Great Gatsby Character Chart Worksheet Answers

Great Gatsby Character Chart Worksheet Answers – Rate each character for each trait and explain your rating in the comments section. You should refer to the details in the text in the comment section.

Kindness 80 Nick is good, but he has his moments. Nick can be honest sometimes, but not always. He has a very good personality. He is very intelligent, but also a bit naive.

Great Gatsby Character Chart Worksheet Answers

Great Gatsby Character Chart Worksheet Answers

Kindness 80 When Daisy is asked about her life and is happy, she shows kindness. He is honest about how he wants things done and doesn’t hide his feelings. He has a calm and peaceful attitude towards everything. He’s very smart, but he has his moments.

The Great Gatsby Lit Chart Study Notes

Kindness 75 An arrogant, hypocritical bully. His attitude is not good. He’s not the smartest, but he can be if he wants to. Sometimes he is nice, but often not and rarely tells the truth.

Which character do you like the most? Why? My favorite would be Daisy because she is always calm no matter what and she is the most loyal.

Which character is your least favorite? Why? To me, Tom would be the most hated person because he scares people and never tells the truth, so how do you know when to trust him or not. As students read, the story can serve as a reference journal for the characters. This diary (also called a cue card) allows students to recall relevant information about important cues. When reading a novel, small attributes and details often become important as the plot develops. Students can follow this information and follow the nuances that make learning fun!

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The Great Gatsby Assignments (150 Pts) And Reading Help

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Make a characterization map of the characters in the story. Enter the character’s name in the title fields and select a character and scene to represent each. As you read, take notes about the characters by answering the questions.

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Great Gatsby Character Chart Worksheet Answers

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The Great Gatsby Lit Chart

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