Descendants 2 Coloring Book Pages

Descendants 2 Coloring Book Pages – Disney’s “Descendants 2,” the sequel to “The Descendants,” is out, and it’s hard to contain our excitement. The first film was a huge hit, and we expect the sequel to break all records. The story takes place six months after the events of the first film. Ben, now the king of Auradon, loves Mal. But things take a turn for the worse when Mal rejects Ben’s proposal and returns to his birthplace, Lost Island. Later, Carlos, Evie and Jay help Ben disguise himself as VK to find Mal. There, they meet Uma, who is hell-bent on destroying the wall between Auradon and the Isle of the Lost. Will it succeed? Well, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out. Until then, you may enjoy filling out these Generation 2 releases.

Uma is a very popular character in the latest Disney series. She is the daughter of Ursula and the pirate crew. Ursula scolds Ben for not inviting her and the other bad kids to Auradon Prep. After Ben settles on the Lost Island, he gathers his band of pirates, and gangsters not chosen by Ben to free the evil people imprisoned on the Island.

Descendants 2 Coloring Book Pages

Descendants 2 Coloring Book Pages

Meet Mal, the hero of the “Descendants” series. Man is the daughter of the evil villain Maleficent, Man has the power to use magic, weave, make dragons and turn into a dragon. Apart from that, Mal is an art lover and is seen doing graffiti and photography.

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In “Descendants 2”, Carlos is more confident than in the previous series. He left all his bad ways and fear of dogs. In fact, he now has a dog to accompany him in his prime. Another thing you should know about him is that he is very loyal to his friends.

Here is a Descendant coloring page for Dizzy Tremaine, daughter of Drizella Tremaine, and niece of Anastasia Tremaine. She works as a hair and makeup artist at her grandmother’s salon, but misses Auradon’s life. Unlike her family, Dizzy is an incredibly sweet and loving girl whose joy knows no bounds when she finds out she has the chance to study at Auradon Prep.

Ben, the king of Auradon, went to find Mal on the lost island to find Mal after he left Auradon. Evie, Jay, and Carlos help him learn the wrong way to avoid being recognized by the evil people of the Island. And she ends up getting Mal on her side (sorry for spoilers, kids).

Jay, Jafar’s son, is a thief and a thief, whose goal in life is to earn a ‘big reward’ in order to gain his father’s approval. Like other bad kids, Jay never loved his parents. So, he joined the competition for a chance to be part of something special.

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This is a coloring page for Evie, a smart, beautiful and beautiful girl from Lord’s Island. Best of all, Evie has dark brown eyes, jet black hair, and white lips. But despite her beauty, Evie cares what others think of her. She wants a prince who will love and obey her.

Interestingly, Jane’s character changes a lot in “Descendants 2”. Very flexible and well behaved. His friendship becomes very easy and accepts VK with open arms. But despite her new hope, Jane is confused and easily irritated. Perhaps, this will change soon.

This coloring page features Lonnie, Mulan’s daughter, and a student at Auradon Prep. In “Descendants 2”, Lonnie is introduced as an ambitious young man who wants to be part of the all-male Swords and Shields team. But the plan changes when he goes to a lost island with Jay, Carlos and Ben.

Descendants 2 Coloring Book Pages

Finally, here is a coloring page of the “Descendants” logo. Fill in with watercolors or colored pencils to make it look lifelike.

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Not only teenagers, but people of all ages will enjoy filling in 2 Disney Descendants coloring pages. Make sure you fill out these pages or pages in your own way. It will improve your creativity and make you more confident. And we will update the article with new coloring pages when we get them. Which of these Disney Descendants 2 pages was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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