Flygt Minicas Wiring Diagram

Flygt Minicas Wiring Diagram – 3 Table of Contents Basic Overview of Sensor Connections… 2 NOTES… 3 Installation… 4 Monitor Panel Connections… and Troubleshooting… 6 MiniCASII Testing… 8 MiniCAS II DATA Technology Supervisor Connections… 12 FLS Stator Leakage Sensor CLS Water in Oil Sensor … 13 FLS10 Inspection Chamber Sensor … 14 Installation and Sound Leakage Detector, CLS /FLS/FLS10/MiniCAS II 1 Application

4 INTRODUCTION The Xylem FLYGT pump series is equipped with several position monitoring sensors. Hot stator air switch. CLS is for water in oil. FLS for the presence of water in the stator housing. FLS10 for water detection in the inspection chamber in the new mid-range pump series ie 3153, 3171, 3202 and Any combination of these sensors can be used with standard pump parts. Explosion-proof pumps can only be used with or without FLS and FLS10 heat exchangers. The sensor is monitored by the Xylem FLYGT MiniCAS II monitoring module, located on the panel. Connection sensor base (+) POWER SUPPLY 24 V AC / DC, 120 V AC and 230 V AC (-) T1 + T2- thermal switch 330 1, 2 1, 2 k k FLS FLS + thermal switch. 0 ma = overheat 7, 8 ma = good 36 ma = leakage tolerance 10% (1) Reset 2 6 MiniCASII 10 T1 + T2- thermal switch .2 k FLS10 FLS10 + thermal switch. 0 ma = overheat 10 ma = OK 28 ma = leakage tolerance 10% (2) T1 + T2-12 VDC sensor OUTPUT TEMP is high. 3 4 T1 + T2- thermal switch CLS CLS + thermal switch. 0 ma = overheating 5, 5 ma = good 29 ma = delay (delay 5s) tolerance 10% (3) Leakage S MiniCASII operation value I < 3 ma = Overtemp. 3 <i 22 ma = Shown circuit disabled 8 thermal switch T1 + T,2 1, 2 k k 1 kohm T1 + thermal switch T2- thermal switch. + FLS + CLS 0 ma = High temperature 13, 3 ma = Good ma = reduction (0/5s delay) patience 10% Hot sv. + 1 kohm resistor 0 ma = overheating 12 ma = ok 10% deviation (4) (5) Note! MiniCASII 24 V AC / DC, Also available with connecting terminals 6-2. Figure 1 Alternative Sensor Combinations 5 2 Leak Detector Installation and Customization, CLS/FLS/FLS10/MiniCAS II

Flygt Minicas Wiring Diagram

Flygt Minicas Wiring Diagram

5 NOTES 1. Amber LED indicates power on. Maximum temperature change during health. This dance stops when healthy. The red overheat LED is off when healthy. LED flashes red when healed. 2. MiniCAS II automatically resets after a leak error. MiniCAS II must reset after a temperature error. See Technical DATA (page 11). 3. There is no separate indication when two leak sensors are used. Leak detector, CLS/FLS/FLS10/MiniCAS II Installation and application 3

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6 Panel Mounting Monitoring Connections The MiniCAS II monitoring relay is mounted on the pump panel and easily connects to the eleven pin relay base. Six main sensor connections are available. 1. thermal switch with FLS The pump driver core can be connected to the panel in any polarity. 2. Heat switch with FLS10 The pilot core pump can be connected to the panel in any polarity. 3. Thermal switch with CLS Sensor CLS is protected by a diode. For this reason, the test lead must be connected with the correct polarity (brown = +, black =). If the MiniCAS II monitoring reset is connected incorrectly, an open circuit (0 ma) will be displayed, ie the yellow supply LED and the red overheat LED will light up. If connected and configured correctly, only the yellow LED will light up. 4. Thermal switch with CLS + FLS The driver cores in the pump cable must be connected with the correct polarity (brown = +, black =) because FLS will cause the MiniCAS II state signal, ie. if the CLS is not properly connected, a current reading from the monitoring circuit must be taken when installing the pump. the correct polarity will show 15.0 ma; wrong polarity will show 7.8 ma in healthy condition. 5. Heat switch only Ohm resistor must be connected in series with the heat overheat switch. The package contains a 1000 ohm resistor. MiniCAS II Relay Monitoring 11 Pin Relay Base Top Figure 2. EN A Fig. 3 Dimensions 33mm Height 79mm Depth 75mm Part No: Leak Detector, CLS/FLS/FLS10/MiniCAS II Installation and Equipment

