Graphing Exponential Functions Worksheet 2 Answers Algebra 1

Graphing Exponential Functions Worksheet 2 Answers Algebra 1 – After our linear function unit (found here and here) we jumped straight to exponential functions.

We began by describing exponential functions algebraically, graphically, and numerically. Here is a folding what we made. This is very similar to what we did with linear functions:

Graphing Exponential Functions Worksheet 2 Answers Algebra 1

Graphing Exponential Functions Worksheet 2 Answers Algebra 1

I asked them to write the reason each card was flipped the way it was flipped. We also went back to our basic notes and y-intercepts and found the base and y-intercept for each of our exponential functions.

Math Mondays: Graphing Exponential Functions Worksheet Alternative

Next, we worked on finding the base and the y-intercept. Notes with a graphic organizer very similar to what we did with linear functions:

I gave them an exercise sheet. I thought I was being really clever and designed it so they could easily complete it, put it in their notebooks and look at it later…

Then we graphed the exponential functions. Here it is important to study negative exponents before this unit.

I had to make another practice sheet like the previous one so I could prove that I could copy correctly.

Unit 10 Exponential And Logarithmic Functions

Our final learning objective was to write equations to model exponential situations. I took minimal notes on our learning linear functions (y separation is a start) and learning exponential functions. We thought about it and realized that some exponentials increase and others decrease, but today I clarified exactly what causes this difference.

I did activities with them at the station. I had a handout for the students to facilitate the process and our discussion. I basically just had the students go to the nine stations and write the beginning and the change. We then discussed the equations as a class. He seemed to think it was pretty easy, which I really didn’t expect… I guess I’m just a great teacher 🙂

NOTE: Click on the appropriate link to view the files. It will open in Google Drive; it doesn’t show well in the station. Select whether you want to download the file. It will download a word doc/ppt with the correct formatting.

Graphing Exponential Functions Worksheet 2 Answers Algebra 1

That’s all I have now. I don’t feel like thinking about unity right now, so I think this post is done 🙂 Sequences are next! (Well, we actually started it. The post will come after the 20th!) This product is intended for use only by the teacher who purchased it. This product cannot be shared with other teachers. If multiple teachers are to use it, please purchase the correct number of licenses.

Alg 1b 9

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Comparing Linear, Quadratic, And Exponential Functions Part 2

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Graphing Exponential Functions Worksheet 2 Answers Algebra 1

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The Enlightened Elephant: Zombies And Exponential Functions

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Exploring Exponential Models

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Graphing Exponential Functions Worksheet 2 Answers Algebra 1

D02 Homework FIF 7e: Main features of graphing exponential functions 1) Graph y = 3x. 2) Graph y = 3x + 3. Area = (-∞, ∞ ) Area = (0, ∞ ) What is area and area? What does adding 3 to the y-intercept do? Moves the graph up along the y-axis 3. 4) Graph y = 3x-2. 5) Graphical y = 3x+ …

Honors Algebra 2

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