Elephant Ear Exterior Paint Color

Elephant Ear Exterior Paint Color – Alright guys. We’re so close I can’t believe it. This last month has felt like forever. The only thing I can compare it to is the last month of pregnancy. You know you’re close, but you know you’re not, and you’re ready to make it happen. Sound familiar? Our move-in date is November 11th and I can’t wait. We are in the process of installing stairs, counters, and then carpets. Once done, we’ll be ready! We still have some details to work out, but we’ll work on that when we get home.

As you can see from the picture below, our front door is in and I love it. We’re still working on the front porch, but we hope to finish and repaint it all by the end of the week. I’m going to paint two white panels between the doors and windows the same color as the doors and I’m trying to decide if I should paint the exterior trim the same color. I guess I’ll see how it plays out.

Elephant Ear Exterior Paint Color

Elephant Ear Exterior Paint Color

Today I want to show you some front door inspiration that I used when choosing our exterior doors. I am very pleased with our choice and would like to share it with you.

Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray Review

The front door paint color we chose for the exterior is Sherwin-Williams 150% Web Gray. It was my first choice and I love it. I also didn’t choose any other colors, which made me happy to get it right the first time. It has the perfect combination of blue and gray and I love it on a white background. Oh, and my $1 Halloween rug from last year’s Target clearance.

These other doors bring me tears. I love it all and hope you find some inspiration if you are looking for a new door, paint color or just some exterior decorating ideas. As you can see, I like farmhouse doors with large windows. Currently, I also love the dark charcoal color, so I have a few. I hope you like it!

This door is obviously painted, but the finish is White Dove by Benjamin Moore and the exterior is Sherwin-Williams Dovetail. The color contrast is excellent. See more of this beautiful home.

It’s red versus white…so cute. I’m not sure about the exact door color, but Sherwin-Williams Habanero Chile will close. Home → Best Paint Colors → Neutrals, Greys, Greys, Creams and Whites → SHERWIN WILLIAMS: 6 Best Dark Grays and Taupe Colors

Exterior Colors That Go With A Gray Roof

Looking for the perfect gray or stain for your cabinets, walls or exterior? You have come to the right blog! Today we explore the DARK side of things with Sherwin William’s most popular dark neutrals. But before we start, as always, we need to talk a bit (insert wine here).

Depending on your color religion, you think gray and taupe are the same (three soft wet noodles) or completely different colors. On this side of the color wheel is perfect, even though they both have similar likes (warmer gray and cooler beige), it’s the BASICS that make them different.

Grunge is one of my FAVORITE neutrals. Between gray and beige, it’s more likely to withstand different trends, as it doesn’t quite correspond to one or the other (referring to gray and beige/trends for 20 years) via). Some grays match grays, making them a bit cooler, while others rely on the warmth of beige, making them warmer. But no matter which side they lean towards, they love ALL tones of green (and rarely purple or shimmer).

Elephant Ear Exterior Paint Color

But you’ll find the semolina looks neutral on the LIGHT end of things (their tones are just SUPER subtle), and you’ll find that the darker the semolina, the more toned they are. That means yes

Guest Room Mural — Liz Kamarul

Like taupe, a tan falls somewhere between gray and beige and can be a little warmer or cooler depending on its specific blend. However, the chestnut color selection is VIOLET and usually flashes green.

As far as dark color options go, grayscale is equally heavy, and you’ll notice that the darker it goes, the more purple and brown it gets – be warned.

The key to deciding if you need green or purple is to decide which green or purple color best suits your decor! Remember, just because you prefer one tone over another, doesn’t mean your home will agree with you.

BTW, note the LRV value of each color to make sure you get the depth you want. Not sure what an LRV is? It could save your PAINT LOVIN’ life – read about it HERE.

New 2015 Paint Color Ideas

Anonymous is GREAT, but I wonder what his REAL name is. When the LRV heats up to 20, Anonymous is a great way to get some exposure without going all the way to the DIGHT end of the shadow range.

Because it is an anxiety, Anonymous has a soothing green color. If you don’t like green tones, this might make you cringe a little, but it’s a subtle but HUGE nod to a finish that requires a distinct tone.

For darker colors, mink (and darker folk stone) is my FAVORITE. However, with the level of gray in them, they can be called warm gray. Both of these colors still have a slightly noticeable purple tint

Elephant Ear Exterior Paint Color

Mink has an LRV of 21 and is a popular choice for exteriors if certain types of stone/tile/roof are suitable for purple – such as Folkstone (LRV 14). In the photo above, you can easily see that the mink is purple rather than warm gray.

Shoji White Color Review By Laura Rugh

This next photo shows how quickly a color like mink or native rock heats up with some amount of southern or mid-day sunlight in the west…

When it comes to DARK gray, Keystone Gray is not the first thing that comes to mind because of its depth. However, since it’s on EDGE and it’s a great color, I wanted to get to know you better.

Keystone Gray is a solid gray with medium depth. While this means it has a green tint, the reason it’s so great is because the tint is hard to see and hard to notice.

No doubt you’ll be picking up paint samples soon – stop right there! I want you to check out the SAMPLE section. Samplize offers more FIT, EASY and ECO-FRIENDLY color swatches than traditional paint cans. Here are a few reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

Van Zyverden Elephant Ears Black Coral Set Of 1 Bulb Green Part Sun

I love Urbane Bronze and without it my house would be a bit overwhelming and I wouldn’t have Sherwin Williams’ gorgeous LOOK Grange to explore! Urbane Bronze has the BEST passive heat and green as seen in these stair railings…

Urbane Bronze is also a great choice for kitchen cabinets, island countertops, and bathroom vanities.

The Spalding Gray is another beautiful ferret that looks WARM compared to the previously discussed mink. Spalding Gray is like a darker version of the once popular and aptly named gray (LRV 61), but with the LRV 22 it has much more visual weight.

Elephant Ear Exterior Paint Color

Since I am committed to showing you actual homes and only refer to photos from my Online Color Consultant client, I don’t have a great example of this beautiful color (some photos are too low quality) . Thank you to those who submitted their photos!

Curb Appeal Tips For Victorian Homes

What about Kylie Garrett Gray and Chateau Brown?

“Oh, you’re good… but not GOOD (wink)!” While Garrett Gray has a great attitude about chestnuts, the name said it all until we got to Chateau Brown.

Seriously, don’t let the horrible Pinterest Warm Stone page put you off – if you’re looking for WARM from your casual care, this is it!

On Pinterest or the Sherwin William website, warm stone is brown – I don’t deny that. In REAL LIFE, however, it has a nice gray tint in the brown heat and a blinking little green eye (some people don’t even notice). If the usual gray and purple are too gray for you, this could be the ticket.

Valspar Satin Elephant Ear Sw9168 Cabinet & Furniture Paint Enamel (1 Gallon) In The Cabinet & Furniture Paint Department At Lowes.com

For Sherwin William’s LIGHTER range, it should be an appropriate shade of gray. However, in the BLACK part of things, you’ll find Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze appearing frequently on everything from the front door and exterior to the walls and cabinets!

I want to show you some more gray and purple,

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