7 INSTALLATION MiniCAS II Relay Monitoring 11 Pin Relay Base Part No: (24V AC/DC) (120V AC) (230V AC) Inverter Frequency Converter Pumps/Mixers Figure 4. In a unit that uses a variable frequency drive for speed control, interference from the drive variable frequency (VFD) can cause destructive interference to monitoring equipment and electronic sensors CLS. FLS and FLS10 are not affected by VFD malfunction. The collision occurs when the pilot core is close to the power core. Interference can be suppressed by connecting a suitable filter1 between the monitoring cable (T1, T2) and earth (PE). The filter should ideally be positioned in the pump / mixer box. Cables and power and control cores should be kept to a minimum. Power cables and control cables must be installed in separate cables, with a distance of at least 300 mm between them. Our pumps are CE marked according to the EMC directive and VFDs bought from specialists must also be CE marked. In order for the VFD to pass the EMS test, the connecting cable between the pump and the VFD is shielded. Table 1. Available filter media: No compartment. Compatible:, 3127, 3152, 3170, 3201, 3306, 3312, 3351, 3356, 3400, 3501, 3602, 3800, 7045, 3800, 7045, 3800, 7045, 7045, 7045, 7045, 7045, 7045, 7045 , 7045, 7045, 7045, 7045 707, 706, 7047 FLS/FLS10/MiniCAS II Installation and Application 5

Installation drawing 8 5 Sensor Circuit Test and troubleshooting Connect a serial multimeter to the sensor or use the Xylem Flygt Sensor Tester ST-1 (FD Part #) to measure the current in the sensor circuit. See the picture below. The ST-1 is not yet ready to use the new FLS10 sensor. 6 Leak detectors, installation and equipment CLS / FLS / FLS10 / MiniCAS II

9 The numbers on page 2 (Main Sensor Connection (Page 2)) are used as a reference for sensor position (sensor connection). Circuits with CLS require additional attention. If connected with the wrong polarity, CLS draws zero current. CLS can then assume that it is not connected. wrong polarity in circuit (3) resulting in 0 ma. Chain (4) is reduced to the same as chain (1). Unlike the FLS and FLS10, the CLS has a built-in 5-second alarm delay. Installation Since the MiniCASII has only one leak indicator light, the CLS or FLS signal is the same. For circuit (4), this means that the leakage alarm cannot be assigned to only one of the two sensors via the MiniCASII interface. In order for the sensor to activate without moving the pump, it is necessary to measure the current of the sensor. (+) power supply 24 V AC / DC, 120 V AC and 230 V AC 2 MiniCASII 10 (-) terms. + FLS + CLS 0 ma = Overtemp. 13, 3 ma = OK ma = burning (delay 0/5s) tolerance 10% Reset Sunda 6 7+ OUTPUT SENSOR VDC T1+ T2- thermal switch 330 1, 2 k SUPPLY HEAT LEAKAGE 37 ma Mini CASII Operation value I <3 ma = More temp. 3 <I 22 ma = Leakage A ma Com V/W Figure 6. Measure the sensor current with a multimeter Note! MiniCASII 24 V AC / DC, Also available with connecting terminals 6-2. General Procedure for Checking Sensor Condition 1. Connect to the sensor circuit by connecting the multimeter test lead according to the picture above or on the next page. 2. From the moment of contact, monitor the current sensor for at least 5 seconds (wait for a possible CLS alarm now). 3. Reverse the polarity of the sensor cable (5, 7) and repeat step 1. Use the first page to determine the actual sensor circuit and analyze the sensor position. 5. If the circuit (4) is used: Using the wrong CLS polarity and the nature of the delay can end if the leakage alarm is for CLS or FLS. 6. To ensure that the polarity is correct immediately after the measurement, reverse the connection that will produce the higher current. It should be noted that zero current can be caused by a damaged sensor wire or an open thermal switch. Leak detector, CLS/FLS/FLS10/MiniCAS II Installation and application 7

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10 Installation A leak alarm can be caused by a short circuit due to a pinched sensor cable or a faulty leak signal from the FLS, FLS10 or CLS. 12 VDC T1 + T2- thermal switch 330 1, 2 1, 2 k k

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