Energy Conservation Worksheet Answers

Energy Conservation Worksheet Answers – Name Date Class Physics Worksheet Conservation of Energy #1 FRI 15 J WED 1 We Fill in the blanks. MON WED 7 J ME 0 J KE ME 15 J 2. Fill in the missing values. PE 200 J PE 140 J PE

Well, here is number two and number two, we have an elevator that is at the top of the spring and then it comes out, we want to know how much spring compresses when the elevator stops, so the main event is when it comes out from the top. The spring that can compress the time two is when the spring is fully compressed now, if I want to draw the number one and two next to each other, on top of each other , if I have a situation where I have spring compression out. , so it will make me think to see what happened and so I want to say what happened h0 then I will tell you that he will fall twenty nine feet six meters before he hit in the spring I will call. it D is how far it will fall before it hits the spring, and compresses the spring by a distance X, and this is what we are looking for in this problem, the moment leaf compresses a lot, so we have a picture, obviously it. if one and two write that H is equal to zero, we have wr our size of the equation And cross narrow what we do not know is k1 so we do not have non-conservative forces. The first time it is a release event, so the first time it does not move, the maximum height is zero, the first time is a spring that is not yet compressed and has no non-mechanical energy. notice, the second time the spring is fully compressed, the second time is also at rest it is as low as it can go and so there is no more gravity, but the second time the spring compressed, so this problem breaks down into the gravitational potential of a time that is equal. conserve energy. Spring two looks ugly one is mg H one we can do the spring is one F K x2 squared H one is not twenty nine point for This is the most common mistake people make into these problems. The height, because from one time to another, twenty nine points to meters go, but then the additional distance X, and the distance X is what we are looking for, so h1 is equal to D plus X, so I plug in here, I’ll replace h1 with D with. In addition to X, because X is our variable, we have a square here, so we have to get it in the formula, we know, we know, we know, we know that G, we know D, and now he just connects it in known values ​​and solutions to x-S

Energy Conservation Worksheet Answers

Energy Conservation Worksheet Answers

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Energy Conservation Worksheet Answers

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Physics 1c Worksheet #18 Conservation Of Energy

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