Empty Vase Coloring Page

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Choose from over 80 flower pot templates, in many different styles and sizes. Use for crafts, coloring and many other fun activities.

Empty Vase Coloring Page

Empty Vase Coloring Page

Use these flower pot coloring pages at home or in the classroom for a fun and creative activity. You can use these templates for coloring, decorating, or as part of any art class.

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There are over 80 flower pot templates to choose from, in 20 different styles and in four different sizes. Some flower pots have space so that you can draw flowers in the pots on the side.

You can make a Mother’s Day flower pot for your mother or grandmother by decorating the flower pot and using one of our many flower templates to enter.

To make a beautiful flower pot with flowers, I recommend printing the flower pot template and flower templates on cardboard for stability.

Once you have decorated the flowers and flower pot, use scissors to cut out the templates. You can then glue the flower stem to the back of the flower pot, or cut a slot in the flower pot to insert the stems, creating a flower pot full of flowers!

Flower Pots Coloring Pages

This is one of my favorite craft ideas from my kids because they love making something creative and practical from scratch using materials and colors to build it up.

We have also made a flower pot gift for grandma! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to share your love.

To use our flower pot templates, just click on the image or link below the image and save it to your device.

Empty Vase Coloring Page

Remember that you can always make some beautiful flowers for your flowerpot! Use one of our templates to create beautiful and unique flower crafts!

Wine Glass Coloring Book Stock Illustrations

There are hundreds of flower templates to choose from, and they’re all free! You can have a lot of fun with our free templates.

There are really so many things you can do with our free flower templates, just use your imagination!

Looking for a Mother’s Day card template? We have an amazing collection of printable Mother’s Day cards that you can customize!

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P.s. Want to learn how to create printable and digital products? See how I design and sell digital products. Learn about the tools I use, my top tips and advice on how you can do it too. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this Dolch & Fry word resource! This creation contains over 200 words and is designed to be a word recognition and assessment tool. The pupils must read, color and cut out the sight words they can read. They then put them in the vase to make a bouquet. The bigger the bouquet, the better! You can display it in the hallway or classroom (with student names written on the back)!

Empty Vase Coloring Page

This creation contains over 200 words and uses a combination of the Dolch & Fry lists. We’ve included an editable PowerPoint file so you can add your own words that may not already be there! Use the free font KG Red Hands Outline.

Empty Jar Coloring Page

Type the words you want to review. Call the students to your table/desk one by one. Let them read the words. For each word they read, they can put a small red dot on that word. The students must only color and cut out the words with the red dots.

Vocabulary – you can create a visual recognition activity. Have sight words written on index cards, and students can match the words on the card with the words on the paper.

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