Fossil Gray Paint Color

Fossil Gray Paint Color – Before I jump right in and share my top nine gray colors for your home, I want to thank Gina for being with me today! It’s great to be here! Also, I’d like to introduce myself – my name is Annie Thompson and I blog at Everything Big and Small, where I share budget-friendly DIYs and decorating tips for busy families. My family moved into our 1980s construction home just two years ago, and after raising our three-year-old, they’ve been working on making it our dream home. The first thing I always recommend to new homeowners who want big style on a budget is PAINT! Color packs a punch for the nominal bucks! As much as some people love bold colors – myself included, I always recommend neutral wall colors! We use light gray to give our home a spacious airy feel.

Benjamin Moore November Rain is a really nice gray that plays well with warm and woody tones. Our first home, our old Craftsman bungalow from the 1920s, had lots of original wood paneling and the November rain held up really well with the warm cherry wood. Fun fact – our first apartment was only 750 square feet and we lived in it for 4.5 years with our two Great Danes and a toddler!

Fossil Gray Paint Color

Fossil Gray Paint Color

Another winner in my book is Benjamin Moore Classic Grey. We have it in the entryway of our current house and are painting it all over the second floor hallway! Gray is the color you can’t go wrong with. Not too blue or too beige!

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We used Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist in the adjacent living room and dining room because those rooms are very sunny, we wanted something a little more gray so it wasn’t too washed out. This is one of my favorites and we are going to paint the master bedroom the same color this winter! It goes so well with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White found in our all-white trim (painted by me – read more here: The Ultimate Guide to Staining Unsanded Wood Floors.)

And then we have one of the best and warmest dark gray colors. If you want a warm dark gray color for your room and add some drama and depth – paint it with Chelsea Grey! We used it in the kitchen of our old apartment and the kitchen island of our current home. It plays well with warm, brown, gray and wood tones and is classic!

If you’re still struggling with choosing paint colors, read How to Choose Colors for Your Home in 5 Easy Steps and download the free Designers Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Paint Your Home.

Gina Lucker is a writer, photographer and lover of all things weird. He is often seen with a drill in one hand and a cocktail in the other while blogging on the road. She is obsessed with coffee, polka dots, rock stars, Instagram and everything. Participating in Apartment Therapy with Style Cure means choosing a paint color for our entryway. In the apartment, I chose colors based on how neutral they were and how much space it would open up, since we always knew we’d be moving soon. I’ve always found choosing colors to be pretty simple… until now.

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The new/old house will be our home for years to come and I really want to love it. I thought choosing a color would be simple, but I feel a little paralyzed when it comes to pulling the trigger. We’ve been living with these colors on the wall for weeks and scrubbing them off every couple of days, but I haven’t found the “left” colors to be enough for what I want.

Then someone in the Apartment Therapy community mentioned a great Farrow & Ball paint that was exactly the shade of gray I wanted. Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Balis is warm and neutral yet perfect…just what I wanted for our hallway.

This is the first time we’ve really thought about our wall colors and we decided to take the time to get some paint samples to paint large sections of the wall.

Fossil Gray Paint Color

Farrow and ball paint can be a bit pricey though, we looked up a color match at Home Depot. They actually had most of the Farrow and Ball colors already in the database, so we settled on Elephant’s Breath and CIL’s Ball and Fossil Gray swatches, which I spotted while waiting to mix the Elephant’s Breath. I wanted a third sample, a darker and warmer gray, but I hated it so much that I didn’t take the sample home.

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To get a real feel for the shades in different lighting, we shot test samples at different levels of our hallway (both downstairs and upstairs).

And finally we were happy to paint the whole wall! Before we start, we need to do some more patching. what do you think Can you guess which one we prefer?

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have taken these photos before the paint was completely dry. You will see the true color of the edges of each colored pattern.

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