Density Graph Worksheet Answer Key

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Density Graph Worksheet Answer Key

Density Graph Worksheet Answer Key

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Density Graph Worksheet Answer Key

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HS Kemija POGIL Topic of activity: Density What is density? Why? No doubt you have heard about crowding in science classes or in everyday life. But what does it actually mean that one bone is denser than another? Model 1: Material Mass and Volume A2 A B2 A1 B B1 Material 1. How many points are there in the following cubes? A1 16 A2 64 B1 4 B2 16 2. Based on model 1, what is the mass? How many points does the cube have? 3. What can be concluded about how much mass each point represents? All the dots are the same size, so they represent the same mass. 4. What changes in each cube as the volume increases on the x-axis of the diagram? What evidence from Sample 1 supports your ideas? The size of the cube increases. Cubes A2 and B2 are larger than A1 and B1 and contain more dots. 5. Using the following data, calculate the volume of each cube. Remember that the formula for calculating the volume of a cube is length x width x height. Object A1 A2 B1 B2 Length 2 cm 3.174 cm 2 cm 3.174 cm Width 2 cm 3.174 cm 2 cm 3.174 cm Height 2 cm 3.174 cm 2 s “m 3.174 cm volume 8 cm3 32 cm3 8 cm3 6, according to your calculation. Units of measurement for sound? Why? The formula for volume is length × width × height. So your unit will be a meter or cubic centimeter. 7 . Create your own definition of volume with your group members. The amount of space the cube takes up. 8. What are objects A1 and A2 similar to? Similarly, objects A1 and A2 are tightly packed and…

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Worked Example Finding Area Under Density Curves (video)

Task 2: Mr. Network Engineer Task 2: Mr. Network Engineer is due in week 8 and is worth 70 points. Using the network diagram below, your task is to connect… Task 2: Mr. Network Engineer Task 2: Mr. Network Engineer has reached week 8 and is worth 70 points Using the network diagram below, your task is to connect the devices in the lower right part of the diagram part of Creating a secure corporate network. The following devices should be listed in the network diagram: web server, ftp server, vulnerability scanner, antivirus (client based / server based), web proxy, intrusion detection system (IDS) and authentication server. Note: All client/server based tools will work if the client is installed on a workstation that has two-way communication with the appropriate server. Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you: Identify the tools you want to use for your current network diagram infrastructure, consisting of firewalls, routers, and workstations, and the equipment you want to deploy. For each, include the following: Manufacturer or vendor name (eg Microsoft, Redhat, Cisco, Juniper, Netgear, 3Com, etc.) Model (eg Windows 7, ASA 5500, Cisco 3500, Squid, etc.) IP assigned by each Device -Address Set the configuration for each device where: Explore each selected device and specify the basic configuration for use in your network. Use IP addresses to describe the configuration. Explain how each configuration affects the security of the entire network. Highlight at least five (5) security features for each device, including devices in the network diagram. Using Microsoft Visio or an open source alternative, you can create a final network diagram that includes all devices on your existing network and ensures that: VPN sessions (from laptops) are only accessible by IT staff to desktops in the IT department. From the internet cloud to the corporate network, all VPN connections terminate at the VPN server. Engineering, finance and accounting users are not allowed to communicate. Vulnerabilities are scanned daily and every desktop is scanned at least once a day. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this task. Note: Wikipedia and similar sites are not considered quality sources. The assignment must meet the following formatting requirements: be printed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on each page; Citations and references should be in APA or school format. Contact your professor for further instructions. Include a title page that includes the assignment title, student name, professor name, course title, and date. The title page and reference page do not count towards the required page length of the assignment. Include graphs or diagrams created in Visio or a similar program such as Slides. The completed charts/graphs must be imported into a Word document before submitting the work. The specific learning outcomes of the course related to the task are: planning a secure network to solve a business problem. Using technology and information resources to investigate network security design issues. Write clearly and concisely about advanced network security design topics using correct writing mechanics and technical stylistic conventions.

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Density Graph Worksheet Answer Key

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