decision. Stay tuned to find out what we’ll be doing next with this little piece of Big Sur.

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