Full Size Shopkins Coloring Pages

Full Size Shopkins Coloring Pages – Free Shopkins coloring pages for kids of all ages. You can print them or download them in color and give them to your family and friends. Coloring pages will help your child focus on details while being relaxed and comfortable.

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Full Size Shopkins Coloring Pages

Full Size Shopkins Coloring Pages

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Free Shopkins coloring books from all seasons. Shopkins, a line of adorable and collectible toys made by Moose Toys, has taken the world by storm. These plastic figurines with unique names and cute faces are mostly based on store items. The first season of Shopkins came out in 2014, and since then it has been a craze for kids. They spend their pocket money to collect collections from every season. Not only the toys, the coloring books of Shopkins are equally popular with them. Keeping with the popularity, we have a gallery of printable Shopkins coloring pages for you.

The first season of Shopkins featured a fruit and vegetable stand, a Small Mart, a Bakery and an XL Shoppin’ Cart. There were also special edition Shopkins, featuring Frozen Shopkins with clear finishes. And the limited edition Shopkins from this season had a metallic finish. Let’s take a look at Shopkins Season 1 coloring pages below.

Strawberry Kiss is probably the most popular Shopkin this season. This reddish pink strawberry with bright green leaves is an imaginary dream. Her lips are parted in such a way as if she was about to kiss.

Cupcake Petal Shopkin Coloring Page

Charming Shopkin Apple Blossom is a big adventurer with big dreams. What we love most about it is that it is good for the heart. You can paint the apple blossoms red or green. It will look nice.

Pineapple Crush, the adorable Shopkin from season 1, is an absolute sun lover. This funny and silly boy loves to surf and sunbathe with his best friend Melonie Pips. Pineapple Crush is a bright yellow Shopkin with green leaves that have light purple flower wedges in the middle.

Meet Miss Mushy Moo, a Shopkink with a soft heart but a good head on her shoulders. This one hairless Shopkin is a mushroom, with a red top and white bottom. He likes to make mud pies and go to motorcycle races.

Full Size Shopkins Coloring Pages

As the name suggests, Posh Pear has been a stylish and sophisticated fruit and vegetable shop since its first season. She can be a bit spoiled but she is really friendly and a good listener. She loves hanging out in the fruit and veg department with her BFF Lippy lips.

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We absolutely love the look of this Shopkin. It is a broccoli rock with light green hair streaked with dark green, which is framed with a green ribbon. He even carries a strawberry-shaped guitar.

This dark pink Shopkin Watermelon Felda with light green skin is the store’s only ultra-rare fruit and vegetable from this season. We wonder if you’ve noticed or not, but her name is a pun on the popular female baby name, Melanie.

This Shopkin Pantry from Season 1 is totally badass and must be a part of everything. Tommy Ketchup is a bottle of red sauce with a red and green picture of a tomato on the front.

Nut butter, this season’s Pantry Shopkin Rare is basically an orange container that contains peanut butter. It is topped with a stick of lavender butter, a peanut and a stick of celery.

Fruit Apple Blossom Coloring Pages

The Peppe Pepper who always rains is not brave at all as he likes to enjoy things. Peppe Pepper is a purple and white pepper shaker with a ‘p’ written on the front.

Sally Shakes, Peppa Pepper’s best friend, literally adds flavor to life. He loves rock climbing and, of course, sits on the pantry shelf.

Sugar Lump, the extremely rare Shopkin from Season 1 is a total cutie with refined manners who can get along with almost anyone. It’s a pink and blue Shopkin with a yellow noise and a pink pacifier, which means it’s a Sugar Lump baby.

Full Size Shopkins Coloring Pages

Another ultra rare Shopkin from the first season. This open box of yellow Cheerios is a bundle of energy and ready to go in a flash.

Shopkins Coloring In Shopville

This kind, caring and mother of the group watches over all of Shopville. She spreads love to all the Shopkins and makes their lives easier with her kind words.

Alpha Soup, a pantry store, is rarely a slightly messy and leaky soup can, but it’s totally awesome. Speechless and friendly, Alpha Soup has a green spoon sticking out of his head and a book and pencil in his hands.

The Mini Muffin, a vanilla muffin with a blueberry topping, is an energetic and incredibly sweet Shopkin. A drizzle of whipped cream on her head makes her look super cute!

D’lish Donut is an ultra rare Season 1 Shopkin with a super competitive spirit. He enjoys playing basketball and golf and always strives for the perfect goal. This golden brown donut has hot pink frosting and a pale pink rim.

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Loafhead, the confident, independent and open Shopkin is basically a package of bread with a pink twist on top. He is seen wearing glasses and holding a phone.

Chee Zee, a passionate and confident performer loves to take center stage. He even has a secret talent, which is rapping songs.

Spilled Milk, a rare Milk Shopkin from the first season is a white and blue milk carton with milk coming out of the top. Her sad expression is because of the spilled milk.

Full Size Shopkins Coloring Pages

Rock the dance floor with the Shopkins Soda Pops coloring page. This sweet and bubbly Shopkin can add a splash to even the dullest party.

Shopkins Coloring In Shopville By Sizzle Press

Congratulations, the Season 1 Birthday Cake doesn’t just get the festivities started, it’s also an attention seeker, and that’s what makes it so endearing. His most prized possession are the candles from his first birthday.

The adventurous and upbeat Rainbow Bite has been part of the Party Food category since season one. It’s a slice of orange, purple and yellow Bundt cake with pink frosting.

Polly Polish, a pink nail polish bottle with a green cap is an ultra rare Shopkin from the first season. This fashionista loves to try new styles and colors. She is even known to tell the pure and unadulterated truth.

Silky, the conditioner is Shopkin pink and purple with C written on the forehead. She is shown holding a yellow brush in one hand and a comb in the other.

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The bubbly and stylish Shampy is a shampoo bottle with a green label and ‘S’ engraved on it. She is seen holding lilac shampoo bubbles in her hand. Her partner in crime is none other than Silky.

This ultra rare Shopkin Charm Season 1 is bold but strong. She likes to trick-or-treat, shop and dress up. Lippy Lips is a pink tube lipstick with a blue brush in hand.

Scrubs, a tube of toothpaste looks extremely cute because of his lush teeth. This forever smiling toothpaste loves to make people smile.

Full Size Shopkins Coloring Pages

This special edition Shopkin from the first season is a green or blue pea bag with “Pea” written in pink. This super cool rapper loves making new songs with his friends Chee Zee and Cheezey B.

Ice Cream Kate Shopkin Coloring Page

Yo-Chi, a well-behaved orange tub of frozen yogurt loves to roll around the dance floor. Fashionista that she is, Yo Chi likes to wear a new outfit every now and then. But strawberries and blueberries seem to be her favorite additions.

Popsi-Cool, orange with yellow ice cream stick is cold on the outside but cool and warm on the inside. Its name is basically a pun on the famous food, ice cream. Popsi Cool’s hobbies include sledding and ice skating.

This Three Yellow Leaf Yellow Apple Pie is a Season 1 Shopkin exclusive. She is shown eating a red apple, which we think is a good play.

Buttercup, Shopkin limited edition by

Goldie Fishbowl Shopkin Coloring Pages

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