Dmc Diamond Painting Color Chart

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Printable DMC Drawings PDF DMC Color Diamond Painting Pictures and Color Diamond Drill Kits Print your own color pictures.

Dmc Diamond Painting Color Chart

Dmc Diamond Painting Color Chart

It is recommended to print this chart on a LASER PRINTER. Colors may not last as expected if printed with ink jet equipment.

Dmc Color Charts With Diamond Drills For Diamond Painting

If you do not have a printer, this file can be sent to a print shop (eg: OfficeMax, FedEx Office) for printing.

• This is a DIGITAL PDF FILE for 447 colors of DMC Resin Diamonds for painting and diamond applications.

• DMC number and color swatch of each diamond color arranged by color family (AS SHOWN IN PICTURE).

PDF files should be opened in Adobe Acrobat and printed on a high quality laser printer for best results.

Dmc Color Chart

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This chart is for reference only. The color printed on the chart may differ from the actual diamond color. Colors may vary depending on the printer used to print the graphics. You must have a high end laser printer to print color graphics. Colors may not last as expected if printed with ink jet equipment.

Diamond color may vary from different manufacturers or even diamonds previously purchased from us. The color chart is used as a reference guide only and some color variation should be expected when purchasing a rough diamond.

Dmc Diamond Painting Color Chart

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When choosing the right size for your diamond painting, you need to understand that “size is right”. Greater image quality means better resolution, sharper detail and finished diamond graphics that really shine!

Dmc Diamond Painting Color Chart

If your image has a lot of detail, or the subject is far out of focus, large size is important. Choosing a small size for photos of people, animals or landscapes is not recommended.

Mix Color Flat Bottom Round Diamond 2.8mm 5d Drill Mosaic For Diamond Painting

Square diamonds fit perfectly, without holes, and are preferred when creating larger designs. Square diamonds “fit” together.

A round diamond has no edges which means there will be gaps that are visible between the diamonds when looking at the image up close. Round diamonds are easy to pick up and drop into canvas and accessories. Round diamonds are often preferred when creating smaller designs. In small sizes, they create a soft and clear picture.

It’s a personal choice. As you become more familiar with diamond painting, you will develop a preference for one style or the other depending on your personal style.

Contact us and we will send you another one. We will return lost diamonds *one time* for free. Lost diamonds must be found within *3 months* of receiving your item. We cannot send a new diamond for free after 3 months. Requests after 3 months will not be honored and new diamonds can be purchased from our store.

Grabd Canyon Dmc Diamond Painting Color Chart With Rhinestones

I turned these into stickers so I could label all my exercises. Works well. Thank you very much.

I ordered a diamond painting, there are 18 different color schemes, 4 of which match the chart on the matte side. Without this DMC Color Chart, I don’t know what to do, it’s perfect, I can match whenever I want, Thank you.

I love the Anchor thread, but I found this chart to help me convert my DMC colors to Anchor. I’m new to this but it still helps me.

Dmc Diamond Painting Color Chart

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Square/round Diamond Color Id Card

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Dmc Diamond Painting Color Chart

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Dmc 5d 447 Dmc Tool Chart Booklet

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Dmc Color Chart For Diamond Painting

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