Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages

Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages – “Avadim hayinu, hayinu, Atah b’nai horin, b’nai horin” This popular Hebrew song, which means “We are a balm to Pharaoh of free Egypt,” coincides perfectly with the Jewish holiday of Passover, or Pesach. The Jews were slaves from Egypt and formed a nation under the leadership of Moses. This feast or holiday begins on the 15th of the Jewish month of Nisan and lasts for 7 or 8 days. Before you head to the Seder, you should check out these free printable Passover or Pesach coloring pages. You will also learn more about this festival with the Pesach or Passover coloring pages. So roll on!

This wonderful Easter or Passover coloring page features baby Moses in a basket. To prevent Pharaoh’s people from killing their only child, Moses’ parents were placed in a basket, covered with mud and clay, and placed on the banks of the Nile. The basket reached Pharaoh’s daughter, who received it despite the fact that he happened to be a Jewish child.

Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages

Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages

This coloring page shows Moses parting the sea of ​​reeds for the Hebrew slaves to leave Egypt. There was a look of surprise and happiness on their faces. Moses not only saved his people from this bad situation. Over the course of more than four decades, he faced several other threats.

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This coloring page shows an Egyptian or Pharaoh carnivore. While Pharaoh and his men were visibly angry, the frogs seemed to be having fun. Almighty God commanded Moses the Pharaoh to go to his people or protect his land through a frog. Pharaoh disobeyed the king, so God carried out this slaughter.

Here is a cute and fun coloring page to fill in this Easter. Easter is a holiday or holiday for children. Parents and grandparents use this holiday as an opportunity to introduce their children to the struggles of their ancestors, and this coloring page has just that. Parents help their children search for Afikoman.

How cute are these Easter coloring books? So beautiful, isn’t it? There are two little boys, one is reading a traditional Passover Haggadah story, and the girl is trying to do something with a magnifying glass. What can we ask for? What should an Afikoman look for after dinner?

Here is a very simple Easter coloring book for you. We think this is a great coloring page for making greeting cards or invitations. You can paint it by hand or online, depending on which way the buyer wants it.

Free Haggadah Shel Pesach Coloring Pages For Kids

This coloring page features Peter or matzah made during Passover. Matzo is an important part of this festival because chametz is prohibited during this holiday. The Bible says that God commanded the Jews to make this leavened bread, and it continues to this day.

How to make this Easter doll, the main character of this holiday? First you need to color the doll and then glue the paper to the construction paper. Then carefully cut the doll and cover the base with one or two fingers.

This coloring page shows a group of men enjoying Easter. According to the picture, these people do not belong to this era. As part of the first Passover, they discussed how brave Moses was to deliver his people from Egypt.

Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages

Here is another coloring book from the first Easter. Pharaoh’s cruel soldiers took him everywhere, and Moses came last to greet him. This coloring page shows how cruel the Egyptians and pharaohs were at that time.

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This coloring page features a family enjoying Easter or Passover. During the seder, the elders should drink four cups of wine because the wine symbolizes the four stages that the Jewish people go through. There was also a fifth cup of wine that was reserved for Elijah. It means future salvation.

This coloring page shows Pharaoh’s daughter finding Moses on the banks of the Nile. When Pharaoh’s daughter found the child crying, she realized that the child was a Jewish child, but she was so moved that she took the child home.

Here is a Ten Commandments coloring page. The Ten Commandments are a set of laws or regulations that God gave to Israel through Moses. God gave these commandments to the prophet Moses along with the earthquake, the smoke and the sound of the trumpet.

Here is a fun Easter themed game to play with your friends. In this game, Musa is very angry, so you will have to go back to the 3rd team. Block 6 shows when God spoke to Moses. You can find more instructions on the action page itself. Once you’re done, remove the paint whenever you want.

Passover Search For Chametz

Here is a Pesach or Passover Seder coloring page. On the first night or two of Passover, the family gathers for a Seder meal. His family set a table with the finest silverware and china, reflecting the importance of the meal.

This coloring page shows Miriam as a cat. Mary, sister of Moses and Aaron, daughter of Amram and Ohohed, was a Jewish prophetess who appeared in the first book of Exodus. He was even the leader of the Israelites in ancient Egypt.

This coloring page shows Moses as a lion, which perfectly matches his powerful character. Moses, the prophet of the Abrahamic religions, was the leader of the people of Israel who had the authority of the Torah. He is considered the most important prophet in Judaism.

Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages

This is a simple and easy Easter coloring page. It features the Star of David and the words “The Usual Easter Beloved”. There is even an option to write your name on the bottom right.

Free The Passover Door Coloring Page

Here is another coloring page showing the massacre of frogs in Egypt. God asked Moses to allow Pharaoh to worship his people. If they refuse, they will bring the frog massacre to the country. That’s exactly what happened when the frog got into the attic, the bedroom, and even the bed.

This Passover coloring page features 10 plagues that God brought upon Egypt. In the first massacre the water of the Nile turned into blood, in the second frogs, in the third massacre, in the fourth massacre the beasts that attacked the cities, in the fifth massacre, in the fifth massacre. the whole terrible massacre. , massacre 6 massacre 6 massacre 7 massacre 7 massacre 7 massacre 7 massacre 6 massacre 6 massacre 6 massacre 6 . , in a cold 7th massacre. In the 8th plague the locusts ate the fruits and green plants, in the 9th plague the earth darkened, and in the 10th plague all the first born children of the Egyptians died.

So, are you thinking about free Passover coloring pages or Passover printables? I hope we have presented it correctly. You can print these Passover or Easter coloring pages anytime. Check out our Purim coloring pages.

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The Passover Coloring Pages

When I was a kid, the traditional Passover Seder was a struggle. It is ridiculously long and takes decades (I felt) to read the entire Haggadah. It wasn’t unusual for me and the other kids to fall asleep on the couch while their parents ran off injured.

Fortunately, I had some relatives and cousins ​​before I came out, but that wasn’t enough to change my mind about the Seder: it’s hard on young souls.

To soften the blow for Jewish children around the world, I recommend taking a break at the Seder table. Here is my contribution: Easter printable coloring books.

Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages

I made this Easter coloring page from a photo on a photography website. Here is the first coloring page from a family celebrating the Seder (before children are included):

The 10 Plagues Of Egypt Coloring Pages

What would our Passover gift be without Moses and the desire to part the Red Sea?

Both coloring pages are printed on letter size paper, but you can print them on A4 size without any problems.

As always, I will post this coloring page on my Pinterest profile for everyone to enjoy. You are welcome to do the same!

Want to take your Easter activities a step further? Find fun printable Easter activity books in our Etsy shop.

Easter Eggs Coloring Page

The book includes puzzles, word searches and dots

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