Data Protection Act Worksheet

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Data Protection Act Worksheet

Data Protection Act Worksheet

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Data Protection Act Worksheet

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You can refer to a peer page and learn the ability to use different languages ​​just by speaking the language in your subjects. Since the templates are fully customizable, you can create a quiz suitable for the age and educational level of the children.¬ Privacy has far-reaching implications ¬ Data protection is a subset of privacy. as: – “The individual must have”

” – but over the years you must always “determine from time to time the appropriateness of such protection” – Defined the Cooley Judgment: Privacy means “being private” ¬ “Privacy and Freedom” by AF West (1967) – Privacy is an individual; a group or a group When it is necessary to determine, how and how information about them will be disseminated. – Privacy is basically the right of self-determination – what a person wants to share and to what extent with others ¬ Privacy has a lot to do with consent. ¬ There is a lot of discussion about secrets and its limitations. ¬ Eg: People don’t want to give consent, when information is shared with the government.

¬ It is clear that the definition given by the West AF is not accurate. For example, if a child is born, a birth certificate is needed for registration. You don’t have to tell your child what to write. ¬ There may be places in our lives where we lack privacy and self-determination. ¬ The definition of privacy varies from person to person – as to whether the law should provide some form of protection. ¬ What then is the right of protection under the law? Is the law supposed to protect privacy? ¬ Are all private things preserved? For example basic human rights – Article 8 ECHR – Right to domestic and private life – EU has GDPR.

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A. OECD guidelines from 1980 b. The European Council has been meeting since 1981 c. European directive from 1995 – one of the most serious regulations – under one d. APEC 2004 Personal Data Protection Framework e. Madrid Resolution 2009

Section 2 – Application Section 2 par. 1 ¬ (a) any person who proceeds (proper information that is carried to the matter); and ¬ (b) any person who controls or authorizes the processing (of personal data used to conduct business). Prepare section 2. 2 ¬ letter a) (refers to a person in relation to personal data) if the person is established in Malaysia and the personal data is processed within that establishment, the person or another person employed or involved in the establishment itself; or ¬ (b) (relating to a person in relation to personal data), that the person is not domiciled in Malaysia, but uses a facility in Malaysia to process the personal data not for the purpose of transit through Malaysia. “Uses capacity in Malaysia” eg ​​: Storage or computer processes in the developer. The company may be foreign, but it still has some geographic presence in Malaysia. What about the clouds?? Clouds have no power.

¬ Not applicable to Central and State Governments.  Collection of personal information – We currently collect a lot of information for the MySejahtera app. In article 3 par. 1 asserts that personal data protection does not apply in the MySejahtera application; BCs is a control app? This is a big problem in the market these days.  MySejahtera app conducts mass surveillance of people – this app can be used as surveillance (?) Concerns: Control is not appropriate.

Data Protection Act Worksheet

” – any information relating to the conduct of business – (a) processed in whole or in part by automated means in response to instructions issued for that purpose; or deals with data processing.

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B) registered with the intention of processing their complete or partial such device; OR Talks about survey information for information processing.

C) is registered as part of the relevant registry office or should be part of the relevant registry office, is now registered for the purposes of the relevant registry office;

” – personal data may be determined by the Minister by any order published in the Personal Data Gazette, which contains information such as the physical or mental or condition of the person concerned, political opinions, religious opinions or other opinions of the same nature. commission or the commission of a criminal offense or any other the commission alleged by him [Section 4] o expression of opinion  a statement about a given matter, but does not include process information to provide credit reports.

¬ “System related information” means any information relating to individuals, even if such information is not processed by automated means, to the instructions provided for this purpose, the provision of structured information by comparison. By specifying an individual or criteria related to an individual, specific information related to a specific person can be easily accessed.

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“Processing” – in relation to Personal Data, including collecting, recording, storing or storing Personal Data or performing any operation or operations on Personal Data – (a) organizing, modifying or changing Personal Data; b) obtaining, consulting or using personal information; c) publish, transfer, exchange, disseminate or provide personal information; or d) alignment, addition, correction, deletion or destruction of personal data. [Q looks at the question; The first question is whether personal data is processed]

– A natural person who is the subject of personal data. Ex: Ali goes to the bank to open an account. gives information to the bank. The bank will proceed to the establishment of the bank account to process personal data. But it depends on the person. The type of information being processed is intended for business purposes; This is personal information. WTF is this?

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